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  1. 1. DMXzone e-Magazine November 2008 Page 1 e-Magazine
  2. 2. DMXzone e-Magazine November 2008 Colofon & Introduction Page 2 Into the Mix CEO George Petrov Another month, another mix. We talk with Scott Fegette about magazine@dmxzone.com what's new in Dreamweaver CS4. We teach you how to use webservices in Flash, create a login form with server side Chief Editor technologies and how to use datasets in Photoshop. Frank Beverdam frank@dmxzone.com Sas shows you how to create a Currency Converter with Web services and Flash. It will get the latest rates from a Web Technical Editor service using the WebServiceConnector component. Patrick Woldberg patrick@dmxzone.com Sebastian teaches you how to create a login form using MySQL Administrator, Publisher Dreamweaver, PHP, MySQL and CSS. The first part shows how to create Illustrator database using MySQL Administrator. Then Sebastian will teach you how Simon Saado DMXzone is a division of Dynamic Zones International B.V. to define a new site and create connection to the database from within Dreamweaver CS3. After that you'll learn how to style your login form using Interview Mail address: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The following part of the tutorial he will show you Scott Fegette PO Box 545 how to insert text fields, a submit button and style it using CSS. The last part shows Susan Puccinelli 7500 AM Enschede you how to add a server behavior to your form in order to allow user to log in. Frank Beverdam The Netherlands Our last article shows you how to create datasets in Photoshop. DTP Visiting address: Simone Overvest Hengelosestraat 705 7521 PA Enschede Advertising The Netherlands George Petrov Tel: +31 - 53 - 483 63 14 advertising@dmxzone.com Fax: +31 - 53 - 433 74 15 Subscriptions info@dynamiczones.com Yearly subscription: € 24.99 www.dynamiczones.com 2 year subscription: € 39.99 subscriptions@dmxzone.com All rights reserved. Copyright © 2008 Dynamic Zones International BV Unless otherwise noted, all of the writing in DMXzone Magazine is the copyrighted property of Dynamic Zones International BV. This copyrighted material includes all writing by staff, and some of the artwork, drawings and logos. You may print out any articles and tutorials for your personal use only. Materials may not be reproduced on another web site, book, or publication without express written permission. Any reproduction or editing without the explicit written permission of DMXzone Magazine is expressively prohibited. Certain names, logos, phrases, and artwork on these pages may constitute trademarks of Dynamic Zones International BV or its sponsors. Reproduction in whole or in part is strictly prohibited without written permission of Dynamic Zones International BV. Dynamic Zones International BV also cannot guarantee that all content and material appearing in the DMXzone Magazine is not infringing on any registered or non-registered copyrights. DMXzone Magazine is published monthly (12 times a year) by Dynamic Zones International BV. e-Magazine
  3. 3. DMXzone e-Magazine November 2008 List of Contents Page 3 4 Agenda DMXzone brings you the latest events, take 5 News We bring you the latest industry news, so don't 12 Creating a currency converter with Web hestitate and take a services and Flash a look to see what is Sas Jacobs shows you going on in the world peek if you want to stay tuned with latest how to use Web Services of web development in Flash. Web services and design. developments. allow organisations to provide information to the public using the Internet. 21 32 37 Dreamweaver Interview Creating a Login Form Data Sets in Photoshop with Scott Fegette with PHP and MySQL Part In this tutorial Sebastian Learn what's new in 1/5 will show you how to Dreamweaver CS4 and Create a login form with create Data Sets in discover its time saving server side technologies. Photoshop CS3. features. e-Magazine
  4. 4. DMXzone e-Magazine November 2008 Agenda Page 4 Event Date Place Edge of the web November 6-7 Australia, Perth Featuring exciting national and international speakers, Edge of the Web brings a world-class web conference experience to Australia this November 6 & 7. Adobe MAX North America November 16-19 San Francisco Exchange ideas and build relationships with leading designers and developers, industry experts on best practices and emerging technologies. Service Design Conference November 24-25-26 Amsterdam The Conference is of particular relevance to businesses, industries and the public sector relating to the Service Design field. Adobe MAX North Europe December 1-4 Milan Join the inspiring conversations and exchanges that unfold when thousands of the most innovative, creative minds gather in one place. e-Magazine
  5. 5. DMXzone e-Magazine November 2008 News Page 5 NEWS Windows Live Documents You can access the service from now two-level; mousing over an are now live. its offical page at http://workspace. icon shows a set of window At the Professional Developers office.live.com using your Windows thumbnails, and clicking the Conference on Tuesday, Microsoft Live account. thumbnail switches windows. has announced that Office apps Read it at the external site... Jump Lists Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are going online. This will not affect the Jump lists provide quick access to traditional versions. Windows 7's User Interface application features. Applications The work on Windows 7 has focused that use the system API for their much more on the user experience. Most Recently Used list (the list of Microsoft also has extensive data recently used filenames that many on how people use its software. apps have in their File menus) will Through the Customer Experience automatically acquire a Jump Improvement Program(CEIP), the List containing their most recently company has learned a great deal used files. There's also an API to about the things that users do. allow applications to add custom entries; Media Player, for example, includes special options to control playback. Automatic support for new features Browser-based Word, Excel, and It is a result of deliberate effort PowerPoint offered via Microsoft's on Microsoft's part. The company Office Live Web site, while businesses wants existing applications to will be able to offer browser-based benefit from as many of the 7 Office capabilities through features as they can without any Microsoft's SharePoint Server developer effort. New applications product. can extend this automatic support through new APIs to further enrich The company has not revealed its the user experience.The taskbar entire pricing strategy, although Task Bar thumbnails are another example of representatives note that the this approach. All applications get current Office Live has both free, Text descriptions on the buttons thumbnails, but applications with ad-supported options as well as are gone, in favor of big icons. The explicit support for 7 will be able to subscription services. icons can—finally—be rearranged; add thumbnails on a finer-grained no longer will restarting an basis. IE8, for instance, has a application put all your taskbar thumbnail per tab (rather than per icons in the wrong order. The window). navigation between windows is e-Magazine
  6. 6. DMXzone e-Magazine November 2008 Creating a Currency Converter with Web services and Flash CS3 Page 12 S as Jacobs shows you how to use Web Services in Flash. Web services allow organisations to provide information to the public using the Internet. You can use a Web service to find out about the weather, stock quotes and the latest news headlines. Users make a request and the Web service provides information in XML format. We call this process consuming a Web service. e-Magazine
  7. 7. DMXzone e-Magazine November 2008 Creating a Currency Converter with Web services and Flash CS3 Page 13 Creating a Currency Converter with Web services and Flash CS3 Sas Jacobs You can use Flash to consume a Web service. Flash Flash and Web services receives the information as XML and you can display If you want to include content from a Web service in it within your movie. The Web site http://www. Flash, you have several choices. webservicex.net/ provides a list of Web services that you can try. You can use pages written in PHP, ColdFusion, ASP.NET or any other server-side language to retrieve In this tutorial, we’ll create a currency converter that the information and add it to Flash using the XML gets the latest rates from a Web service using the class. You’ll need at least version 5 of Flash and a Web WebServiceConnector component. The user will be server like IIS (Internet Information Services) to use this able to enter an amount, choose two countries and approach. see the exchange rate and converted amount. You can also use the XMLConnector data component to read in the contents of a server-side file. You’ll need The tutorial will teach you how to use the Flash MX 2004 Professional or above and a Web server. WebServiceConnector and how to bind data You can use the WebServiceConnector component directly to a User Interface (UI) components like a with SOAP Web services. This component generates TextBox, ComboBox or List. Because we’ll use the the Web service request for you and receives the WebServiceConnector component, you’ll need to response. You’ll need Flash MX 2004 Professional or have Flash CS3 to complete the tutorial. above to use this approach. Finally, you can use either the WebServiceConnector class or the Web Service classes to consume the Web service. You’ll need Flash MX 2004 Professional or above and some good ActionScripting skills. In this tutorial, we’ll look at the third alternative - using the WebServiceConnector to work with a SOAP Web service. We’ll use Flash CS3 for this example. What is SOAP? SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is one way to work with Web services. It uses XML to send requests that are formatted in a specific way. Responses are also provided in a specific XML format. You can send SOAP messages using HTTP and even by email. Flash only supports HTTP based SOAP messages. e-Magazine
  8. 8. DMXzone e-Magazine November 2008 Interview Scott Fegette Page 21 e-Magazine
  9. 9. DMXzone e-Magazine November 2008 Interview Scott Fegette Page 22 W hat’s new in Dreamweaver CS4? Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 delivers several new time-saving features that will allow users to do more in less time so they can more fully focus on rich expressiveness. Some of these highlights include a new multifaceted and enhanced workspace, rendering and code enhancements, CSS best practices, Photoshop Smart Objects, HTML data sets and SWF inserting. HTML Datasets e-Magazine
  10. 10. DMXzone e-Magazine November 2008 Creating a Login Form with PHP and MySQL part 1 Page 32 I n this video tutorial Sebastian teaches you how to create a login form using MySQL Administrator, Dreamweaver CS3, PHP, MySQL and CSS. In this, first part of this tutorial he shows how to create database using MySQL Administrator. Short Summary: 1. Logging in to MySQL Administrator 2. Creating a Schema 3. Creating a Schema Table 4. Defining columns of a Schema Table 5. Creating database execution e-Magazine
  11. 11. DMXzone e-Magazine November 2008 Creating a Login Form with PHP and MySQL part 2 Page 33 I n this, second part of the tutorial Sebastian shows how to define a new site and create connection to the database from within Dreamweaver CS3. Short Summary: 1. Defining a New Site 2. Creating a folder with .php pages 3. Creating a Database Connection 4. Preview e-Magazine
  12. 12. DMXzone e-Magazine November 2008 Creating a Login Form with PHP and MySQL part 3 Page 34 I n this, third part of the tutorial Sebastian shows how to style your login form using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). e-Magazine
  13. 13. DMXzone e-Magazine November 2008 Creating a Login Form with PHP and MySQL part 4 Page 35 I n this, fourth part of the tutorial Sebastian shows how to insert text fields and a submit button and style it using CSS. e-Magazine
  14. 14. DMXzone e-Magazine November 2008 Creating a Login Form with PHP and MySQL part 5 Page 36 I n this, fifth and last part of the tutorial Sebastian shows how to add server behavior to your form in order to allow user to log in. e-Magazine
  15. 15. DMXzone e-Magazine November 2008 Data Sets in Photoshop CS3 Page 37 I n this tutorial Sebastian will show you how to create Data Sets in Photoshop CS3. Short Summary: 1. What we are going to create 2. Creating variables 3. Creating Data Sets 4. Testing created Data Sets e-Magazine
  16. 16. DMXzone e-Magazine November 2008 Next Edition Page 38 e-Magazine
  17. 17. DMXzone e-Magazine November 2008 About DMXzone Page 39 What do we do About DMXzone Membership of the community is free. You can view most content The History of DMXzone on the site without registering, but when you become a member DMXzone was founded in Feb 2001 by George Petrov. you can add your own chapters, It was then called UDzone after the Macromedia product tutorials, news items, extensions, UltraDev that preceded Dreamweaver MX. By April 2001 opinion polls and participate in the we’d already been asked by Macromedia to speak at the forums. To purchase extensions or Macromedia UCON 2001 conference in New York. Since then, download free extensions, you need we have 300,000 registered members of all levels and locations, to become a member. who come together to share knowledge and learn from each other. We are an independent community and are in no way The DMXzone Team and Manager connected with Macromedia, the makers of Dreamweaver MX. Team consists of professionals and volunteers who work hard to bring In May 2003, we launched our very successful Premium you the extensions that you are Tutorials track, publishing professionally written tutorials asking for, give you the support by a team of authors for an affordable price every day, that you need when you have as we ourselves were tired of shelling out lots of money questions and to bring you the for computer books full of redundancy and newbie’s latest information pertaining to web explanation. development. This premium track runs alongside We like to encourage our visitors the free content submitted to actively participate, that is why by members. we organize competitions, run opinion polls, let you rate chapters, extensions and tutorials and let you add your own chapters. e-Magazine