Sports Image® Media Kit


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Sports Image® Media Kit

  1. 1. Over 50 milliOn youth participated in sports programs inOver 50 milliOn the US last year, with an even greater number of fans watching from the stands...
  2. 2. Get your BRAND in front of GRAssRoots AmeRicA through sponsorship programs Sports Image® is your ticket into schools and grassroots organizations nationwide… As schools continue to lose budgets, Sports Image® has come up with a unique business model that creates a strategic partnership between Corporate brands and Grassroots America.Who We AreSince 2002, Sports Image® has built a nationwide network of schools and grassroots organizationsby helping them to obtain state-of-the-art equipment and much needed revenue for their athleticprograms. Through its’ unique sports marketing concepts, Sports Image® has given over $700,000in cash and over $7,500,000 in equipment to schools and local grassroots organizations in theUnited States.Sports Image® has implemented programs in communities nationwide with local marketrepresentation through its corporate and FRANCHISE network across the country.our mission“To partner corporate brands with schools and grassroots organizations across the country toprovide equipment and revenue for youth programs.”“Box score”• If the 50 million youth sports participants were a country, they would be the 25th largest country in the world!• Sports marketing has one of the highest ROI’s in the industry!• Our campaigns can be local, regional, and / or national. They can focus on specific zip codes, sports, or demographics.
  3. 3. sponsorship Benefits in communities nAtionWiDe signage PROMOTE YOUR BRAND Text To Win!event-Level customer on-Premise Activation Kiosk Product Givaways halftime Public Address& coupon Distribution competitions Announcement
  4. 4. how Your Brand can BenefitSports Image® provides you with a professional entree into local communities through Schools andGrassroots Organizations on a national, regional and local level.With our Corporate and FRANCHISE presence in local communities, Sports Image® has the resourcesto deliver your advertising message!The SporTS Image® progam wIll allow your organIzaTIon To • Get your brand in front of communities daily to a captive audience to meet any demographic (male/female, adult/youth, blue collar/white collar, etc); • Gain long term exposure and loyalty for your brand with constant impressions in campaigns that can last years for very minimal costs; • Drive sales to local retail stores or online web stores; • Obtain great public relations exposure through your sponsorships – because of YOU these organizations and non-profits are getting new equipment and much needed revenue; and • Tout your sponsorship in your own “community goodwill” press releases. After all, these sponsorships can come from “charitable contributions” and/or advertising budgets.all of ThIS IS coordInaTed and admInISTraTed Through SporTS Image®.The beST parT, however, IS ThaT you Tell uS… • WHERE you want to go • WHEN you would like to activate your sponsorship • WHAT you want to accomplish and • HOW much you’d like to allocate per organization coordinated through a manageable cash flow.
  5. 5. Proof it Works The results of one of our finished campaigns…The gameplanA National Restaurant Chain was looking for a wayto promote their BRAND on a local level in communitiesin a 4-state region.The executionSports Image® developed and executed a plan to promote the National Restaurant BRAND in thebasketball arenas of 200 high schools. Through our extensive network of resources, Sports Image®provided equipment or money to the high school with the National Restaurant Chain BRAND prominentlydisplayed. Schools received a scoring table at NO COST to the school, with the National RestaurantBRAND prominently displayed on the front. Schools that already had scoring tables received anadvertising banner and a check that they could use to offset pay-to-play. Sports Image® managedthe entire process with little intervention on the part of the National Restaurant.The result1. 200 high schools in a 4-state area received a scoring table for athletic events in their gymnasium OR banner signage and a check that could be utilized by the athletic department.2. The National Restaurant Chain received high quality, full-color, signage in 200 venues for 3 YEARS and the National Restaurant Chain looked like a “hero” to local communities for providing money and equipment to the schools.3. In addition to signage in high school basketball arenas, the client also had an opportunity to further increase their ROI through the following “activation points”: • Distributing coupons/flyers and/or setting up an informational kiosk in 132 high schools during sporting events • Placing a complimentary ad in school’s sports programs at 64 high schools • Placing a photo and article in the local newspapers in 70 school districts • Being recognized as the sponsor of the scoring table or a photo event with an oversized check exchange at a dedication night during a sporting event
  6. 6. WhAT folkS Are SAying“boyle county athletics appreciates our partnership with sports image®. The collaborationbetween sports image, boyle county H.s. and businesses has provided us with a windfall. Thischeck really helps our financial outlook for the rest of the year.”— Jim Spears, Athletic Director.“i am grateful that you contacted me regarding the sponsorship opportunity. our signage isgoing to look great in lafayette High school’s new stadium!”– Barb Bauman, Bauman Physical Therapy sports image® would like to extend an invitation to your organization to participate in the sports image® sponsorship program. Contact us to start customizing your plan today. follow our social media 9059 springboro pike • miamisburg, oH 45342 937.704.9670