Tips for students - things to do during your summer holidays


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Are you a student looking for something to do during your summer holiday. We have some tips that may help.

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Tips for students - things to do during your summer holidays

  1. 1. Tips for studentsThings to do during your summer holiday Brought to you by Tutorhub the online tutoring website
  2. 2. You’ve finished your exams, you’ve thrownyour papers in the air, stripped yourself ofyour school uniform and now you’re readyfor a long summer break of no studyingand no school… So, what now?It may appear appealing to laze about anddo near to nothing for your entire summerbreak, but believe me, I’ve attempted thatin the past, and it isn’t exactly fun.
  3. 3. There are numerous things you can doduring your summer, which doesn’tnecessarily have to be “hard work”, if whatyou’re looking for is a laid back summer.The first thing I’d suggest to those thinkingabout what to do in their summer holidaysis, get involved. How can you get involved?
  4. 4. Look through student websites and seewhat you can do for your local community.Get an internship! Email the companyyou’re interested in interning with ASAP,and sell yourself as the ideal intern for thejob! You never know, they may even decideto offer you a permanent position in thecompany once you’ve finished yourinternship.
  5. 5. Join workshops taking place in your localmuseums and art galleries. There arealways interesting workshops going on inart galleries and museums, simply go totheir website, and register yourself!
  6. 6. The summer holidays is also the perfectexcuse to further your learning, or even, totry something completely new.So why not....
  7. 7. Try learning a new language. Manyuniversities and colleges offer summerschools or evening classes, ranging fromlanguages, to subjects such as media,computer science or even mathematics.
  8. 8. Take up a new hobby. Never hadprofessional diving classes, never playedguitar? Now’s the time to start! Summercan be long, so it’s the perfect time to startsomething you’ve always wanted to.What’s stopping you?
  9. 9. Feed your talents. Are you talented at art?Or perhaps singing? Enter somecompetitions, get your talent noticed. Notonly is it a good boost to your confidence,but getting your work noticed by a wideraudience is a good way to network.
  10. 10. Get a job! If possible, find somewhereyou’ve always wanted to work, and apply!There’s no harm, right? Plus, you’ll havethe opportunity to earn money, whichmeans you’ll be able to afford those few (ormany) things you’ve always wanted.
  11. 11. Summer is one of the best opportunitiesyou have to network, get yourself heard, aswell as have as much fun as you can. So, getout there and enjoy yourself!
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