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TorqueBox at GNUnify 2012
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TorqueBox at GNUnify 2012


TorqueBox - A complete Ruby Application Server …

TorqueBox - A complete Ruby Application Server
(GNUnify 2012)
HTML version - http://tuxdna.in/files/presentations/torquebox-intro.html

Published in Technology
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  • An HTML version is available here http://tuxdna.in/files/presentations/torquebox-intro.html
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  • 1. Presenting...Saleem Ansaritwitter: tuxdna10th February, 2012 at GNUnify
  • 2. OutlineWhat is TorqueBox?Polyglot RevolutionTorqueBoxHow to use TorqueBox?FeaturesInstallation and setup: RVM, JRuby, TorqueBoxDeploymentFeatures contd.How to begin hacking TorqueBox?JBoss PolyglotTorqueBox
  • 3. What is TorqueBox?Before that lets talk about Polyglot Revolution
  • 4. Polyglot RevolutionJVM is what makes the Polyglot Revolution.
  • 5. Polyglot Revolution cont.It becomes even more useful in enterprise software, where theprojects involve multiple technologies. As a part of PolyglotRevolution there are a bunch of projects in differentlanguages:TorqueBox (Ruby)Immutant (Clojure)Blacktie (C++)Erjang (Erlang)
  • 6. back to TorqueBoxStarted in 2009 by Bob McWhirter @bobmcwhirterA complete Ruby Application ServerWhy?ProductivityPower and stability of Java MiddlewareScale on demand
  • 7. TorqueBox contd.
  • 8. Built onJRuby / RubyJBoss ASEnterprise Java ( EJB, JMS, Caching etc. )ProvidesMessagingJobsCachingServicesClustering
  • 9. TorqueBox howto?InstallationRuby, RVM and JRuby1 yum install -y ruby rubygem-rvm2 rvm-install3 [[ -s "$HOME/.rvm/scripts/rvm" ]] && . "$HOME/.rvm/scripts/rvm"4 rvm install jruby-1.6.55 rvm use jruby-1.6.5TorqueBox (prerelease/latest version)1 gem install --pre torquebox2 gem install --pre torquebox-messaging-container3 gem install --pre torquebox-naming-container4 gem install --pre torquebox-capistrano-support5 gem install --pre torquebox-rake-support6 gem install --pre torquebox-vfs7 jruby -J-Xmx1024m -w -S 8 gem install --pre torquebox-server 9 --source http://torquebox.org/2x/builds/LATEST/gem-repo
  • 10. TorqueBox howto?Installation contd.Rails (latest version)1 gem install rails2 gem install bundlerSome caveatsJDBC Drivers for ActiveRecord1 gem install activerecord-jdbcsqlite3-adapter2 gem install activerecord-jdbcmysql-adapter
  • 11. TorqueBox howto?Create a new Rails application1 rails new rails-app2 cd rails-app3 bundle install4 rails g scaffold Person name:string5 rake db:migrateand deploy!1 torquebox run2 torquebox deploy /path/to/rails-app
  • 12. Feature: Messaging (via HornetQJMS)Sending Messages:1 timer_queue = TorqueBox::Messaging::Queue.new(/queues/timer)2 timer_queue.publish "Some Message"3 topic1 = TorqueBox::Messaging::Topic.new(/topics/topic1)4 topic1.publish "Some Topic"Processing Messages:Create a Message class1 include TorqueBox::Messaging2 class MyMessageHandler < MessageProcessor3 def on_message(body)4 # process the message5 end6 endAdd queue/topic to config/torquebox.yml 1 queues: 2 /queues/timer: 3 topics: 4 /topics/topic1: 5
  • 13. 6 messaging: 7 /queues/timer: 8 MyMessageHandler: 9 concurrency: 510 /topics/topic1:11 Topic1Handler
  • 14. Feature: JobsJobs ( Backgroundable ):include TorqueBox::Messaging::Backgroundable to any Ruby class1 class LuceneIndexJob2 include TorqueBox::Messaging::Backgroundable3 def do_index4 # very long running job5 end6 endget the future ( optionally store it in a serialized format somewhere )1 indexer = LuceneIndexJob.new2 future = indexer.background.do_index3 future.started?4 future.complete?5 future.error?6 future.status7 # store future object for later retrieval ( maybe in database )
  • 15. Feature: Jobs contd.Scheduled Jobs:Create a class with run() method1 class MonthlyBirthdayEmailer2 def run3 # some long task here4 end5 endAdd entry on config/torquebox.yml with crontab(5) like time specification1 jobs:2 monthly_birthday_notifications:3 description: first of month4 job: MonthlyBirthdayEmailer5 cron: 0 0 0 1 * ?
  • 16. Feature: CachingCaching ( via Infinispan ):Add gem torquebox-cache to Gemfile1 gem torquebox-cacheupdate application.rb to use torquebox cache1 class Application < Rails::Application2 config.cache_store = :torque_box_store3 endaccess the cache 1 require torquebox-cache 2 cache = TorqueBox::Infinispan::Cache.new( :name => treasure, 3 :persist=>/data/treasure ) 4 # Put some stuff in the cache 5 cache.put(akey, "a string value" ) 6 cache.put("time", Time.now ) 7 cache.put(user.id, user ) 8 # Get it back again 9 time = cache.get( "time" )10 user = cache.get( params[:id] )
  • 17. Feature: ServicesCrete a class with initialize, start and stop methods 1 class TimeService 2 def initialize(opts) 3 puts "Queue Name: #{opts[queue]}" 4 @queue=TorqueBox::Messaging::Queue.new(opts[queue]) 5 end 6 def start 7 Thread.new{run} 8 end 9 def stop10 @done=true11 end12 def run13 until @done14 @queue.publish(Time.now)15 sleep(1)16 end17 end18 endAdd service to application configuration file1 services:2 TimeMachine:3 config:4 queue: /queue/time
  • 18. Feature: ClusteringClustering:torquebox run --clusteredclustered deploymentclustered cacheshared web sessions etc.High Availability Singleton Services1 $JBOSS_HOME/bin/standalone.sh --server-config=standalone-ha.xml2 mark the service as singleon: true in the configuration file
  • 19. Hacking TorqueBox
  • 20. Hacking TorqueBox contd.JBoss-Polyglotgithub.com/projectodd/jboss-polyglotTorqueBoxgithub.com/torquebox/torquebox
  • 21. SummaryBuilt on Ruby / JRuby, TorqueBox is well suited for rapidapplication development in the settings where Enterprise JavaApplications are already in place.TorqueBox Provides these features out of the box, without anyhassle:Messaging, Jobs, Caching, Services and ClusteringTorqueBox / JRuby gotchas:TorqueBox gives you real threads but many existing Ruby libraries suckwith multi threading.Can invoke JavaDoes Real ThreadingFFI supportNative C extensions written for MRI Ruby dont workNative gems are not supported, except FFI.
  • 22. Questions?IRC: #torquebox on FreeNode Web: torquebox.org
  • 23. Thanks
  • 24. ReferencesWhen Two Worlds Collide: Java and Ruby in the Enterprise talk Presentation TorqueBox ImmutantJBoss Blacktie Erjang TypeSafe: The Polyglot Revolution continues apace Scala the statically typeddynamic language Calling Java from JRuby ActiveRecord-JDBC Database Support Using RVM withTorqueBox Cuvic On Demand JRuby vs Ruby Installing TorqueBox 2.0 Rails on TorqueBox Sinatra onTorqueBox Long Running Services in TorqueBox Latency / Throughput CPU / Memory JVM LanguagesJVM Understand RVM Install RVM on Fedora JRuby on Rails with RVM ( on Fedora ) Quartz -CronTrigger Tutorial