Best Paragraph Structure For A2 (Unit 4) Macro
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Best Paragraph Structure For A2 (Unit 4) Macro



Tips on exam technique for answering unit 4 Macro questions

Tips on exam technique for answering unit 4 Macro questions



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Best Paragraph Structure For A2 (Unit 4) Macro Best Paragraph Structure For A2 (Unit 4) Macro Presentation Transcript

  • Best Paragraph Structure for A2 Macro One Main Point/Argument Questions Requiring Evaluation Analyse / Connectives Supporting Examples & Evidence Evaluate the actual point made 2:34:21 PM Examine To what extent Evaluate Discuss Assess
  • The Assessment Objectives A01 Knowledge A02 Application A03 Analysis A04 Evaluation 2:32:17 PM
  • Most common errors Not using the data in the extracts Not evaluating in every paragraph Not referring to/explaining diagrams Not defining terms accurately Short chains of analysis – missing links
  • Top Tips Use signposting from the question Spread your work out well Large analysis diagrams Work timing out beforehand Short plan helps to frame work
  • Good Evaluation Phrases It depends on…. In the short run…however in the long run The magnitude of the effect…. The most important point… This will also impact
  • Evaluating impact of FDI 2:32:17 PM
  • Assessing Impact of Inward FDI Benefits / positive spillovers Multiplier Effect Evaluation Depends on size and extent multiplier Technology transfer to host economy Evaluation Depends on the product and quality of jobs Evaluation May result in resource depletion (Pepsi) Evaluation MNC may bring their own workers Helps to boost host’s GDP (& exports) Often Joint Venture only (China, India) 2:32:17 PM
  • Current Account Deficit 2:32:17 PM
  • Is a current account deficit a concern? Evaluation points for a current account deficit country Often balanced by financial account surplus Depends whether surplus elsewhere is sustainable May be caused by structural change Evaluation Depends on the cause of deficit and duration Trade creation might have occurred Evaluation Depends if comparative advantage has been eroded May be a policy to reduce domestic inflationary pressure 2:32:17 PM Evaluation Evaluation Sustainable?
  • Labour Migration 2:32:17 PM
  • The Migration Debate Migrant Workers as a % of a country’s total population Country Name 2010 Country Name Kuwait 76.6 World 3.1 Qatar 74.2 Sub-Saharan Africa 2.1 United Arab Emirates Singapore 43.8 Least developed countries 38.7 Korea, Rep. 1.4 Australia 21.1 Mexico 0.6 Ireland 20.1 Philippines 0.5 United States 13.8 India 0.4 Germany 13.2 Brazil 0.4 United Kingdom 10.4 China 0.1 South Africa 3.7 Indonesia 2010 1.1 0.1 Source: World Bank 2:32:17 PM
  • Assessing Impact of Inward Migration Benefits / positive spillovers Injection of human capital / expansion of labour force Depends on composition of the influx of new workers Multiplier effects on aggregate demand Evaluation Will total employment and GDP per capita rise? Helps to sustain inward FDI Evaluation Pressure on scarce resources, higher welfare Remittances add to GNI – export opportunities 2:32:17 PM Evaluation Evaluation Brain drain effects from source countries
  • Get help for unit 4 from fellow students, teachers and tutor2u on Twitter: #econ4 @tutor2u_econ
  • Tutor2u Keep up-to-date with economics, resources, quizzes and worksheets for your economics course. 2:32:17 PM