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Website analysis UEFA

  1. 1. WEB Site Analysis 5/8/2012
  2. 2. is official website of European football association. UEFA is union of Europeanfootball association and football‟s governing body. UEFA organises prestigious and famouscompetitions which include UEFS cup, champion league, European football championshipand many more. The website is controlled and managed by UEFA and is known as heavenfor football fans. It represents international community of sports where football content isplaced in a very usable and useful style. For supporting users from different regions, thecontent is provided into 12 different languages.The website is under sports genre. It is a place offered by UEFA for sports fans forcommunity conference and news mosaic. The goal of website is to provide news, videos andinformation about all football events conducted by UEFA. The website provides a place forall football lovers where they can access all top news about football matches, records etc.along with this the website also support community blog where users are given a chance toshare their views and discussion with other members. The website aims to popularisefootball all over world. The website supports large numbers of videos of UEFAcompetitions. The website also covers corporate activities which are carried at UEFA. Themanagement also help budding players to enhance their skills by providing learning modulesand other football initiatives through training section on website.The URL for this website is The protocol working for website ishyper text transfer protocol i.e. HTTP. in its domain name system consist of tworecords of name server, one record of address, two records of mail exchanger and I TXT i.e.text record. The IP address for is and location of which is UnitedKingdom. The hosting company for website is RIPE Network Coordination Centre,Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  3. 3. BodyToday every business is integrating its business processes with the information technology inorder to gain more business information and also to stay ahead and upgraded about thecurrent business trends. This integration also allows them to reach the customers and increasethe business. The field of sports is also not untouched from same and following these steps,UEFA i.e. union of European football association gone online through their official website is created as per needs of football fans as they are primary users in this case.Maximum number of fans cone in age group of 15 to 25 and so the website theme, colour andlayout is designed in order to please this group. The website due to features and servicesprovided to its users got honoured in 14th annual Webby awards under sports category. Itprovides an access to more than 1800 matches played per year, over 12000 pages of playersand video and photos.The home page is linked to 275 web pages out of which 6 are external links. When it comesto raking in terms of traffic, UEFS stands on 11,142 ranks.The chart above shows popularity of website in recent years.Sitetrail states “On average, is ranked #11,142 across major traffic ranking servicessuch as Alexa and Compete” [2012]
  4. 4. The important factors that are needed to be discussed for analysing this website are listedbelow Navigation & Shortcuts: navigations and shortcuts are provided in a website for making navigation and access easy for users of website. The interface used in this website if web interface which is no doubt a complex interface of all available types of interface but for fulfilling requirement of website this interface suits the requirement of users in best way. the navigation shortcuts provided to users are o Search box: Search box is given on every page which helps users to search content of website for example, searching content about a specific player. o Pull down menu: The website headers consist of pull down menus where each menu provides related options to each category. o Hyperlinks: Hyperlinks are given as page footers to favourite and most accessed pages. User can directly click on these links for navigating though website.Lynch, Horton (1999) states “A rich set of graphic navigation and interactivity links withinyour web pages will pull users‟ attention down the page, weaning them from the generalpurpose browser links and drawing further into your account” The website is made easy by providing these navigational shortcuts to users. Site is developed in accordance to fact that most of users can be from a non technical background so navigation is made easier by these options. Where am I?: The website uses a login and registration approach for authenticating users. The website uses an ISP tracking system for collecting and remembering user location for providing him services as per his taste. For example, user is given a
  5. 5. facility to select his favourite language which is remembered on his next visit which isdone by using „Who am I‟ feature.Page headers & Page footers: Website headers and footers are arranged in a nice way.An important point about website headers and footers is that they must be consistentthroughout the website i.e. each web page must have same setting of header andfooters.Virtual Angel states “Each page in the website should look as if it belongs to the samewebsite” (2002:12)In header section consists of search options and organization identity along with menuoptions provided to user for easy navigation to other pages and sections. The footersection consists of privacy policy, legal terms and copyright statement. Headers andfooters are very well arranged and are consistent on every page.Lynch, Horton (1999) states “Headers are the most visible component of siteidentity”.Typesetting: As per other features, typesetting is also very important. The websiteuses a hierarchical typesetting in which different heading styles are used. An excellentway for organising text in used by developers. Typesetting used by website helps inshowing the content in a clear and attractive way.Graphics & Colour: The colour combinations and graphics used are excellent. Thewebsite uses a formal outline of colour scheme. The website uses a combination ofBlue and White. This combination is attractive and very efficiently links varioussubjects and groups to each other. The website uses different colours which separatethe web pages on site into a columnar view with each column displaying differentcontent. A very relaxed and contemporary colour contrast is used.
  6. 6. Spritz web solution states “Dont overdo the color, as it can distract from the written content”IMPROVEMENTSAS per my observations there is requirement of few updates/ changes on the website. The navigation options provided in website must be extended. It must also include site map which will help the users to easily locate and navigate. The website also needs to have good spacing among the links. The website is too congested with the inner spacing between the links is too is official website of European football association and football‟s governing body.The website is developed and provided in a good way so that it could suits to taste of footballfans. The website targets football lovers and all provide all services as per their taste andneeds. The colour combination is excellent and uses a formal outline, various navigationalshortcuts options are provided to user for helping them for easy navigation. The website isdeveloped excellently and can be given 9 out of 10 for features and services provided.REFERENCESSiteTrail, 2012. Available at [accessed at 8 May2012]UEFA,2012. Available at [accessed at 8 May 2012]Lynch, Horton, 1999. Web Style Guide. 3. Hyderabad. University Press Limited.Virtual angel (2002:12).Top 10 features of top website design. Available at [accessed at 9 May 2012]
  7. 7. Spritz web solution, Does your website have what it takes. Available at [accessed at 9 May2012]