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It is the team who does all the work. Team is self-organising. Team decides and plans. So what is the role of scrum master? Is it a full time role? How is it different from a project manager? Can a project lead or manager be a scrum master? It is probably the least understood and the most abused role in scrum. Let's explore these points in details further on April 10, 3:00 PM.

3 Roles in Scrum
Role of scrum master
Challenges of a scrum master
Skills, Knowledge & mindset required
Full time or part time?
Future career path of scrum master

Uncover the true role of a scrum master which is that of a facilitator, protector, negotiator and a coach.
Understand the true meaning of coaching.
Learn how scrum master can coach the team.
Understand the skills, knowledge and mindset required as a scrum master.
Perform better as a scrum master by getting introduced to some magical techniques and fad words like gamestorming, innovation games and visual thinking to facilitate collaborative decision making.
Learn points which you can use to make people understand the vital role a scrum master plays.
Appreciate the difference between project manager and a scrum master.
Learn who can be a good scrum master.
Attend the webinar and separate yourself from the crazy herd of people blindly accepting or discarding the role of scrum master!!

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Role of scrum master

  1. 1. – By Tushar Somaiya
  2. 2. Tushar is founder, director of ShuHaRiAgile, a premium agile training / coaching partner and coachingdojo, a unique community for agile leaders, executive coaches, agile coaches and agile practitioners to share, learn & network. Tushar Somaiya is a passionate certified professional coach who helps executives & teams discover and unleash their true potential. He believes in a democratic organization & self-organizing teams. He calls himself a servant leader. Through his NueroScience based coaching & consulting, he has helped projects and organizations turn agile and become truly high performing teams. He is Results Certified Coach, Certified Transformational Coach, Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Professional, Certified System Business Analysts & one of the first 500 PMI-Agile Certified Professional. Tushar has 13 years of IT experience and over 6 years of agile experience. He is known for his fun-filled, hands-on interactivePlaceholder for trainings & speeches at prestigious conferences. His blogs have CST been re-published on ScrumAlliance, AgileAtlas & PMHut. He is an active volunteer at ScrumAlliance & PMI Mumbai Chapter. © All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. Agenda• 3 Roles in Scrum• Role of scrum master• Challenges of a scrum master• Skills, Knowledge & mindset required• Full time or part time?• Future career path of scrum master
  4. 4. 3 Roles In Scrum
  5. 5. 3 RolesProduct Owner Who decides what we do? Team Who will do it?Scrum Master Who will help us do it? © All Rights Reserved
  6. 6. Scrum Master Process champion, Change agent, Impediments remover, All Coaches, Protects & guides In true agile spirit team Responsibility? Artifacts? Activities? Qualities? Coaching as leadership style,Coaching, Mentoring, Teaching, Servant leader, Trusts, Challenging, Protecting Resolve conflicts, Expert facilitator © All Rights Reserved
  7. 7. © All Rights Reserved Activities Of PM
  8. 8. ChallengesSkills & Qualities Required To Be A Good Scrum Mater Are Not Taught Anywhere. Ex: Coaching, Facilitating, Collective Decision Making, Empowering, Servant Leadership etc…
  9. 9. Leading Without Authority Servant Leader
  10. 10. Servant LeadershipSeek to meet the needs of others © All Rights Reserved
  11. 11. Change Without Fear Inside And Outside
  12. 12. MindsetThat A Good Scrum Master Requires
  13. 13. Believing In People & Their Potential People Wake Up Every Morning Wanting To Do Good
  14. 14. Take It To Team!• What are we trying to achieve?• What are we aiming?• Why are we having this discussion?• Is this important? Useful? How much?• Have you done anything about it yet? What?• When? What was the outcome?• What do you want to do now so that <<vision>>?• What can be done so that <<vision>>?• Who can do it?• Can I help? How?• How do you know it is working? Or not working? © All Rights Reserved
  15. 15. Being Neutral Detaching Self
  16. 16. Facilitate Thinking Problem Individual / Team Coach / Scrum MasterGive me a fish and I eat for a day. Teach me how to fish and I eat for lifetime. © All Rights Reserved
  17. 17. Become Connecting SutraBreak Silos, Walk Out Of Comfort Zone, Sometimes Force Others Out Of Their Comfort Zone Too
  18. 18. Observe, Aware, Coach & Protect Sheep Dog, Being A Mirror
  19. 19. TAPS Model (Role of SM) Credits: Dr. David Rock © All Rights Reserved
  20. 20. Domain & TechnicalKnowledge Without Being Expert T shaped, Broken Comb Shaped
  21. 21. Skills & Knowledge Maybe even tools and resources
  22. 22. Facilitation Skills How To Facilitate?
  23. 23. Daily Stand Ups• Listening OVER take notes• Sign Up OVER assigning task• Get called up OVER calling team to attend• Step back OVER owning the stand up• Re-plan OVER status• Zooming out OVER zooming in• Walk the wall OVER round robin• 4 questions OVER 3 (Can someone help me in ____ ? )• Make stand ups valuable OVER ice cream meters
  24. 24. Sprint Planning• Story grooming during previous sprint OVER sprint planning – part 1• Innovation games OVER requirement analysis• Team drives OVER you driving the meeting• Fist of 5 OVER poker cards• Commitment OVER capacity• Delivering committed value OVER completing committed stories• Stretch and facilitate OVER being timid or over- protecting
  25. 25. Sprint Review• Making sure that PO/BA/Users attend OVER booking rooms and setup• Challenge PO/BA/Users OVER challenging team• Let team answer questions OVER representing / protecting them• Seek change OVER welcome change• Delight customer OVER satisfy customer• Team defines done OVER you• Pizzas OVER burgers
  26. 26. Sprint Retro• Safety check OVER assuming• Happiness meter OVER employee satisfaction• Timeline OVER blank memory• Gamestorming OVER Brainstorming• Collective visual thinking OVER individual black box thinking• Collaborative decisions OVER individual priorities• 1 doable action item OVER 10 achievable• Attack tolerated OVER just probing what is needed• Appreciative enquiry OVER feedback
  27. 27. During The Sprint• Gemba walk OVER waiting in chair• Futurespectives OVER retrospectives• Achievement wall OVER ice cream meters• Coach individual OVER team• Bug bash OVER bug count• Team updates artifacts OVERS you updating• You report OVER team reporting• Celebrate fed-ex days OVER pink day or rose day
  28. 28. Full Time Or Part Time? Do I need to clarify more?
  29. 29. You Decide• scrum-masters-job• practices-for-agile-managers-part-2.html• r-manifesto/A_ScrumMaster_Manifesto.html• checklist• scrummasters-checklist
  30. 30. Career Path Is there a future?
  31. 31. Scrum Master Is A Career Or Rather Career Maker, Career Changer It is THE future.Once you have the skills and qualities of scrum master mentioned here, believe me, even sky is NOT a limit.
  32. 32. Thank You @tusharsomaiya +91 –, © All Rights Reserved