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Ocean Jeopardy
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Ocean Jeopardy


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Ocean Jeopardy
    • How much do you know?
  • 2. 100 100 100 100 100 100 300 300 300 300 200 200 200 200 200 400 300 500 500 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 400 300 200 The Great Whales Survival in The Sea Venom Sharks Mountain in The Sea Star Gardens
  • 3. What is the largest creature to have ever lived? Blue whale or Whale shark
  • 4. A baby right whale is about how long? 15 to 20 feet long or 15 to 20 meters long
  • 5. How do male humpback whales communicate? Singing Or Clicking
  • 6. True or False: On a long, deep dive, sperm whales can hold their breath for more than an hour True Or False
  • 7. Grey Whales migration journey is how far? 500 miles or 11,000 miles
  • 8. How long can a striped Marlin grow? 15 feet long or 5 feet long
  • 9. How many weeks does it take for Grunion eggs to hatch? 9 months or 2 weeks
  • 10. Grunion are different from most other fishes because they lay their eggs: Inside an anemone or On the beach
  • 11. What do bottlenose dolphins use to find their prey in the sand? Echolocation Or digging
  • 12. What do striped marlin do with their "sword-like" bill? slash and stun their prey before eating it Or Sword fight
  • 13. What kind of fish comes ashore to spawn and lay their eggs? Grunion Or eel
  • 14. The round bell of a jellyfish can grow to what length across? 20 inches or 8 inches
  • 15. What do helmet snails eat? other snails or sea urchins and sand dollars
  • 16. Where are lionfish typically found? in caves and crevices of the reef or shallow water
  • 17. What do Rainbow Nudibranches eat? Plankton Or the tentacles of the tube anemone
  • 18. How big can swell sharks get? 3 feet or 10 feet
  • 19. Which shark swims in schools? The Great White sharks or The hammerhead sharks
  • 20. What is one of the most common open ocean sharks? The Blue Shark Or The Reef Shark
  • 21. What shark is the largest fish in the sea? The Basking Shark or The Whale Shark
  • 22. Which shark is at the top of the food chain? The Great White Shark or The Whale Shark
  • 23. What is the rays’ cousin? Eels Or Sharks
  • 24. What fish can expand its’ body to eat prey longer than itself? The jellyfish or The frogfish
  • 25. What does a hermit crab do if it feels threatened? It pulls its’ head and legs inside its’ shell. Or It flees, leaving its shell behind.
  • 26. What are rays’ skeletons made of? Bones or Cartilage
  • 27. Do rays lay eggs or bear live young? Bear live young Or Lay eggs
  • 28. How big can bat stars grow? 8 inches or 24 inches
  • 29. How old can Sarcastic fringe heads live? 6 years Or 75 years
  • 30. What do Red Irish lords eat? Smaller fish Or Crabs and shrimp
  • 31. How did Brittle Stars get their name? Because their arms break off easily. Or Because their arms look delicate.
  • 32. How big do wolf eels get? 6 feet Or 18 feet
  • 33. Try again!
  • 34. Great Job!!