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La Dolce Vita
La Dolce Vita
La Dolce Vita
La Dolce Vita
La Dolce Vita
La Dolce Vita
La Dolce Vita
La Dolce Vita
La Dolce Vita
La Dolce Vita
La Dolce Vita
La Dolce Vita
La Dolce Vita
La Dolce Vita
La Dolce Vita
La Dolce Vita
La Dolce Vita
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La Dolce Vita


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  • 1. La dolce vita A cross-cultural activity for students of Italian as a second language April 27, 2009 Giuliana Guazzaroni, Sabrina Leone, Rustam Shadiev
  • 2. Let’s interact! What is “ La dolce vita” in your view? 1 A famous event in Italy 3 A famous Italian movie 2 A famous Italian restaurant 4 A famous tour in Italy
  • 3. La dolce vita…. … is a 1960 film directed by Federico Fellini.
  • 4. Let’s translate!! How would you translate “ La dolce vita” in your language?
  • 5. La dolce vita… … is the Italian for "The Sweet Life“.
  • 6. Objectives of this unit
    • Introduce a famous Italian movie;
    • interact to discover:
      • “ La dolce vita”;
      • famous locations in Rome;
    • compare Rome with other cities
    • around the world.
  • 7. Assessment
      • Interaction 20%;
      • participation 20%;
      • fluency 20%;
      • contents 30%;
      • vocabulary 10%.
  • 8. Brainstorming “ La dolce vita” makes me think to…
  • 9. La dolce vita: plot
    • The story is set in Rome in the 1950s.
    • Marcello ( Marcello Mastroianni ) is a young journalist (society gossip columnist) who spends his days between celebrities and rich people, seeking for short-lived joy in parties.
    • When a famous film star comes to Rome, he does everything he can to meet her, and when he does, he is totally charmed by her.
    • She is a Swedish-American movie star named Sylvia ( Anita Ekberg ) with whom he shares a moment in the Fontana di Trevi in Rome.
    • The film shows seven days and nights in the life of the reporter.
  • 10. Let’s watch! La Fontana di Trevi
  • 11. Let’s complete! All the places below are related to the movie. Complete with the first/second part of famous places in Rome and add the source from which you retrieved information (e x.:______ Borghese (Villa Borghese; source: ). 1.        Dome of ______ 2.        ______ Veneto 3.        Piazza del ______ 4.        ______ di Trevi
  • 12. Famous locations in Rome
    • Most of the film was shot at the Cinecittà Studios in Rome. Set designer Piero Gherardi created over eighty locations, including the Via Veneto , the dome of Saint Peter's with the staircase leading up to it, and various nightclubs.
    • Other sequences were shot on location such as the party at the aristocrats' castle filmed in the real Bassano di Sutri palace north of Rome.
    • Fellini combined constructed sets with location shots, depending on script requirements.
  • 13. La Fontana di Trevi
    • The famous scene in the Trevi Fountain was shot in March when nights were still cold.
    • Fellini claimed that Anita Ekberg stood in the cold water in her dress for hours without any trouble
    • Mastroianni had to wear a wetsuit beneath his clothes. It was only after "he polished off a bottle of vodka" that Fellini could shoot the scene with Mastroianni.
  • 14. Let’s find out new vocabulary!
    • The character of Paparazzo , the news photographer (played by Walter Santesso) who works with Marcello, is the origin of a funny word used in many languages to describe intrusive photographers.
    • Which one?
  • 15. Group work
    • Task 1 . Describe the protagonists by minimum 3 personal and 3 physical characteristics and then report to others:
        • Group A: describe Marcello;
        • Group B: describe Anita.
    • Task 2 . Talk about your experience:
        • Have you ever visited Rome? If you have, please tell us your impressions.
        • In this movie, is Rome the same city that you have visited or imagined?
  • 16. WebQuest (asynchronous task)
    • Prepare a short presentation in which you compare Rome with another city you have visited.
  • 17. References
    • Wikipedia:
    • YouTube Channel “Tesori di Roma”: http:// = IT&hl = it&user = tesoridiroma
    • Movie database:
    • Allmovie:
    • Rai International
    Image: deglispiriti