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The Job Board Report 2009 is a free guide book to assist HR practitioners, recruiters and employers to better navigate the Australian job board landscape.

The Job Board Report 2009 is a free guide book to assist HR practitioners, recruiters and employers to better navigate the Australian job board landscape.

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  • 1. JOB BOARD REPORT 2009 The definitive guide to the best online destinations and recruitment technology for finding talent in Australia
  • 2. INTRODUCTION For the past decade and half, job boards have connected employers and job seekers in Australia. Today, they continue to play a critical role in the employment process. Recruitment technology providers are also growing as the critical task of talent attraction, acquisition and management becomes increasingly complex. We are confident that job boards and recruitment technology providers will continue to evolve and play an important role in the days ahead. Our aim at Destination Talent is to highlight the breadth and variety of talent solutions providers in Australia. We are pleased to bring out the first ‘Australian Job Board Report 2009’, a directory and guidebook on the job board and recruitment technology landscape in Australia. We are confident that you will find it a useful resource. We are grateful to our sponsors: SixFigures, nt3, ResourceWare, and JobAdder for their support in bringing out this report. Regards Phillip Tusing Destination Talent Sydney, March, 2009 2
  • 3. TABLE OF CONTENTS The Australian Job Board Landscape ‐ p4  Job posting Services ‐ p27  Why use job board s ? ‐ p8  Recruitment Technology Directory ‐ p28   Getting the best out of Job board ‐ p9  Talent Talk – p31  What to monitor in a job board  ‐ p11  Using  Niche Job Boards  effectively ‐  p32  Top ten trends in job boards ‐ p12  The case for Resume Databases ‐ p35  Types of job boards in Australia  ‐ p13  Emergence of Vertical Job Search Engines  ‐ p38  Recruitment technology in Australia ‐ p24  Job posting services in Australia   ‐ p41  Navigating the e‐recruitment Jungle ‐  p26  JOB BOARD DIRECTOR Y  Engineering & Mining ‐ p20  Generalist ‐ p15  Expat  ‐ p20  Aggregators /vertical Search ‐ p16  Arts & Entertainment ‐ p20  Technology ‐ p16  New Media ‐ p20  Transport & logistics ‐ p16  Marketing & Communications  ‐ p20  Executive  ‐ p17  Fashion & Retail ‐ p20   Mature /Senior ‐ p17  Blue Collared & Trades  ‐ p21   Teen/Junior ‐ p17  Hospitality ‐ p21  Women ‐ p17  HR & Recruitment ‐ p21  Teacher/University ‐ p18  Science & Environment ‐ p22  Graduates ‐ p18  Freelancing ‐ p22  Accounting & Finance ‐ p18  Referrals & Networking ‐ p22  Legal ‐ p18   Part‐Time Work ‐ p22  Agriculture ‐ p19  Call Centre & Administration ‐ p22  Childcare ‐ p19  Regional ‐ p22  Sports & Fitness ‐ p19  Classifieds /Free Job Boards ‐ p23  Healthcare ‐ p19  CV Database ‐ p23  Architecture & Design ‐ p19      3
  • 4. AUSTRALIAN JOB BOARD LANDSCAPE F With off-the-shelf software and most activities, including job rom humble beginnings in the free job board technology readily seeking, has migrated to online mid-nineties, job boards have available, starting a job board has platforms. And job boards have grown to become an integral part never been easier. On the flip side, been the major beneficiaries of this of the employment process, and running a job board successfully shift. an important yardstick to gauge proves more difficult. For every the state of the economy. new job board that opens, another Competitive landscape closes. However, the trend does Explosion of job boards Competition among job board not seem to be a deterrent, as new Today, hundreds of Internet sites, operators is fierce. Accounting for players continue to spring up. The where job-seekers congregate to roughly 80% of the market share, number of job boards in Australia find new career opportunities and the big generalist players continue has never been as high as it is employers hope to find their future to hold sway over the landscape. currently, indicating an almost staff, exist. The International At the top, a triangular boxing “golden age” for the industry. Association of Employment Web match is played out by a listed Sites (IAEWS) pegged the number company and entities owned by Industry size of job boards in operation at more large media conglomerates. than 40,000 worldwide. Even Acquisitions, alliances and In 2007 the job board market accounted for 47% of the AU$3961 though the exact number of job marketing have formed parts of the boards is impossible to measure, strategy to win a larger market million* spent in online classifieds the numbers are staggering by any share. Partners, technology and advertising. Much of the growth in measure, an indication of how job expertise are regularly imported online classifieds has come at the boards have come to be an from overseas in an effort to gain a expense of print media. The shift integral part of the employment competitive advantage. Turf war is of advertising dollars to online process. fought mainly on price, traffic, platforms now seems permanent, brand name and service. with online spending rising to AU$439 million2 in 2008, while We estimate that there are close to 200 job boards in Australia (we The likely market scenario is that print media spends continued to listed 160 in our directory). If the 90% of job boards scramble for decline. definition of a job board is 20% of the revenue pie. With expanded to include online many of them barely registering A country with a workforce of 10 destinations which list employment noise at the national level, the vast million is expected to consume $2 billion3 worth of online advertising opportunities, the number is likely majority of job boards in Australia to increases five-fold. (See note: are run by small and niche players. in 2009. The ubiquity of the definition of job boards) While the big players dominate the Internet in our lives means that 1. Frost & Sullivan, Australia Online Classifieds Advertising Market 2007-2011 2&3. IAB Australia's Online Advertising Expenditure Report (OAER), Quarter ended December 2008. 4
  • 5. “ In spite of the existence of alternatives, job board continues to offer a cost- effective solution, and remains a highly preferred channel to reach out to talent ” referrals6. Employers and space, nimble and well run niche process. Adopted early by white players with a sharp focus on collared workers, usage has recruiters alike increasingly use audience and advertisers are spread to all professional groups job boards to supplement their thriving. and diverse demographic groups, employment brand, drive traffic to including those who shunned job own career sites and augment boards initially. 24%of CEOs3 It also appears that the growth of their talent pool. one player is not at the expense secured their jobs through job of another. Success of new boards. Weaknesses players increases the industry’s For all their popularity, job boards revenue pie, rather than eating The vast majority of employers, have limitations. Job boards’ 68.63%4 in the Asia-Pacific into the market share of existing jurisdiction lies with those who players. The job board market is region, use job boards to source visit them, and are basically a tool predicted to reach $504.5 million candidates, making it the top to reach active job seekers. In by 20111 . ranking sourcing tool in the other words, they are limited by region. the demographics they reach, Diversity and their influence does not Initially seen as a threat by extend to passive job seekers. The Australian job board tapestry professional recruiters, job boards is rich and colourful. Every have become a necessary tool Victims of their own success, job conceivable niche – geographic, when sourcing candidates. As a boards are also plagued with the regional, professional, job type group, recruiters are frequent problem of “resume overload”. By and industry sector – is users of job boards. By 2008, eliminating barriers for job represented by one or more job 72%5 of recruiters in Australia had seekers, they have made the job board. There are job boards used job boards to source application process fast and easy. regularly listing tens of thousands candidates. As a result employers are often of jobs each day, and job boards inundated with applications, many that list only a handful of jobs. In Effective channel of them irrelevant to the job fact, job boards exist to cover advertised. every conceivable target One of the main reasons for the demographic – mature workers, longevity of the industry, and the Job boards inherently are tools mainstream workers, part-time mushrooming of new job boards, built for employers and recruiters, workers, teenagers and working is the simple fact that they work. rather than serving the immediate mums. Essentially a traffic reseller game, needs of job seekers. Often job boards provides a steady ridiculed for not paying attention stream of job seeker traffic to Universal usage to the end user’s experience, job those seeking them, at an Job board usage is now virtually boards are less kind to the needs attractive price-point that most universal. In a space of a decade, of job seekers. Anecdotal alternatives can’t offer. job boards have been embraced evidence suggests that most job by both job seekers and seekers do not get their jobs from Employers rated job boards as employers alike. 88%2 of Australians use job job boards in spite of the high the second most effective source for hiring new staff behind direct boards during their job search 1. Frost & Sullivan, Australia Online Classifieds Advertising Market 2007-2011 2. Hudson 20:20 Series, Candidate Buying Behaviour 3. Executive Job Board Survey, Harvey Nash June 2008 4. Vedior Asia-Pacific Employment Trends 2008 5. RCSA survey round 27 6. CareerXroads, Source of Hires 2008 5
  • 6. popular blogs have spawned usage. The bread is buttered years, each piece of new their own job boards, and large entirely on the employers’ side. technology finds its way into job online forums maintain job boards - RSS feeds, Job listings rivaling traditional job matching technology, VIDEO, Maximising investments boards. Content rich SMS, MMS, artificial As job boards become part of destinations (including online intelligence, XML feeds, HRXML the talent acquisition furniture, version of print publications) etc. The need to fend off the focus has shifted to getting have also jumped on the job competitors and stay ahead of the most value out of the board wagon. Where a customers, together with the fast investments. community thrives, it is likely -changing nature of technology that a job board exists too. and attempts to keep up with the Tools and services to manage demands of job seekers, drives job boards proliferated. Every Meanwhile, recruitment investment in new technologies. piece of Applicant Tracking conversations have shifted to Technology continue to have a software is shipped with job social media and networking major influence on the job board board management functionality. sites. Employers are flirting with landscape. Recently, specialised job posting Facebook, MySpace and solutions have emerged strongly popular social networking sites. Alternatives to job boards to maximize a company’s Job listings are appearing on investment in job boards. Alternative channels for Twitter. Employers are blogging employers to connect with future in the hope of opening up and By automating the job posting staff continue to grow. Similarly, humanising their organisations, process, reducing administrative the channels for job seekers to and reaching out to a wider drudgery, eliminating subjective find jobs and new employment audience. LinkedIn is embraced monitoring (the perception that a opportunities continue to as a medium to connect and particular job board is superior improve each day. build relationships with future regardless of the results) and talent. Online referral sites offer providing management tools The growth of social media, employers the option to harness equipped with clear performance advances in technology, people’s networks and metrics, specialised job posting especially with the explosion of connections to access talent. services add enormous value to personal publishing, means that both job boards and advertisers. the capability to hold an intimate Many of the alternatives Job posting solutions are fast conversation with a small paraded are promising but becoming an essential part of audience is within the reach of remain unproven. Harnessing the talent acquisition process. everyone. Attempts at social media takes time, needs a As job board proliferates, presenting job opportunities to proper strategy and often maximising ROI becomes a key small pockets of communities requires a complete overhaul of focus. are where lots of new existing corporate culture and experiments are happening. recruitment processes. What Job boards innovate and works and doesn’t work is still From Internet forums and blog stay in the game under scrutiny. to user groups and news sites, Meanwhile, job boards embrace For all their limitations and the pockets of communities exist all technology with gusto. Over the potential (and hyperbole) offered over the Internet. Many of the the Australian job board tapestry is rich “ and colourful. Every conceivable niche – geographic, regional, professional, job type and industry sector – is represented by one or more job board ” 6
  • 7. boards will go where the job by alternatives, job boards remain seekers choose to be. Mobile a proven tool and are one of the platforms are highly likely to be most cost-effective channels to the new frontier for job distribution reach job seekers in Australia. and access. How a job board reacts or embrace social media The road ahead will increasingly dictate its Since raising their heads a relevance. decade ago, job boards have proven resilient. Currently serving Still essentially a traffic business, a workforce of 10 million, a large for many advertisers, it is cheaper number of job boards exist and and easier to buy candidate traffic are thriving, largely because they from a job board. In a way, the do a good job. failure of companies to invest in building their own candidate traffic All immediate signs point to the will ensure job boards maintain an job board industry continuing to important place in the talent experience growth, as the acquisition space in Australia. fundamental shift of advertising from print intensifies. Job seekers’ attitudes continue to be bullish, with 86%* of Australians saying that they will use job boards to find their next job. In a way, the failure of companies to invest in building their own candidate The road ahead presents other challenges. Attention has shifted traffic will ensure job boards maintain an to social media, and it is clear that important place in the talent acquisition social networks will be an important part of recruitment in space in Australia. the future. The proven models of job boards as destinations will be under scrutiny. It is likely job * Employee Satisfaction & Motivation 2007 , SEEK 7
  • 8. WHY JOB BOARDS? After more than a decade of service, and 6) Knowledge of job seekers Patronised by thousands of job seekers, even with the emergence of various job boards knows a lot more about alternatives, there are still compelling candidate behavior online than the reasons to work with job boards. We have average employer. highlighted 10 below. 7) Reach active job seekers 1) Proven model Job boards are the best tools to reach Everyone in the employment game – active job seekers, simply because active employers, job seekers and recruiters – job seekers flock to them. knows how job boards work. Job boards are easy to use and their results have been proven for over a decade. 8) Ready talent pool Most job boards maintain a ready pool of talent that can be accessed anytime. The 2) Cost-effective medium available talent pools are usually larger Measured against other advertising than any individual company can build. alternatives, job boards continue to be very cost-effective. Job advertising costs starts from as low as $1, but generally fall 9) Wide reach Job boards reach every known within the $5- $360 range. demographic – from the CEO to the receptionist, from office juniors to senior 3) Large audience management, from white-collared to blue- Job boards have scale. Through them collared workers – job boards have the you can reach a large and ready widest reach of any advertising medium. audience with very little investment. 10) Job boards innovate 4) Speed To their credit, job boards continue to The turnaround time of jobs boards in embrace technology and new trends generating candidate traffic is yet to be admirably. A decade since their matched by anyone. emergence, they are proving to be resilient to technological change, 5) Marketing and advertising embracing rather than shunning it. Where Job boards’ budgets for marketing and other operations have failed, they advertising cannot be matched by have, to date, succeeded. employers. They are much better at playing the candidate traffic game than any other in the employment space. 8
  • 9. GETTING THE BEST OUT OF JOB BOARDS will collect data on audience draw satisfactory conclusions. Understand a job board’s behavior, geographical location, audience As a general rule, high traffic is age, education etc, and usually Generally, job boards are effective important. The more job seekers provide the data as part of their in reaching out to people who are the site attracts, the higher the sales initiative. However, many currently looking for jobs - the so likelihood of finding the right can’t. The ability to provide data on called ‘active job seekers’. Job candidate. But be wary of audience says a lot about a job boards are less effective in measuring traffic volume alone; it board. Having access to reaching people who are not is also important to be in front of demographics will give you a good actively looking for a job. When the right audience. As a minimum idea of which job board to partner you advertise, it helps to ask for recent website traffic data, with, and how to plan your understand that the audiences for and, if possible, that it be advertising strategy. your jobs are actively looking for a independently audited. job. Reaching out to passive job Job board traffic seekers require other channels Maximising job ads and Traffic is king for job boards. and tactics. postings Website traffic is one of the most The Internet has removed virtually important, yet sometimes Know the various types of all barriers to seeking a job. contentious, factors in measuring job boards Applying for jobs is easy, quick the worth of a job board. Traffic, or There are close to 200 job boards and free. However, employers can lack thereof, distinguishes one job in Australia and hundreds more quickly be inundated with board from the other. online destinations where jobs can applicants, many not relevant to be advertised. Every imaginable Naturally, most job boards use the job advertised. As a result, niche – geography, profession, their site traffic data to market their some job boards have filtering and regional, job types – are brand’s worth. Job listing prices screening tools, mainly in the form represented. It is important to are also largely determined by a of questionnaires, to weed out know the types of job boards, their job board’s traffic data. Job boards unqualified applicants. While the capabilities, market reach, use universal traffic measurements idea and intention is right, it is not specialisation and, more – unique visitors and page views proving to be always effective. In importantly, which job board is the and website hits – to measure their fact, questionnaires may deter the right one for you. performance. Not surprisingly, very people companies are looking heavily trafficked job boards are to attract. A good first step is to understand also the most well known brands in which job boards your target Writing professional job ads is an Australia. audiences (job seekers) are likely effective method to get the most to patronize. Generalists have a However the lack of a single and out of job boards. A properly wide coverage and reach, while standard to measure traffic can constructed job ad with detailed niche boards focus on a narrow create confusion, and allows information about the job and audience. A right combination of misrepresentation. In Australia, company, besides being a the two can be effective (see job Hitwise* and Nielsen NetRatings marketing tool, may discourage board types). provide website statistics for a fee. unqualified applicants and Many of the free measurement encourage the right applicants. Audience demographics tools like Google Trends, Compete Most job boards offer training Job boards are different from each and Alexa, do not have sufficient services and support on how to other largely by the demographics data on job boards in Australia to effectively use their product, of their audience. Good job boards 9
  • 10. “ measure, measure, measure is the mantra to get the best ROI from job boards. As the saying goes, ‘You can’t improve what you don’t measure ” including writing effective job vary according to companies. fair idea of requirements. If a advertisements. Taking advantage company has a relatively good Some common examples are: of these resources will go a long idea of future advertisement Overall candidate traffic (No. of way towards improving the quality volume, they are in a position of applicants coming from a particular of job applicants. strength to negotiate with job job board) boards. The current economic downturn presents a good Applicants per job (No. of Maximising job postings opportunity to seek flexibility in applicants/Job ID) Job boards are able to provide pricing. important insights into job seekers’ Cost per applicant (No. of Promote your employment behaviour. For instance, evidence applicants/$ cost per ad) brand suggests there are particular time Job boards are one of the most and days suitable to elicit the most Source of hire (No. of hires heavily trafficked websites on the number of job applications. Ask sourced from a particular job Internet, and are a good platform your job board to provide data on board) to sell an employment brand to a candidate behavior and plan your Cost per hire (advertising budget large audience of job seekers. job postings accordingly. per/no of placements) Besides posting jobs, many Third party job posting solutions companies are using job boards to Many other variants can be use (JPS) providers also have good promote their employment brand, measured the effectiveness of job knowledge and data on candidate stand out from the crowd, and boards. Job boards themselves movement and behavior, and are drive job seekers traffic to their are usually able to assist useful solutions to help maximize career websites. companies in developing useful return on investments (refer JPS)   metrics to measure progress and Many options exist. Banners ads, Job board pricing ROI. can be placed strategically to elicit Pricing is one of the most more visits to your jobs. Priority Make use of resume important factors in comparing and listing, where a job is placed on databases choosing a job board. Job board top of search results, is an Most job boards collect resumes prices are normally a reflection of increasingly popular option. Job voluntarily submitted by job brand name, site traffic, years in board regularly sent out seekers, and maintain large business, longevity and a subscription-based career databases of candidates, which corporate strategy. Generally, the newsletters and job alerts, which can be a good secondary source big job boards charge higher fees present ample options to highlight of candidates, especially those than their smaller niche your company. Updating and who are passively seeking counterparts, mainly on the sprucing your company’s ‘profile employment. assertion of better brand page’, one of the most visited recognition and larger volume of locations on job boards, is also a Many job boards offer free access traffic. Job boards’ pricing vary must. to their resume database, while widely, from free to a high of $350, some charge a separate fee. If a Measure job board with the majority priced under fee is required, job boards usually performance $100. offer trial runs. Regular users of Measure, measure, measure is the job boards can bundle database It is fairly common for regular mantra to get the best ROI from access and job posting contracts advertisers to try to negotiate the job boards. As the saying goes, into one cost-effective advertising price down. Job boards are willing ‘You can’t improve what you don’t package. Many companies mine to offer below market rates in measure’. these databases without posting exchange for a long-term actual jobs. relationship or a bulk order. The Metrics to measure the key to managing price is to have a performance of job boards can 10
  • 11. WHAT TO MONITOR IN A JOB BOARD Marketing activities Site usability and UX (user Transparency and Brand matters. It is no coincidence experience) management that some of the most successful A 2008 Forrester study* found that There are lots of new job boards. job boards are also the most most job boards fail to provide a Ask for details of the company, recongised brands in Australia. positive end user experience. management team and corporate Essentially a reseller business, job Poor readability, excessive strategy. Anyone soliciting boards invest in marketing and advertising, too many steps in the advertising dollars and not advertising to attract candidates, job application process and revealing their contact details on which they resell at a higher price cramped content are some of the their website is to be treated with to employers and recruiters. complaints registered. suspicion. Ironically, to attract traffic, job A simple scan of the job board Partnership and alliance boards are regular users of landscape will reveal that all job Predominantly a traffic game, a traditional mass media. boards are not created equal. It’s job board’s worth is Advertising on magazines, easy to pick up job boards who complemented by its partnership billboards, radio and TV are have invested resources on giving and alliances. Look for a job common. Many of the niche job their users a superior experience, board’s network of friends and board targets industry periodicals which is a sign that their priorities partners – it says a lot about their and sponsor forums and corporate are on the right track, and that quality and reputation. functions. they’re probably worth partnering with. A simple yet effective method is to Flexibility ask your colleagues, Technological investments The employment market is fickle acquaintances or staff if they Competition among job boards, and cyclical. Flexibility on price, heard of a job board. If they have, the need to stay ahead of length of contract and business then this is a good indication that customers, the changing nature of dealings are important the job board is doing a good job technology and keeping up with considerations when choosing a at marketing. the demands of job seekers, job board partner. drives investment in new technologies. Job boards who fail Internet Presence to keep up with new technology Social media strategy Lately, search engines have are at a disadvantage. Technology Lately, conversations on talent become job boards’ major source savvy job seekers are increasingly acquisition have shifted to the bold of traffic. Australians are heavy dictating how they want to interact new world of social media and users of Google, with millions of with job boards, and the ability to networking, with some pundits searches on ‘jobs’ conducted deliver jobs though job seekers’ even suggesting job boards will monthly. As a result Search preferred channel is a big have less relevance in the future. Engine Optimisation (SEO) advantage. It is widely believed To their credit, many job boards initiatives are critical for job boards that the future of job access and have embraced social media or to gain traffic. A simple Google distribution will be on mobile either explored the possibility of search and link analysis will platforms. working with social networking provide an idea of a job board’s sites. How social media and web presence and standing. networking will affect talent Accreditations, awards and acquisition is too early to tell. endorsement Trace and monitor how jobs Volume of jobs Some of the most popular job boards are participating in the A quick snapshot of a job board’s boards have won awards while conversations. standing can be measured by the some are endorsed by volume of jobs listed. There are professional associations, both of Support and service many interpretations of how jobs which are an illustration of a job There is a reason why some of the are counted; nevertheless the board’s standing in the industry. most successful job boards are number of jobs listed gives you at Accreditations are not essential to that way – they invest in customer the very least an indication of its be a good job board, but it can be service and support.   popularity among advertisers.   a useful tool to compare job boards. 11
  • 12. 10trends Ten trends we believe will participating in the job board 4) MAXIMISING ROI dominate the Australian Job Board Focus will sharply shift to business. Anyone with access to a Landscape in 2009: maximizing ROI from job board membership base will consider investments. Companies who starting a job board. Commercial assist advertisers to manage and gain will not be the sole motive. 1) PARTNERSHIP & TRAFFIC Predominantly a traffic game, get maximum benefits will flourish. alliances and traffic sharing pacts Job posting and distribution 8) YEAR OF THE MOBILE will litter the landscape. A job services will thrive in 2009. Recruitment conversations will shift board’s worth will be increasingly to mobile platforms. From the measured by its network and the humble SMS to sophisticated 5) AGGREGATORS WILL STAY partnerships it keeps. Meanwhile, a Vertical job search providers and smart phones, mobile delivery of robust, cohesive Google strategy job boards will realise that they are jobs will become a big growth area, will become paramount. SEO will not direct competitors. In 2009, job driven by job seekers’ demands to form the largest chunk of a job boards and aggregators will learn access jobs in the medium and board's marketing budget. to live side by side, as job seekers time of their choice. Job boards will and employers learn how to find be forced to embrace mobile out the value proposition of each platforms. 2) PRINT DEMISE CONTINUES Much of the growth in online site. classifieds will come at the 9) ASSOCIATIONS WILL RISE expense of print. Already, online The vast majority of the 4,200 6) AUDIENCES WILL GET advertisement is a $9 billion industry and professional SMALLER industry, with no signs of slowing The Internet is a perfect medium in associations in Australia will cash down. Print players will migrate which to localise and build in on their direct relationship with online too. relationship with small audiences. their members. We will see a flurry Job boards will cater for smaller of job board activity from and smaller niches, providing more professional associations. 3) HUNT FOR ALTERNATIVES Employers will be more open to intimate service and better results Alliances with commercial job exploring alternatives. Online for both advertisers and job boards will be common. referrals providers will gain seekers. Bloggers are leading the increasing audience with way. There is a strong case for the 10) ECONOMY HAS LAST WORD employers. Conversation will also argument that niche players with The economic downturn will shape shift to social networks. A Twitter small audiences will thrive. the industry, separating the wheat strategy will be a given. LinkedIn’s from the chaff. With fewer jobs and progress will sow further unease more job seekers, players will have 7) NEW ENTRANTS among job boards. Prepare to see A crowded market and high failure to deal with price pressures from a lot of collaboration between job rate will not deter new entrants. advertisers. Advertisers will be boards and social networking sites. Technology is no longer a barrier more discerning about their current to building job boards, and we will partners. ROI will be the key see a wide variety of stakeholders talking point.
  • 13. TYPES OF JOB BOARDS A wide variety of job boards exist themselves on the side of the about 20 generalist sites, with a across Australia. From the candidates and offer convenience couple of big players dominating the pioneering generalist jobs boards of and a wide range of jobs not landscape. the first Internet boom to the latest available on traditional job boards. Niche (specialty) job boards players harnessing the power of Aggregators offer employers Niche or specialty job boards have social media, the options available another channel to net candidates a narrower focus, concentrating on to employers has increased at a very attractive price-point, a particular audience and significantly. We try to make sense including using Google style pay- advertisers. Every conceivable of the job board landscape under per-click services. niche – geographic, regional, the following categories: Classifieds and free job professional, job-type and industry Generalist job boards sector – is represented by a job boards Generalist job boards target all job board. By offering domain Free classifieds sites are a seekers by covering a broad range expertise and providing an intimate quintessential product of the of industries, locations and job relationship with a selective Internet. There are hundreds of free types. audience, a clear value classifieds sites with some boasting demarcation exists between niche large job listings that even many Traffic volume is a key focus of players and generalist. Niche job commercial job boards are not able generalists. Marketing and board forms the bulk of the job to match. Classifieds are often used advertising efforts, often using mass board industry in Australia by for hourly help and short-term media, are invested in to engage as volume. assignments. Free job boards trying many job seekers as possible. At to cash in on sponsored any given time, thousands of jobs Aggregators (Vertical Search) advertisements (such as Google are listed on generalist sites, Aggregators, unlike traditional job AdSense) are also rife. generating large traffic. Some of the boards, do not own the jobs listed popular job boards register millions Association job boards on their website. Like search of visitors per month, and are well By virtue of having a large engines, they merely act as a known brands. membership, professional platform to redirect job seekers’ associations maintain their own job traffic. Some job boards depend on A product of the early Internet boards. 4,200 industry and them to increase their own traffic, years, generalist job boards are professional associations exists in while some see them as a threat. proving to be versatile in the midst Australia, and each of them of competition and changes in the Free from the burden of having to communicates regularly with a marketplace. In Australia there are win clients, aggregators position focused talent pool. Driven more by 13
  • 14. a sense of service to their Many blogs have spawned job Internet communities and members than commercial boards of their own, often targeted forums interests, the vast majority of at a small but highly loyal and Where an online community associations are yet to discover relevant readership. Micro- thrives, a job board is likely to their unique position and potential. blogging is also opening a wide exist. Not designed specifically to Many of the larger, mainly white range of possibilities in reaching be job boards and largely bereft of collared associations run out to job seekers. Where there is commercial interests, internet impressive job boards, and many quality content, traffic and job communities and forums listing job associations are also collaborating listings tend to follow. opportunities are widespread. with the mainstream job boards. Many of the largest and most Referrals and networking popular forums have spawned job Resume database and CV sites boards of their own, some services Networking and online referral boasting larger listings than Resume database providers offer sites are increasingly becoming traditional job boards. employers and recruiters access to popular outlets for advertising jobs. a ready talent pool at an attractive Large networking sites are fast Content sites and the price-point. “We have a talent pool becoming self-updating resume blogosphere that no one else has,” is the main databases and are also starting to Content rich destinations selling point of resume database generate job listings. Referral (including online version of print providers. Various business sites use the Internet to facilitate publications) have also jumped on models exist; typically free job direct exchanges between the job board wagon. Some of the postings are offered while employers and anyone who can large independent news portals database access is charged on a help find talent. Employers reward run large job listings that easily monthly basis, pay per use, or only people for their connections and qualify as a job board. upon successfully finding a networks of friends and candidate. acquaintances. Job board definition  Our definition of a ‘job board’ is primarily an online destination, operated by a legal entity, where job opportunities are listed, with the aim  to connect jobseekers to those who seek them.  Recruitment firms are not included, unless the job site has different branding and is proven  to be independent. Also excluded are job sites (with a different domain name to parent company) owned and operated by another job  board and advertising the same jobs.  14
  • 15. JOB BOARDS IN AUSTRALIA GENERALIST  Australian Job Search  Sydney NSW 2000  Melbourne VIC 3000  1.  GPO Box 9880  Phone: (02) 9268 8600  Phone: 1300 726 279  Canberra  ACT 2601      Job X  My Job space    7.  12.  Apply Now  Suite 23 Norberry Terrace  Suite 731, 1 Queens Road  2.  205 Moggill Road,   177‐199 Pacific Highway  Melbourne VIC 3004  Taringa,  Queensland 4068  North Sydney NSW 2060  Phone: 1800 129 950  Phone: 1300 366 573  Phone: 02 9955 7170    Positions Vacant   13.  Byron Employment  Phone : 02 8206 9561     3.  PO Box 5335   Jobaroo  8.  West Chatswood  NSW 1515  Level 21, 201 Miller St    Reverse Jobs  Phone: (02) 8448 2070  Sydney, NSW 2060  14.  11 Eliza St  (02) 8003 4448  Adelaide SA 5000  Phone: (08) 8410 7441  Career One  4.  PO Box 4245,  Jobs Jobs Jobs  9.  Sydney NSW 2001  Level 1, 34 ‐ 36 Punt Road     Search for Jobs  Phone: 1800 555 010  Windsor Vic 3181  15.  PO BOX 1578  Phone: 1300 726 279  Milton QLD 4064  Glassfish     Phone: 1300 276 280  5.  PO Box 981  Livesalary  10.  Glen Waverley Vic 3150   Level 1, suite 101  Phone: 123 456 789  5 Elizabeth St, Sydney 2000    SEEK   sales @  Phone: 02 9232 0172  16.  Level 6,  541 St Kilda Road   Melbourne, VIC 3004       Job Serve  MyCareer  Phone: 1300 658 700  6.  11.  Level 1, 263 Clarence Street  601 Little Lonsdale Street .au  15
  • 16. Job R  Workcircle  17.  34.  jobs @ is Asia Pacific's first vertical search    engine for jobs. Built on award winning      technology that allows job seekers to instantly  TECHNOLOGY  Tip Top Jobs    18.  search millions of jobs from thousands of web  38 & 39 Citigroup Centre    sites with a single search.  For employers,  2 Park Street  Digital Industry Jobs  agencies and job sites we drive large volumes  35.  of highly targeted job seeker traffic directly to  Sydney NSW 2000  Phone: 03 9018 5722  their job listings.  Phone: 44 870‐870 1193 also operates adnet, a performance     based advertising system which provides  IT2    36.  recruiters with a measurable, cost‐effective  Suite 314, Level 3    AGGREGATOR/VERTICAL  platform to deliver targeted advertising to  343 Little Collins Street,    passive and active job seekers.   All Jobs  Melbourne 3000  19.  ESTABLISHED:  2007  Phone: (03) 8622 4700  CEO / MD : Maneck Mohan   CATEGORY: Aggregator (Vertical search)   Careerjet     20.  INDUSTRY FOCUS:  All industry  Job Speed  37.  JOB TYPES: Full‐time, Part‐time, Contract &    IT niche job board   Casual jobs.   Govt Jobs  21.  NUMBER OF JOBS: 224,663  BULK JOB UPLOAD:  Yes      JOB DURATION:  Job listed for 30 days   CV DATABASE: 250,000  J Seeker  Jobwire  22.  38.  JOB ADVERTISING COST:  Advertisers can set  their own daily or monthly budget. Sponsored    Phone: (03) 5426 4786  Jobs ‐ maximum visibility for job listings.  Job Sites  23.  Sponsored jobs are highlighted and placed in  premium positions above the search results.     GIS Career  39.    Jobjett  24.  Suite 604, Level 6, 46 Market St  adnet ‐ highly targeted, measurable advertising   delivered based on keywords, and geographies.  Sydney NSW 2000    Phone: (02) 9299 9199  Advertising solutions are performance based.  Jobs in Oz  25.  Advertisers only pay for results (CPC ‐cost‐per‐    click. CPA ‐cost‐per‐action (i.e. per resume or   per application)     Whirlpool Forum    40.  Jobsense  26.  OFFICE/CONTACT:   A forum for IT professionals   2706, The Centrium 60 Wyndham Street,    Central   Phone: +852 2525 0555  Jobsniffa  27.  Web Directions   41.  Fax : +852 2525 0060   Job board for web industry   WEBSITE URL:   Jobland   28.  Gurus  42.     MySpider  29.    Dot Net Careers  48.   Dynamics Careers  43.    Plus Jobs  30.  (Gurus, Dynamic Careers, Oracle  Oracle Careers  44.  Careers, SAP Careers, SAGE jobs,   Dot Net Careers, Software   31.  Developers are owned by Now  SAP careers  Hiring 123 Erskine Street    45.   Middle Park, VIC 3206  Simply Hired  32.  (02) 9029 5029 )    Software Developers  46.  Salty Fish  33.    Sage Jobs  47.    16
  • 17.   McMahons Point   NSW   2060  ph: 0419 747 097  TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS    Phone: (02) 9929 4233  Auto People    49.  2nd Fl., 470 Collins St.  Hire My Mum  68.  Melbourne  VIC 3000    Rouse Hill NSW 2155  (03) 9614 6000  Senior Search  0417 230 682  59.  10 Capri Drive  Mount Martha Victoria 3934   Career Mums  69.  Phone: 0419 375 786  PO Box 822  Driver Jobs  50.  Mawson,  ACT 2607  P.O. Box 72  Phone: (02) 6161 0128    Salisbury DC  SA 5106  Older Workers  60.   P.O Box 191      Glen Iris, Victoria 3146  Supplychain Jobz  51.  Level 2, 233 Castlereagh St      Sydney, NSW, 2000    TEEN & JUNIOR  Ployme  61.  SIXFIGURES   PO Box 2498  Six Figures, is the  Transjobs   52.  Premium Job Site for Executives and Senior  Fortitude Valley BC QLD 4006  Transport, Logistics and Supply   Professionals; covering Permanent, Contract  Phone: 07 3852 3232  Chain jobs   and Part‐time jobs across all industries and  Tel: +61 3 9567 4293   professions. When you post a job ad on Six    Figures you connect with the top 10% of  Australia’s salary earners who are looking to  62.  Teen Jobs  secure new employment.   Suite A24    Warehouse jobs  53.  24‐32 Lexington Dr  Six Figures delivers a high quality of relevant  Bella Vista, NSW 2153  applications. Our advertisers are not only    receiving quality applicants, they are also  Phone: 1300 558 068    receiving a higher number of applicants per     job ad compared to the industry average.    EXECUTIVE With a focus on sharing detailed and  63.  Hippo  Six Figures  54.  relevant information up front with Members  1/173 Burke Road  PO Box 19236  and Advertisers, Six Figures is building a  Glen Iris VIC 3146  reputation as the job site with integrity that  South Bank  Phone: 1300 788 874  delivers both great job opportunities and a  VIC 3006  high quality of relevant applicants to  Phone: 1300 780 177   Advertisers.        Established: 2008  64.  Junior Jobs  The Big Chair   55.  CEO / MD: Kelly Magowan & Karen Jenkin   P.O. BOX 227  1300 731 443   Industry Focus: jobs paying $100K+ across  Kings Langley, NSW 2147   all industries and professions  0433 J U N I O R    Bulk Job Upload: Yes   Job Duration: 30 days  SEEK Executive   56.    Membership size: 20,000+ high salary  Level 6,  541 St Kilda Road  65.  Jobs for Teens  earners  Melbourne, VIC 3004  Service / Benefits: niche job site, offering a  Phone: 1300 658 700  targeted audience of screened members  Job Advertising Cost: $295 per job ad listing      (including your logo & branding at no extra  WOMEN      cost), with job ad package discounts for 3 or      more ads. Job Ad Packs valid for 12 months.   MATURE  66.  Just Be  Other Advertising: banner advertising,  Career choices for women  newsletter inserts, employer branding page,  Adage  57.  Phone: 0414 555 977  and directory listings.   123 Erskine Street,  Office Contact:   Middle Park  VIC 3206   PO Box 19236 Southbank VIC 3006  Phone: (02) 9029 5029  Phone:  1300 780 177 or 03 9329 0144  Email:  67.  Work at home mums  PO Box 165,   Plus 40  58.    Glenbrook , NSW, 2773  96 Blues Point Road  17
  • 18. TEACHERS & UNIVERSITY  ACCOUNTING & FINANCE  eFinancialCareers  Australia Teachers  Accounting Jobs  70.  81.  eFinancialCareers serves the global financial  0407 706 849  community as the leading network of career  sites for professionals working in banking    and the financial markets and those firms  Banking Jobs  82.  seeking to employ them.       Australian Teachers Jobs  71.  Our mission is to help companies engage  Finance Jobs  83.   with and hire the most qualified finance    professionals around the world. With sites in  (Note: Accounting  Jobs, Banking  Education Jobs   22 markets and 5 languages across Asia‐ 72.  Jobs, Finance Jobs are owned by Job   Pacific, Europe, North America and the  Portals, PO Box 1990  North Sydney  Middle East, our specialty focus and our    audience of highly‐skilled banking and  NSW 2059, Phone: 1300 002 003)  Jobs4teachers  73.  finance professionals enable employers to    Phone: 02 8208 6177  reach hard‐to‐find, experienced candidates.   Financial Planning Jobs   84.   eFinancialCareers’ expanding international      network of sites enables recruiters and  Retail Banking Jobs   85.  Teachers on Net  74.  employers to access the best talent in   PO Box 195  financial centres around the globe. The job    Glenside SA 5065  posting process enables hiring managers to  Counting Jobs  specify their exact requirements and include  86.  Phone: 08 8172 0009  questions within the application process.   Jobsite for accountants    Our advertising options enable employers to    Uni Jobs  75.  highlight their employment brand and our  Funds Management Jobs   87.  Phone: +61 3 9017 4497  resume database search allows customers to  locate candidates with specialised skill‐sets  quickly and efficiently.   Mortgage and Finance Jobs  88.   ESTABLISHED:  2000  University jobs  76.  CEO / MD :  John Benson     PO Box 1990   CATEGORY: Niche Job Board   (Note: Counting Jobs, Financial  North Sydney, NSW 2059  INDUSTRY FOCUS:  Banking & Finance  Planning jobs, Fund Management  Phone: 1300 002 003  JOB TYPES: Full‐time, Part‐time, Contract   Jobs, Retail Banking Jobs, Mortgage  NUMBER OF JOBS: 10,000+  & Finance Jobs are owned by    BULK JOB UPLOAD:  Yes  NowHiring Pty Ltd, Phone: (02) 9029    JOB DURATION:  Job listed for 30 days   5029, )  CV DATABASE: 500,000+     JOB ADVERTISING COST:    GRADUATES  EfinancialCareers    89.  OFFICE: Sydney   Phone: (+612) 8216‐0785  Careers on campus   77.  Phone: 02 8216 0787  T: (02) 9936 8618  90.  MLC Centre, Level 45      19 Martin Place  Graduate Jobs   78.  Sydney NSW 2000  171 Clarence Street, NSW 2000   Legal Jobs Centre  Phone: 61 2 9241 6255  93.  Phone (02) 8235 8388   Phone: 612 8437 4745   TotallyFinancial   91.    phone: (02) 9300 0445     U Work  79.  Legalease  94.  P.O. Box 6511, West Footscray    PO Box 2238   Victoria 3012  Wellington Point 4160  Phone:  Phone: (07) 3822 2267  LEGAL    Totallylegal   92.  Unigrad   80.  Phone: 02 9300 0445     Level 5, 30 Clarence Street,     Sydney NSW 2000      1300 134 121         18
  • 19. AGRICULTURE Ag biz careers  104.  Sports People  114.  Jobs for Doctors  95.  Phone: 1300 360 533  80 Darling Street   Phone: 02 8208 6177  Balmain East NSW 2041  Phone: (02) 9555 5000  96.  Ag careers  115.  Jobs for Nurses  Level 1, 119 Bridport Street    Phone: +61 3 9017 4497  Albert Parks VIC 3206  105.  Healthy People   1300 738 322  420 Victoria street  Brunswick, VIC 3056    Phone:03 9038 8616  116.  Just Health Jobs  97.  Wine Industry Jobs   GPO Box 578  Exclusive job board for the wine   Canberra, ACT 2601  industry   Phone: +61 2 6162 0780  PO Box 2330   HEALTHCARE  Kent Town SA 5071  106.  Phone: 0403 220 886     Suite 1, 33 Hollywell Road  117.  NCAH   Biggera Waters, QLD, 4216    PO Box 663 Black Rock   98.  FB Connected   Victoria 3193  Job board dedicated to food and   Phone: (03) 92718700   beverages   107.  Dentist Job Search   Phone: 0434 437 505   Level 1, 100 Fyans St, South  Geelong  VIC 3220 Australia  118.  Nursing jobs  +61 3 5229 4355 / +61 3 5229 8504    PO BOX 828   CHILDCARE  Newcastle, NSW 2300    Phone: +61 02 4962 2588  99.  Childcare Jobs  108.  Dental Select  Level 2, 2 Bligh Street     Sydney  NSW 2000   119.  Work in Health    Medical, nursing and allied jobs   109.  Health Work  PO BOX 828,Newcastle, NSW,    Phone: (08) 8943 1555  Australia, 2300.    100.  Find a Babysitter  Phone:  02 4962 2588  Suite 4.15 343 Little Collins St   Victoria 3000       Phone: 1 300 789 073  110.  566 St Kilda Road, St Kilda  ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN  Victoria 3182, Australia      phone: 1300 66 80 03   120.  Architecture Jobs  PO Box 1990   SPORTS & FITNESS  North Sydney NSW 2059  101.  Coaching Jobs  Phone: 1300 002 003  PO BOX 288  111.  Healthjobsearch   BRIGHTON VIC 3186  Phone: (03) 9531 6420  121.  ArchiStaff  112.   Jobs 4 Careers  Phone: (02) 9240 6688    All types of pharmacy jobs   102.  Sport Jobs  PO Box 80 Kew, VIC 3101  PO Box 288  Phone: (03) 9853 7452  Brighton VIC 3186   122.  Archi Jobs  Phone: +61 3 9531 6420  113.  Jobs for Allied Health  Phone: 02 8208 6177  Phone: 61 3 9017 4497    103.  Fit Australia    Phone: 1800 886 224    19
  • 20. Jobsinplanning  Grapevine Jobs  EXPAT  123.  145.  PO Box 7168  entertainment and media   Gardenvale, Victoria 3186  Expat Jobs   Phone: 0416 566 866  132.  Phone: 1300 881 390  PO Box 1688  Subiaco WA 6008  Phone: (08) 9388 7696    NEW MEDIA   ENGINEERING & MINING  Digital media Jobs (Beta)   146.  Engineering jobs Australia  Expat IT Jobs   Jobs for digital media sector   124.  133.  PO Box 1688  Subiaco  WA  6008     Digital Ministry   Phone: 08 9388 7696  147.  Expat Teaching Jobs  134.  Phone: 02 9690 9110      Expat Finance Jobs  135.  Engineering Jobs  Pro blogger  125.  148.   PO Box 1990   Job board for the blogging  North Sydney NSW 2059  community (global reach)   Expat Medical Jobs  136.  Phone: 1300 002 003    Social Media Jobs  149.  Expat Mining Jobs  137.  Engineering Jobs   126.  Job board for social media industry   03‐8534‐5012    Expat Teaching Jobs  138.  MARKETING & COMS Engineering services Online   127.  Expat Engineer  139.  3 Bruce St  Kensington   Advertising Jobs   150.  VIC 3031, Australia  PO Box 1357,   phone: +61 (0)3 9372 3316  North Fitzroy VIC 3068,   Jobs DB  140.  Australia   PHONE: 1300 002 003  Info Mine  128.  AsiaXpat  141.   My Marketing Jobs  151.    123 Erskine Street,     Mining Jobs  Middle Park VIC 3206  129.  ART & ENTERTAINMENT  PO Box 1990   Phone: (02) 9029 5029  Arts Hub Australia  North Sydney NSW 2059  142.  PO Box 340  Phone: 1300 002 003  South Melbourne VIC 3205   Marketing Jobs   152.  Phone: (03) 9606 0632    PO Box 1357,  Mining Jobs  130.  North Fitzroy VIC 3068,   PO Box 1688  PHONE: 1300 002 003    Subiaco  WA  6008   Screen Hub  Phone: 08 9388 7696  143.  117 Sturt Street   SOUTH MELBOURNE VIC 3205    COM Jobs   153.  (03) 9690 6893   Jobs for communication   Mining Plazza  131.  professionals  Email Media, PO Box 212   ALDGATE SA 5154  Backstage Jobs     144.  Phone: 0432‐452‐636   entertainment industry        20
  • 21. Sales Jobs   Phone: 1800 006 946  HOSPITALITY  154.  PO Box 1357,  North Fitzroy VIC 3068,   Vocation H    165.  1300 002 003  PO Box 12191, A'Beckett St  Job Directory  174.  Melbourne Vic 8006  PO Box 816, Bendigo     Phone: 03 9562 4040  Vic 3552  Phone: (03) 5441 9800  ads@job‐  Fashion first  155.    www.job‐  Job board for the fashion industry   Chef Jobs     166.  PO Box 3422  Australia Fair  HAC Jobs   175.   QLD 4215 Australia  Health, community & Social service     Phone: 07 5571 2500   PO Box 212 ALDGATE SA 5154  FASHION  &  RETAIL   Phone: 0432‐452‐636   Ragtrade Jobs   156.  TAW  167.  Job board for the fashion industry   Jobs for travelers and backpackers   Level 3, Fortune House, 88‐90  Level 7, Dymocks Building  NFP Jobs  Foveaux Street,   176.  428 George St.  NSW  community and not‐for‐profit   Surry Hills, NSW 2010  Phone: (02) 9221 4810  1/205 Moggill Road   Phone: (02) 9211 8212  Taringa  QLD 4068  Phone: (07) 3168 0090       Pout and Polish jobs   157.    Rat Race Recruit Online Pty Ltd    Level 3, Fortune House, 88‐90  177.  Jobseeker   GOVERNMENT & PUBLIC SECTOR Foveaux Street, Surry Hills, 2010   Health, Social service & community  168.  APS Jobs  Phone: (02) 9211 8212  sector   Jobs in the Australian Public Service   Phone: (03) 9418 7400   Phone: (02) 6202 3559   Jobs in Retail  158.  Powered by Westfield & Mycareer  Christian Jobs  178.  Council Jobs    169.  Level 3, 313 Burwood Road   Retailjobs  PO Box 106   159.  Hawthorn Vic 3122   Wangi WangiNSW 2267  Phone: 1300 369 290    Phone: 02 4975 1700    BLUE COLLARED & TRADES    Blue Collar  160.  Government Career Guide     170.  HR & RECRUITMENT  1/205 Moggill Road    Level 2, 47‐49 Waymouth Street   Taringa QLD 4068  GPO Box 2146 Adelaide, SA 5000   HR Careers  179.  Phone: (07) 3168 0090  Phone: 0 8 8410 3455   Level 10, 601 Bourke St   Melbourne, Victoria, 3000  Phone: 61 3 9918 9200  Construction  Jobs   161.  Defence Careers  171.    Level 9, 3 Spring Street  Jobs in HR  180.    Sydney NSW 2000  PO Box 7168  Service Central   162.  Phone: 1300 767 489  Gardenvale Vic 3185  Phone: 1300 881 390    LG Jobs  172.  Property Roles  163.  Local government jobs  Phone: (03) 8534 5012  Recruit Me Now  181.   P.O. Box 6269 Chapel St  Hitaus  164.  South Yarra Nth Vic 3141  Phone: 1‐800‐886‐224    Phone: 1300 729  LG Net  173.   PO Box 2001  au    Ellenbrook WA 6069    21
  • 22. Recruitment Jobs  FreelanceSwitch   North Sydney  NSW 2059  182.  193.  PO Box 1357,   Global freelancer site  Phone: 1300 002 003  North Fitzroy VIC 3068,  PHONE: 1300 002 003      REFERRALS & NETWORKING     Just Secretarial Jobs  203.  2vouch  194.  Suite 405, 493 St Kilda Rd   SCIENCE & ENVIRONMENT Melbourne VIC 3004 Call Centre Jobs  204.  +61 419 932 392   Science Alert   PO Box 1990   183.  North Sydney  NSW 2059  Phone: 1300 002 003   Hoojano  New scientist jobs   195.  184.  Suite 1, Level 2   17 Raglan Street   Customer Service Jobs  205.  South Melbourne VIC 3052    PO Box 1990  NRM Jobs   185.  North Sydney  Email Media PO Box 212  NSW 2059    ALDGATE SA 5154  Phone: 1300 002 003  Staff Searcher   Phone: 0432 452 636   196.   By MYOB and Hoojano      Web Directions  197.  Environmental Jobs  186.  REGIONAL Web Directions Conference Pty Ltd  Level 2, 332 Albert Street East  Unit 2 148 Victoria St  Melbourne VIC 3000  All Victoria jobs  206.  Potts Point  NSW 2011  Phone: 03 9249 1802    Phone: +61 2 9281 9215.  Byron Bay Jobs  207.    Job Jett  198.  187.  Water jobs  03‐8534‐5005   Capital Jobs   208.   PO Box 108 Narrabundah,   PART‐TIME  ACT 2604  Your Part time Workforce  199.  188.  Envirojobs  PO Box 219 Wembley  03‐8534‐5005    WA 6913   Geelong Jobs   209.  Phone: 0419 600 613   Cnr Princes Hwy & Army Rd,    Pakenham VIC 3810  189.  Plan Jobs   1300 858 178  03‐8534‐5005  Day Work  200.  PO Box 2275, Wattletree LPO    East Malvern 3145  Gippsland Jobs    210.  Phone: 03 9509 9952  190.  Research Jobs   PO Box 495  03‐8534‐5005  Morwell  VIC 3840   Phone: (+61 3) 5135 6980   Part Time Online  201.  FREELANCING      Phone: 02 9369 1133  Sunshinecoast jobs     211.  191.  Ozlance     CALL CENTRE & ADMIN  192.  Web freelancers    Tasmanian Jobs  212.  Admin Jobs  PO Box 238  202.  PO Box 1990   Sandy Bay, Tasmania 7006    22
  • 23. Phone: 0400 190 964   nt3 is a free to access,   Ozjobfindit  228.  fully searchable, Digital CV / Profile  Database of thousands of Job Seekers,  TheWestCareers  213.  covering all industries across Australia &  PO Box D162 GPO     New Zealand.   Perth WA 6840  People Online  229.  Phone: 9482 3111  Free jobsite based in SA   Recruiters & HR Teams can register   6 Waterloo St  their business account for free, Search   Glenelg S.A. 5045  & Browse all the registered and active    Phone: 08 8271 4473  candidates on nt3 for free & message  We R Jobs  214.  potential candidates for free to check  Jobs in Canberra  their availability before adding them to  P.O. Box 274   CV DATABASE  their shortlist and paying $150.00 + GST  Deakin West, ACT, 2600  to release the contact details of up to 5  Phone: 02 6260 5515    candidates.  Contractor Zoo  230.      PO Box 4762  Recruiters & HR Teams can set up Job  West Jobs  215.  Knox City Centre VIC 3152    Seekers Alerts, Print all Resume Profiles  Job site aggregating jobs in WA    in a Professionally laid out client friendly   format & add unlimited users to their      business account to give the whole  Work in Cairns  216.  Linkme  231.  Recruitment team access to nt3 to share  Level 28, 303 Collins Street  Level 1, 207 Ben Boyd Road  notes, keep track of potential  Melbourne VIC 3000  Neutral Bay NSW 2089  candidates & share resumes.   Phone: (03) 9678 9046  Phone: 1800 LINKME   ESTABLISHED:  2007    CEO / MD : Andrew Turnbull   Listmyresume   232.  CATEGORY: CV Database  CLASSIFIEDS/FREE JOB BOARDS   INDUSTRY FOCUS:  All industry     JOB TYPES: Full‐time, Part‐time,  Now Hiring   All Australia Jobs  233.  217.  Contract & Casual jobs.  123 Erskine Street    NUMBER OF JOBS: 500+  Middle Park, VIC 3206    BULK JOB UPLOAD:  Yes  Adoos  (02) 9029 5029  218.  JOB DURATION:  Job listed for 30 days  CV DATABASE: 4617      JOB ADVERTISING COST:  FREE   NT3  Classifind  234.  219.  OFFICE/CONTACT:  PO Box 7387  PO Box 7387 Redland Bay, QLD 4165    Redland Bay QLD 4165  Phone: 07 3829 3933  Phone: 1300 303 334  Cracker  220.  WEBSITE URL:     Exchange Classifieds       221.  Staff   235.    22 New Dookie Road,   Shepparton Victoria,  3630  Google Base  222.    Gumtree   223.  The ReGeneration  236.   Oz Free Online  224.       Wazza  237.  Simple Trade  225.  Level 5, Toowong Tower,   9 Sherwood Rd,    Toowong, Qld, 4066.  Jobsite  226.     Ozjobsly  227.  23
  • 24. RECRUITMENT SOFTWARE Types of recruitment software Recruitment software At the core of recruitment software Technology to assist in recruiting is the goal of helping organisations and managing staff is abundant. A recruit and manage staff more measure of their variety and efficiently. How this is achieved is a increasing importance is the variety function of a vendor’s technology, of different monikers for similar expertise, and target market. pieces of software – Applicant Broadly, the landscape can be tracking system, applicant tracking classified into three main groups: software, e-recruitment system, online recruitment software, Talent Management Software candidate management systems, (TMS) address the entire end-to- recruitment software, candidate end lifecycle of talent within database and Talent management organisations. Often enterprise- software/systems. wide solutions, TMS are largely targeted at the corporate market. Needless to say, the recruitment technology market in Australia is Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) crowded, with a mixture of around automates the recruitment process 40 local and overseas players and tracks and manages resumes. competing for a piece of the ATS are offered either as a client- revenue pie. Overseas players server or SAAS solution. The bulk swell the numbers by offering their of vendors fall under this category. solutions as a web based SAAS (Software as a service). It is likely Job posting software (JPS) enables that close to 100 vendors have a the distribution of job opportunities stake in the Australian to hundreds of different outlets (see marketplace. page 28). 24
  • 25. “ recruitment technology market in the Australia is crowded, with a mixture of around 40 local and overseas players competing for a piece of the revenue pie ” Part of the reason so many vendors These classifications are not set in crowd the market is because the way stone. It is quite common for vendors recruitment is executed is seldom to move up the food chain . Indeed, identical. It differs widely across many vendors lay claim to covering industries, regions, company culture different categories, while some and size. The need for companies to providers target only a particular manage their human capital function or an industry. Still, some effectively forms the bedrock for the vendors have solutions for both the explosion of vendors, and will corporate market and the recruitment continue to fuel the growth of the industry. ATS industry. One way of looking at the landscape is by target market. Currently there is Choosing an ATS What’s right for an organisation will a clear demarcation of vendors be based on a number of internal around users - large enterprises with factors - company size, recruitment thousands of staff, small and medium volume, type and process and size companies and recruitment industry sector. Other factors like firms, both large and small. From pricing, vendor profile, brand, client complex enterprise-wide solutions base, functionality, technical support catering to large multinationals to and company infrastructure will have simple systems for a company of less an influence on a company’s choice than five staff, there is a technology solution for company of every size between one vendor and another. and industry. With the onset of open How well a company utilise an ATS source products, free recruitment will have a major say in the overall software adds to the clutter. ROI for their advertising spend. 25
  • 26. NAVIGATING THE E-RECRUITMENT JUNGLE At a micro level, the needs critical challenges identified by eRecruitment, Applicant Tracking analysis must encompass in Gartner. In fact many Software, Talent Management detail the business, functional organisation who implement Software (TMS) call it what you and technical requirements. Care TMS still fail to reap the benefits want, the technology used to needs to be taken not to end up because their implementations support an organisations' talent ‘over buying’ software that does are limited in nature. acquisition process has matured not meet your needs. It is also considerably over the last five critical to evaluate the reporting There are three broad steps in years. needs carefully as nothing will the selection process of any make your TMS redundant more software, including a TMS; Many of the initial quickly than an inability to meet preparation, needs analysis and implementations of these tools the reporting needs of the finally evaluation. Preparation is have focused on the basic business. about aligning your strategies. automation of recruitment HR to the needs of the business process. Unfortunately after the If the first two steps of the and then your HR Systems automation of the recruitment selection process have been strategy, i.e. broader than just process, international consulting completed successfully then the recruitment, to HR. This way any firm Gartner found organisations evaluation step should be solution and associated data will were still faced with the following relatively straightforward. To automatically serve both HR and challenges: ensure an optimal solution, the the business. Candidate quality evaluation process will need to Candidate sourcing balance factors such as The strategy and architecture Unresponsive hiring managers implementation timeframe, cost should answer questions such as Acceptance rates of top of implementation, and how the leveraging existing software candidates solution meets the organisation’s investments, such as enterprise business needs. resource planning tools or best of Automation of just the job breed solutions, will data application process does very collection be centralised or little to help resolve these core Michael Specht is founder of Inspecht a consulting firm that specializes in the decentralised and finally what issues. While the automation implementation of HR/Payroll software, types of technology can the addresses the efficiency of online recruitment, social media and Web organisation support. administrative processes it does 2.0 tools within the enterprise. He can be not address the impact or reached on The next step in the process is to effectiveness of the overall HR clearly define what the strategy. organisation requires from the TMS. At a macro level this The selection of your TMS should be fairly straightforward provider is a critical step in your as the needs will align directly to overall HR Systems strategy. the HR Systems strategy and The processes enabled by TMS architecture. tools touch all aspects of your HR strategy typically being workforce planning, recruiting, onboarding, performance, There are three broad steps in the competency, learning selection of a Talent Management management, succession & career planning, compensation Software - preparation, need analysis management and reporting. This and evaluation. list covers a large percentage of the work undertaken by HR. Choosing the software that supports only the acquisition of candidates, or just tracking these candidates does not allow an organisation to address the 26
  • 27. JOB POSTING SOFTWARE themselves to be an essential of JPS has become an Positioning themselves as a part of any recruitment process. essential strategy for job board gateway for advertisers to operators. hundreds of job boards, Job Tips for getting the best out of posting software or solution specialised job posting software Most recruitment and applicant (JPS) providers have made providers. tracking software are equipped great strides in Australia, in the 1. Make sure that the job with some form of job posting process cementing their boards you want to use are functionality. Unlike position as a critical pathway to already in the JPS network. conventional recruitment talent acquisition. If not, ask about their software, JPS concentrate strategy and how easily new solely on job posting, Essentially, JPS automates the job boards can be distribution and management. job posting function, distributes integrated. Their main value lies in jobs to a wide range of maximising employers’ and channels and allows for the 2. Pricing is important. Factor recruiters’ investment in job easy management of jobs and the time it takes to set up the boards. It is now common for applicants. JPS eliminates the system, ease of use and many companies to invest in administrative burden of writing quality of support offered JPS on top of their mainstream ads multiple times (they are into the overall price. recruitment technology. also called multi-posting software) for multiple job 3. Times are uncertain and the With the steady growth in the boards, at the same time online recruitment space is number of job boards and the providing reports and metrics to evolving rapidly. Choose a increasing complexity of online track and measure partner with a culture of recruitment, managing the performance. Used effectively, innovation and flexibility. posting and distribution of jobs JPS can reduce waste, saves Stay away from burdensome has morphed into a specialised time and improve productivity. contracts. function. The biggest advantage of 4. If you cannot measure your By aggressively courting new specialised JPS is their advertising spend, you can’t job boards, widening their partnership with a large network manage it. Look for robust market reach (for example of job boards. In fact, the more report generating system embracing social media) and job boards exist the more and easy to understand constantly investing in new important the service provided metrics. tools, JPS strongly positioned by JPS becomes. In a similar way, alliance with or integration Job Posting Solutions Providers  JobAdder Job dispatch PostJobsOnce (Adlogic) 16, 177-199 Pacific Highway Level 1, 263 Clarence St Level 1, 50 Clarence Street North Sydney NSW 2060 Sydney, NSW, 2000 Sydney NSW 2000 Phone: +612 9955 1555 Phone (02) 9268 8600 Phone: +61 (0)2 9262 1745 27
  • 28. RECRUITMENT SOFTWARE DIRECTORY Axiom PO Box 3713   ResourceWare   South Brisbane QLD BC 4101 for Recruitment and Case  Since its establishment in 1994,  Phone: 1300 308 341 Management  ResourceWare International Ltd INDUSTRY FOCUS:  Commercial  has assisted leading companies recruitment & HR, welfare  to gain and retain competitive  organisations and corporations  advantage through its ResMan  across all industries  Bid Red Sky Application Suite. With  REACH: Australia, New Zealand,  471 Murray Street modular, end‐to‐end software  Perth, Western Australia 6000 Singapore, Hong Kong, China,  that is extremely configurable,  Phone: 1300 733 056 Japan, United Kingdom, Europe   ResourceWare empowers its  fax: +61 8 6430 3201 customers with business tools  OFFICE/CONTACT: to define, organise and track ResourceWare International Ltd   any business process or event.   Level 1     16 Ihakara Street  Bond Adapt The firm maintains its  PO Box 129  Suite 2, 8-10 Victoria Street development and sales base in  Paraparaumu 5254  Wollongong, NSW 2500 New Zealand, with consultants  New Zealand  Phone: 61 2 4226 1600 based in Australia, New Zealand  Email :  fax: 61 2 4226 2499 and the UK.  Remote support is also provided to  Phone: +64 4 902 5655 or   ResourceWare’s customers  0800 12 5655   worldwide.   Capital Software Website:   60-70 Elizabeth Street  ESTABLISHED:  1994   Sydney NSW 2000 CEO / MD : Mike McDermott  Phone: 0422 446 566 CATEGORY: Workflow Software Dillistone Systems Capital Software HRSmart Level 14 309 Kent Street Capital Software Limited Level 1, 263 Clarence St. Sydney NSW 2000 Po Box 35 107 Sydney NSW 2000 Phone: +61 (0) 2 8221 8860 The Palms Christchurch Phone: +61 2 9268 8606 fax: +61 (0) 2 8212 5818 Phone: +61 413 13 25 12 fax: +61 2 9268 8601 i4-talent e-HRM Chameleon-i (UK) Suite 602, 221 Queen Street Suite 188, 199 Toorak Road Melbourne VIC 3000 South Yarra, Victoria 3141 Phone: 61 (0) 3 9642 2241 Phone: 1800 449 500 fax: 61 (0) 3 9642 2243 CVMail Level 10, 565 Bourke Street Melbourne, VIC 3000 Kenexa FastTrack Phone: +61 3 8684 2021 Level 50, 120 Collins Street Suite 501, Level 5 Melbourne VIC 3000 5 Elizabeth Street Phone: +61 3 9225 5444 Sydney, NSW 2000 fax: +61 3 9225 5446 Phone: +61 2 9221 6166 Opus Series 460 fax: +61 2 9221 6788 Level 2 13 Corporate Drive Moorabbin Vic 3202 Phone: 1300 88 04 07 Maxhire Mike Green Hirewall +778.588.6758 Po Box 11-620 Manners Street Wellington New Zealand Phone: +64 21 411 562 28
  • 29. RECRUITMENT SOFTWARE DIRECTORY Microdec StepStone Solutions Peoplestreme Pacific Highway Level 39, 2 Park Street Level 20, Tower 2 North Sydney NSW 2060 Sydney, NSW 2000 Darling Park201 Sussex Street Phone: +61(2) 99591018 Phone: +61 2 9004 7141 Sydney, NSW 2000 Fax: +61(2) 99593003 fax: +61 2 9481 7685 Phone: 02 9006 1181 sales@microdec- fax: 02 9006 1180 Taleo Recruit Live MVS Australia Suite 601, Level 6 Level 6, 51 Druitt St Level 16, 447 Kent Street 491 Kent Street Sydney NSW 2000 Sydney NSW 2000 Sydney NSW 2000 Phone: +61 2 9279 3744 Phone: +61 2 9016 7991 Phone: +612.9356.1900 fax: +61 2 9299 5528 fax: +612.9475.1099 This Planet RecruitASP Level 2, 17 Raglan Street Phone: +61 7 54501599 Level 15, 213 Miller Street South Melbourne fax +61 7 54501699 North Sydney NSW 2060 Victoria 3205 Phone: +612 9561 9000 Phone: +61 3 9694 5400 fax: +612 9561 9001 Three Hats 1240 Glenhuntly Road OneTest Carnegie 3163 Victoria Recruitment Systems GPO Box 2916 Phone: 03 9526 4004 39 Brisbane Ave Brisbane QLD 4001 Barton, ACT 2600 Phone: 1300 137 937 Phone: +61 2 6296 7777 TriSys (UK) Openhire RecruitPlus Suite 2 Level 57, MLC Centre Level 6, 122 Walker Street, 19 martin Place North Sydney NSW 2060 Australia Sydney NSW 2000 Phone: (02) 9966 1101 Phone: 61 2 9238 2243 Troy Software (UK) Fax: (02) 9966 1121 Tel: +44 (0)870 345 0630 PageUp ResourceWare Level 10 91 William St PO Box 129 Turbo Recruit Melbourne, VIC, 3000 Paraparaumu 5254 New Zealand Level 11, 61 Lavender St. Phone: +61 (0)3 8677 3777 Phone: + 64 4 902 5655 Milsons Point, NSW 2061 fax: +61 +61 (0)3 9923 6112 fax: +64 4 902 5545 Phone: +61 (02) 9955 0422 Fax: +61 (02) 9929 2049 PageUp People Smart recruiters Level 10, 91 William St U-recruit Contact person: Nikolaj Hristov Melbourne, VIC 3000 Suite 206, 25-29 Berry St Phone: (215) 863 1906 Phone: +613 8677 3777 North Sydney NSW 2060 fax: +61 3 9923 6112 Phone: +61 (0)2 8920 0360 fax: +61 (0)2 8920 0361 Staff CV MyStaff PO Box 449 Suite 145 Haberfield NSW 2045 Australian Technology Park WorkDesk Phone: +61 2 9660 0244 Eveleigh NSW 1430 Phone: 1800 777 004 fax: +61 2 9181 2626 Phone: +61 2 9209 4464 fax: (+617) 3377 3663 fax: +61 2 9319 3874 29
  • 30. I am ‘talent’ how are you keeping track of me? Since 1994, ResourceWare has been at the forefront of tracking, monitoring and engaging talent across three continents. Our ResMan™ application suite provides SMART configurable activity tracking and workflow software for commercial and inhouse recruitment & HR, case management, labourhire and 24x7 workforce management. visit our website: email us: call us: +64 4 902 5655 or 0800 12 5655 ResourceWare Software for Recruitment and Case Management
  • 31. Note: The participants in the Talent Talk series are sponsors of the Job Board Report. Their participation as sponsors does not constitute an endorsement by Destination Talent 31
  • 32. SixFigures International The key for employers is to understand the profile of the “ jobs seekers they are targeting and use the appropriate sourcing channels to connect with them ” Kelly Magowan / SIXFIGURES INTERNATIONAL are valuing the quality of different to their generalist offering; Q. SixFigures positioned itself applicants and looking for a more however, they are still competitors. as a premium destination for progressive channel to connect Our offering is geared towards the senior executives, how has with our market segment, who more discerning job seeker if you things progressed since you don’t operate in the same way as will. So our site attracts a lot of launched last year? other job seeking market Senior Professionals and We continue to be successful with segments. Executives who want a more our premium offering for Senior professional and relevant service Professionals and Executives that also provides them with looking to connect with $100K+ Q. There are evidence that more privacy. jobs. The site continues to grow, and more senior executives are with amazing members (job migrating online to look for Print media is clearly another seekers) and savvy progressive jobs, what's SixFigures competitor and some of the social advertisers. The Six Figures brand experience on this front. Do you networking sites may present is one that we are pleased is think that job boards will have more competition over time. growing in recognition as a more say in acquiring senior premium job site for quality talent talent? Yes, we are seeing our There are close to 1 million six and job opportunities. Membership grow with the most figure salary earners in Australia, amazing and experienced talent at and our focus moving forward is to very senior levels. The seniority continue to grow our membership Q. Who do you think are your and experience of our members as well as the job and service main competitors. What is your has both surprised and delighted offering to both our Advertisers strategy moving forward? Do us. and Members. We are confident you think you can capture a that we can continue to grow our larger market share from the It only makes sense that this market share, as the age of mass more established players in the market segment continues to is really coming to an end and the market? migrate online and grow era of personalization has arrived. Six Figures is the only truly particularly if you look at the Our market segment is service Premium Job Site in Australia that success of such sites overseas. and quality orientated, unlike your has a membership of six figure Also, these people are working generalist sites that work on talent. That is not to say we don’t online, consuming more online volume. We are also seeing a have competitors. A couple of the and are technically savvy so shift in the market from Advertisers largest job sites have an executive without a doubt they are going to focused on volume to those who offering, which is not really 32
  • 33. more get volume, convenience Q. How do you think the current be looking for new work and sometimes cost savings. So, market downturn will affect opportunities online. while I can buy my fruit and recruitment in general and Six vegetables at the supermarket, the Figures in particular? A site like Six Figures with a The market downturn has affected discerning shopper is more likely membership of the top 10% of next to all sectors and businesses. to buy their fruit and vegetables at Australian salary earners offers an Given the market conditions we the local grocer or market. Why amazing vehicle to learn more have revised our forecasts but we do I go to the specialty stores? about this market segment and Because they have the best what drives them. We are already are continuing to experience products in their segment and offer generating reports for our growth in our member numbers. me personalized service. advertisers around what they look We are also finding that for in job ads and what makes businesses are keen to explore The same can be said for the them want to buy, so to speak. alternatives to print and agencies generalist job sites, you go to them due to recruitment budget cuts, as for low cost, volume and Trends such as how they feel they still have hiring needs to fill. convenience. You don’t go to them about the job market is very Six Figures has found an increase for quality, expertise or service. valuable information to be able to in interest by employers looking for There will always be generalist pass onto our Advertisers. We a targeted, quality driven and cost sites; however, I think we will also have a lot of email and phone effective for sourcing talent. continue to see a growth in niche communication with our members, job sites as advertisers experience so through these relationships we Kelly Magowan is MD of SixFigures. She can be reached at the value they can deliver and job are definitely able to add more seekers increasingly become more value around acquiring senior discerning. talent. This is something your large job sites cannot offer effectively as they cannot be all Q. Employers now have a vast things to all people. array of options, including the latest buzz on social media and networking, to recruit staff. Q. There are about 160 job Where do you think job boards, boards in Australia, the vast specially niche players, stands majority of them are niche in the landscape? players. Is this number too It is definitely exciting with all the many for a small market like new talent sourcing channels on Australia. What do you think the offer for employers and each future holds for job boards? channel has a role to play. When you consider there are 10 Employers need to advertise their million working Australians, job opportunities in the same way hundreds of thousands of they do their products and businesses and thousands of services, which they are starting to recruitment agencies and search embrace. Employee Referral firms, the figure of 160 job boards Programs, Niche Job Sites, seem rather diminutive. As we Recruitment Agencies, Generalist know for the majority of job Job Sites, Social Media and Print seekers and advertisers, job sites all offer great channels in which to play a crucial role in the job and connect with job seekers. The key talent search process. for employers is to understand the profile of the jobs seekers they are The job board market is reflective targeting and use the appropriate of other market segments in sourcing channels to connect with Australia, where we have the big them. I believe that niche job sites players who offer a mass service will continue to grow and play a which meet some yet not all vital role in talent sourcing in consumers’ needs. For example, Australia, just as they have done while you can buy a bit of overseas. everything at the supermarket, you don’t necessary get quality – you 33
  • 34. 54% of Australian expats earn more than 200K* connect with global executive talent call 1300 780 177   * Diaspora: The world wide web of Australian , Lowy institute paper
  • 35. “ Job Seekers are becoming very aware of identity theft, and are choosing websites that have their security as a top priority. .…. A job seeker’s identity is protected on nt3 ” Andrew Turnbull / nt3 vacancy. Once job seekers have who they choose to release their Q. nt3 launched last year, how been shortlisted, recruiters or HR details to on nt3. has your progress been? What teams can send free messages to have you learnt? the job seekers to check they are We have also learned, especially The progress of the business so still “Active & Available” before from the progress of overseas far has been very positive in a they pay to release their contact resume database tools, that the short time given the limited information. trend is here to stay and it is only a marketing we do. We were under matter of time before recruiters & no illusions that the building of the There is a shift in strategy for the HR teams realise the value of new talent site was just the near future. We have outlined having a completely free to access beginning and 2009 will see nt3 plans to introduce a white label online talent pool at their starting to become more platform for recruiters and HR fingertips. The bottom line for us predominant in the HR & teams. Based on a licensee was building something that was recruitment space! agreement, the nt3 site will be fair and easy to use. transformed into a fully integrated The feedback from our competition applicant management system, has been good. But we have Q. Has there been a shift in which we believe is unique in the learned that recruiters especially, strategy, since you launched a market. are still not sure of just how year ago? Your current powerful the site can be for their catchphrase is ‘digital resume nt3 can be re-branded to mirror profitability, and still seem to be database’; can you explain any client branding and will be locked in and focused on the further what your current model customized to their requirements. traditional methods of posting job is? The licensee’s will be networked to The current model is a fully ads and waiting for talent to create one of the most powerful searchable, real time, free to contact them. online candidate management access Digital Profile database of tools at a very affordable rate. thousands of prospective job Job seekers are becoming very hunters, hoping to be contacted aware of identity theft, and are nt3 will also introduce multi-post direct by recruiters & employers now choosing job websites that job technology to the site, for interviews. have their security as a top including JobAdder and priority! nt3 caters specifically for Postjobsonce. We will also Recruiters & HR teams get to view theses needs and gives the job introduce a unrestricted premium all live resumes on our database seekers the ability to block any job posting option for a rate that is for free and hand-pick on a “self recruiter or employers from far below current competitors in serve” basis, only the people that viewing their profile. Job seekers the job posting space. have the relevant skills for their are the ones that are in control of 35
  • 36. Talent Talk: nt3 The downturn in the economy will only if you are sure the candidate make it easier to show recruiters & is the right fit for your vacancy. Q. nt3 basically sells a resume employers the benefits and cost database on a pay-per-use savings aligned to using nt3 as nt3 users can even send free model, has this gone down well part of their recruitment processes. messages to job seekers before with recruiters and employers? they pay to make sure the Employers are early adopters of There is no doubt, that the market candidates are in a position to nt3. Recruiters still seem hesitant; release their details. probably with the mindset that nt3 is tightening, but this is an is competing with their interest. opportunity for the astute business Refreshingly, unlike job posting This is simply not the case! nt3 minded employer, to act now and systems, users of nt3 are not was originally designed purely for change their strategy to include a restricted by industry types, they recruiters! digital resume database as part of have access to the whole their talent attraction methods. candidate pool and this includes We understand it may seem scary candidates from any industry for recruiters but in honesty we Andrew Turnbull is CEO of nt3, he can be reached at category. Job advertising on nt3 is have seen this before. When job free also, but is restricted to boards first emerged there were applicants who are registered on fears they will eliminate recruiters. the nt3 site. This never happened. It was not until recruiters started to use the Job seeker’s Identity is protected facilities the benefits were made on nt3 & being a digital system, obvious. nt3 is designed to locate they can block any employer or and identify talent quickly, without recruiter from viewing their profile. going to any expense up front to (Like their current employer) do so and securing passive job hunters for their client before the To give away candidate identity by competition gets wind of the adding “profile pictures” or seeing vacancy. who a candidate socialises with, defeats the purpose of what nt3 is The argument is that in most trying to achieve in designing a instances, employers are after a secure, identity theft proof system professional, personal service for job seekers to connect with based on a relationship and employment. nt3 is a secure intimate understanding of the facility that the most astute job workings of their business to assist seekers can see the benefit of in securing the right talent. immediately. nt3 is not a networking site, even though We build what we think is a social networks have their place compelling solution that is different with job hunting, nt3 has worked from job boards and filled a gap in hard to separate the two. the talent acquisition game. Q. What’s the way forward for Q. How does the nt3 model nt3? How will the downturn stack up against your affect nt3 in particular and the competitors’ offerings? The most glaring point is that nt3 job market in general? We have big plans for nt3 in 2009. is free to access. There are no nt3 hope to break away from the upfront costs or locking contracts major players in the job technology to search CVs. Unlike our space by providing innovative, competitors who charge 3, 6 or 12 “very” cost effective tools & monthly access fees. solutions for recruiters & employers. We have only just nt3 is a performance based begun, but have bold ideas that system! You only pay for who you will only benefit the entire industry. need, when you need them and 36
  • 37. YOUR ROAD MAP TO TALENT free to access digital resume database EMPLOYERS RECRUITERS Use nt3 as a secondary talent pool nt3 is a cost effective talent pool. No to engage hard to find candidates. investment required to access CVs. No upfront commitments, pay only Search and find candidates, contact when you find the right candidates. those who fits your requirements. digital resume database
  • 38. “ Our place in the online recruitment eco-system is different Talent Talk: Sixfigures from job boards. We complement each other and job boards are some of our most loyal customers. We’re only the starting point for the job seekers search, the destination is the job site ” Maneck Mohan / their content to protect paid job boards, agencies and Q. Maneck, can you shed some subscription fees. Recent history corporate job postings from one light on your background and has shown that subscription fees site. currently lists’s history? cannot possibly outweigh the around 250,000 live vacancies, My career started in investment dramatically higher ad revenue making it the largest resources for banking and then moved into that comes from increased traffic jobseekers in Australia. technology recruitment where I’ve on a free site. SEEK are well spent the better part of 15 years aware of this and it’s just a matter We are different from job boards in working with Fortune 100 of time before they embrace that we are not a content site. We companies. Part of the initial similar changes taking place in the don’t host any job data. We motivation to build was online recruitment landscape. display summary listings of data in the need for an in-house tool that Content is free and the internet is our results and direct the job could systematically gather and flattening. Almost every ASX listed seeker to the content sites (such analyze job data from the company now has their job listings as job boards) to view and apply hundreds job sources across posted on their corporate web site. for a job. We work much in the internet. The online recruitment landscape same way Google works, basically has changed and there is no we drive high volumes of targeted From a recruitment perspective turning back. job seeker traffic to job sites. there was immense value in being able to track and monitor job With regards to aggregators not Our place in the online recruitment postings, industry trends and job having a long term future in eco-system is different from job supply across various sectors. We Australia. Let me put it this way: boards. We complement each were also eager to launch a What is a more compelling option other and job boards are some of service that catered to the needs for a job seeker, to search a our most loyal customers. Our of job seekers in general as proprietary database of paid job opposed to corporations which corporate tag line is “Job search listings or a web wide search of starts here.” We’re only the had been our focus for so long. starting point for the job seekers job listings from hundreds of search, the destination is the job Upon launching quickly sources across the internet? By site that is posting the job and the established wide spread appeal excluding themselves from job place where the job application among job seekers largely by word aggregators SEEK is just losing takes place. of mouth. Today we do close to 1 free job seeker traffic to their million job searches and receive competitors. more than 800 new job seeker Q. There has been a lot of talk registrations per day. that aggregators don’t have a Q. Pay per click is a relatively long-term future in Australia new model as opposed to pay- because SEEK do not allow Q. Where do aggregators add per-post in the job board arena. their jobs to be aggregated. the most value? How do you What do you think are the What are your thoughts on differentiate the value you offer benefits and what has been some job boards’ reluctance to from the rest of the job board’s experience? participate in vertical? We provide pay-per-click and pay- community? I compare it to the New York is a vertical search per-application recruitment Times or other online newspapers engine or aggregator that provides solutions, wherein an advertiser that previously restricted access to jobseekers an easy way to search only pays per visitor or CV 38
  • 39. Talent Talk: Q. The global downturn is received. This is performance the market this year? What do probably going to affect a lot of based, measurable advertising you think are the promising companies and hiring is likely to which provides advertisers a technology in the job search drop, what are your views on transparent return on their space? Many of the innovations take place hiring trends for 2009? investment. The number of job vacancies “under the hood” we are constantly upgrading our search algorithms We typically work on a advertised online has already and integrating new job sources to consultative approach with our plunged by over 30% from our search engine index. We new clients who are usually more November 2008 to January 2009 firmly believe that if we can familiar with the old pay-per-post after factoring in seasonal continue to provide fast, relevant model. We set up performance adjustments. job search results while continuing monitoring; we integrate with their to widen our coverage we’re going existing applicant tracking system The job index currently to maintain our double digit growth (ATS) and then provide a contains around 224,000 live rate. completely free trial period for the vacancies down from 260,000 in client to evaluate the campaign November. During the same We’ve also made considerable performance. Advertisers assess period we’ve also seen a 15% innovations in our adnet for themselves the volume and increase in job search volume advertising platform. It’s a pay-per- quality of the applications they indicating greater candidate click keyword based system that receive. We’ve found that results availability and that the gap allows advertisers to deliver highly speak louder than words. between demand and supply will targeted ads next to our job search continue to widen as the results. The ads are shown on contraction in the labor market and also syndicated accelerates. You can plot and view Q. There are close to ten across our network of partner sites job trends directly online via our aggregators operating in the to reach passive as well as active web tool: http:// Australian market. Do you think job seekers. The advertisers can the market can accommodate target their ads by keywords, such a number? Do you think location and specific partner sites. We think the market is still fragile, consolidation in this space is It’s a highly effective platform to BHP Billiton slashed 1350 jobs in likely to happen? deliver recruitment as well as We were the first to launch in Queensland and the retail and general brand advertising. Australia and we’ve set the bar hospitality sectors are hurting. On pretty high. However, I personally the brighter side health care roles don’t give too much weight to Q. There has been a lot of talk are still in demand, specifically being the first mover in a market. on using social media to recruit radiographers and registered It’s far more important being the talent. What is’s nurses. The legal sector is also best mover Google was late to the perspective on social media; do showing resilience with a steady web search business but they you see it as a threat, an ally or demand for solicitors and quickly won market share and took an opportunity? paralegals. Basically hiring is Social media is an opportunity over the market because of the definitely down and we’re which we are embracing with great quality of their service. expecting things to remain flat for enthusiasm. We have a presence 2009. on Facebook, we integrate with The internet public does not need LinkedIn, we power job search to be loyal to any specific web The good news for hiring channels for CNET. We partner service. We tend to use the companies is the increase in with third party search engines product that serves our needs candidate availability. We expect and business networks so that our best. So yes I think there will be to be receiving over 1000 new job users can instantly research a consolidation in the Australian job seeker registrations per day by Q3 company or find contacts they search market. Companies need 2009. may have at a specific company. to focus on innovation and the We are a firm believer in greater quality of their product. Maneck Mohan is the CEO, he can be reached at integration and subscribing to Competition is good. It’s keeps us open standards across the internet all on our toes! to facilitate content syndication. Q. In terms of innovations are you bringing anything new to 39
  • 40. talent to your jobs   1 million job searches per day     800 job seekers registration daily    Drive targeted high quality job seekers to your website   Contact us for details on our cost  effective performance based   advertising solutions
  • 41. “ most advertisers can’t telladvertising is oftenhowrecruiter’s largest you scientifically their job boards are performing. Online a non salary expense so clearly they should be able to accurately understand the effectiveness of this spend. JobAdder solves this problem. ” Brett Iredale / JobAdder drawn up and started cutting code too many, or do you think Q. JobAdder is a uniquely for JobAdder a few days later. variety is something to be Australian take on the job welcomed. Where do you see posting space, can you tell us a the industry heading? Q. What is the ROI on using job bit about your history and how I think there is room for plenty posting solutions? Some JobAdder came about? more yet. We know from speaking My background is in IT consulting providers offer their solutions with recruiters and job seekers and sales. In 2001 I started an IT for free. Why must companies that there is still a need for highly recruitment agency and soon after or recruiters use JobAdder? specialised niche online The benefits and returns of using a started developing job boards as a communities. For example the job posting solution are numerous. way to attract hard to find medical recruitment sector still find The most obvious one is time and candidates. The job board it incredibly hard to find good money saved through dramatically business soon took on a life of its people online. reducing the time it takes to post own so we stopped recruiting in job ads. A typical annual saving for order to focus exclusively on job a medium recruitment agency is Q. JobAdder is a web-based boards. JobAdder came about as $50,000 - $100,000+ in labour solution for both employers and a result of frustrations and road alone. professional recruiters. Does blocks experienced as job board the way the two groups use job owners. In particular we faced 2 Other major benefits are boards, and therefore major hurdles. opportunity costs. If a consultant JobAdder, differs widely? has an extra few hours a week as BI: They do differ in terms of the (1) Recruiters would buy a pains they are solving but the way a result of faster job posting then membership and then not list their they use JobAdder is quite that is time that can be spent job ads because of the extra effort consistent. For example a making placements. As all required. This was very frustrating. corporate advertiser may be recruitment managers know, time So we realized early on that we attracted to JobAdder because spent writing job ads is time that needed to get integrated with the they can access more job boards can’t be spent conducting leading recruitment and job and have a centralised online interviews and making posting systems in order to get resume database. Recruiters with placements. content. high volumes are generally looking to save time and money and to JobAdder also has a host of (2) This proved to be very difficult management tools that allow because the system providers at access better management businesses to more effectively the time could not be bothered reporting. manage things like ad spend, job integrating new job boards. The board effectiveness, ad writing final straw was when the then MD Q. What’s your stand on the effectiveness, best times and days of Adlogic told me to come back generalist vs. niche boards for job posting for their industries when I had “a worthwhile client debate? Is there a best-practice and so on. base” and then they might method to choose which job consider integrating us. That was boards to advertise in? Does an important day in our history. Q. There are close to 250 job JobAdder help clients in making The next day we had a spec boards in Australia, is this far decisions? 41
  • 42. Talent Talk: Job Adder will play a part in this but at the Choosing job boards is very minutes jobs can be distributed end of the day it will just be a part business-specific. There are no to hundreds of job boards. What of the overall solution. hard and fast rules about it. Our do you see recruitment advice is generally to try the ones technology heading, is Q. Looking ahead, what are the you think might work and to JobAdder investing in anything main challenges or priorities for closely measure results. Nothing new? Yes we definitely invest heavily in speaks louder than tangible JobAdder? Is tackling overseas new technology – our own. The evidence. markets in the plan? biggest problem with many Overseas markets are a possibility recruitment systems is that they Yes JobAdder does assist but for now we have plenty to do in don’t keep up with technology – advertisers choose job boards but our own market. I have worked they just keep patching up old our advice is generally the same with too many software companies software. Eventually you end up as above. E.g. “here are the ones that have attempted to go with patches on patches on we recommend trying”. JobAdder overseas before owning their own patches. We like to pull everything then measures results applicant by market. We won’t be going apart and put it all back together applicant and allows them to slice overseas until we have achieved a again every 12 months so that we and dice the information various lot more of our domestic goals. can continually improve the ways so that they can effectively architecture of the system and compare apples to apples. The economic conditions are take full advantage of new exciting for us as recruiters and technology where appropriate. corporate advertisers look for Q. JobAdder handles around ways to save money and increase 180,000 jobs a month. What You are right about job board efficiency. January 09 was our does the numbers reveal. Can technology getting less expensive, biggest month since launching so you share some insights on the but as I have always maintained, we are confident we are on the behavior of job seekers or you get what you pay for. If you right track. advertisers? What are the pay a few thousand dollars for a biggest mistakes your clients piece of job board technology then Our other main challenges remain make when dealing with job expect it to be junk. the same as they have for the last boards? The biggest area for improvement 2 years. Growing a business out of with most advertisers is that most cash flow is something that needs Q. Lately, social media and still can’t tell you scientifically how careful management. We are very networking tools like LinkedIn their job boards are performing. proud of this achievement and will are the talk of town. You are a They are still making decisions on continue to grow within our means keen blogger too, what are your consultant straw polls and gut feel. for the foreseeable future. thoughts on social media in Online advertising is often a general, and has it in anyway recruiter’s largest non salary affected JobAdder operations or Brett Iredale is MD of JobAdder, he can be reached at expense so clearly they should be long-term strategy? Social media is exciting and it will able to accurately understand the be an important part of everyday effectiveness of this spend. life over the next few years. It can also be a big time waster so we JobAdder solves this problem and are careful to closely evaluate many of our clients report that this such emerging technologies, alone is more than sufficient ROI understand their potential impact to justify implementing JobAdder. and usages in online recruitment, We also spend a lot of time help and quickly move on from anything advertisers understand how to that does not add clear and write better job ads so that they present value. To date that is most get the full 30 days of value from of them. their job ad rather than having to re post it every week or 2. Our long term strategy is to continue to build recruitment Q. We have come a long way solutions that add value, that do from say ten years ago, today a what they say on the box and that job board can be built or bought people love to use. Social media off the shelf, and in a matter of 42
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