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  1. 1. AMERICAN FOREST & PAPER ASSOCIATION American Wood Council Engineered and Traditional Wood Products American Wood Council (AWC) protectedPDF® Installation TutorialInstallation Guide – pages 1-11Error Message - Javascript Settings - 12Installation Guide for Students – page 13 This tutorial is intended to aid in the purchase and installation of AWC Manuals available inAdobe® Portable Document Format (PDF). You can view and print the protectedPDF files usingAcrobat® Professional (version 9 or later) or Acrobat Reader (version 6 or later) once youpurchase a username and password for the protected PDF document(s). If you own a keycode for a manual(s) from the legacy version of the 2005 AWC Standardsand Design Tools program (2005 Wood Design Package and 2001 WFCM only), you can requesta username and password for the comparable protected PDF file(s) to replace your legacyversion by emailing your request to Please indicate which manuals youpreviously purchased along with your name and approximate date of purchase. Once yourpurchase of the legacy version is verified, a username and password will be emailed to you forthe comparable protected PDF file. If you are a full-time student, see page 13 for more information. If you are ready to purchase one or more of the electronic AWC Manuals, complete thefollowing steps:1) Download from the AWC website the protected PDF files you wish to purchase. The website address is: protectedPDF Installation Tutorial Page -1-
  2. 2. 2) Open the protected PDF file you wish to purchase and navigate to the first protected page of the document. Typically, the first several pages are left unprotected to allow users to view the cover and table of contents for the manual. Click on the hyperlink titled “visit the AF&PA eCommerce site.”AWC protectedPDF Installation Tutorial Page -2-
  3. 3. 3) If you are not an AF&PA member or AWC Design Professional Member (DPM), or if you have not yet registered on the AF&PA online store, you will need to Create New Contact. If you are a member or are already registered on the AF&PA online shopping cart, click on the “Login here” link and proceed to Step #4 below.AWC protectedPDF Installation Tutorial Page -3-
  4. 4. The system will automatically assign a username and password to you, and these will be e-mailed to you as soon as you complete this form.AWC protectedPDF Installation Tutorial Page -4-
  5. 5. 4) Login to the online store.AWC protectedPDF Installation Tutorial Page -5-
  6. 6. 5) From the list of American Wood Council publications, select the electronic version of themanual you wish to purchase by clicking on the Add to Cart icon. Click on the “View ShoppingCart” button.AWC protectedPDF Installation Tutorial Page -6-
  7. 7. 6) Click on “Continue to payment” button.7) Enter your credit card information and verify your billing and shipping address. When youfinish your order, you will see a confirmation screen similar to this one.If you have not yet downloaded the protected PDF files, click the “Download Products” link atthe bottom of this page to do so.AWC protectedPDF Installation Tutorial Page -7-
  8. 8. 8) You will receive an email message from confirming your order.AWC protectedPDF Installation Tutorial Page -8-
  9. 9. 9) You will receive a separate email from during weekday business hours8am to 4pm (eastern time) containing the username and password required to open the protectedPDF files for the design manual(s) you have purchased. Each username and password purchasedis unique for each user. Therefore, you must purchase a valid username and password for eachuser. You can request your own personalized Username and Password if you prefer. The defaultwill be the same username and password obtained from the AF&PA shopping cart.The license agreement permits viewing the files on up to 2 computers for each user. The sameusername and password can be used for multiple manuals purchased. If you forget yourusername or password, please email your request to and the informationwill be emailed to you during weekday business hours (8am-4pm eastern time). If you have thedefault username and password, you can have an email reminder of your password sent from theAF&PA shopping cart.AWC protectedPDF Installation Tutorial Page -9-
  10. 10. 10) Enter the username and password for the manual(s) in the appropriate fields. Text is casesensitive, so enter the information exactly as it appears in the email.11) You must have internet access the first time you enter your username and password into theprotected document. The documents can then be used "offline" after the initial validation. Awindow will appear to verify the username and password for the document you purchased.AWC protectedPDF Installation Tutorial Page -10-
  11. 11. 12) If the username and password are valid, a message will appear verifying that the documenthas been unlocked. Choose whether or not you would like to be automatically signed into thedocument next time.13) The entire document can now be utilized as a fully functional PDF file.Back to IndexAWC protectedPDF Installation Tutorial Page -11-
  12. 12. Error Message - Javascript SettingsYou may see the following error message when first attempting to open a protectedPDF file inAcrobat:In Acrobat or Acrobat Reader, follow the error message instructions as shown above:Back to IndexAWC protectedPDF Installation Tutorial Page -12-
  13. 13. Installation Guide for StudentsFull-time students are entitled to discounts on publications, including these electronic manuals.Student prices are as follows:Wood Design Package including the National Design Specification (NDS) for WoodConstruction - 2005 Edition - Electronic PDF VersionSKU: T101-05-EStudent Price $50.00Wood Frame Construction Manual (WFCM) for One- and Two-Family Dwellings - 2001 Edition- Electronic PDF VersionSKU: T10-01-EStudent Price $30.00Permanent Wood Foundation Design Specification – 2007 Edition – Electronic PDF VersionSKU: T07-07-EStudent Price $20.00Special Design Provisions for Wind and Seismic (SDPWS) - 2008 Edition with Commentary -Electronic PDF VersionSKU: T85-08-EStudent Price $30.001) To obtain these discounts, your instructor must contact us via email at awcpubs@afandpa.organd provide: a) university name b) course name c) name of text required for the course d) semester start date2) AWC will create a “coupon” code and email it to your instructor. The coupon will only beavailable for 2 weeks from the semester start date. You will enter the coupon code in the AF&PAshopping cart when purchasing the publication.3) After your purchase is complete, your username and password will be emailed to you duringnormal business hours (8am to 4pm eastern time) with instructions for installing them on yoursystem (or return to step 10 above if you have received your username and password).Back to IndexAWC protectedPDF Installation Tutorial Page -13-