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We had an amazing wine tasting with some really unusual wines from unusual places like Georgiaand Moldova,

We had an amazing wine tasting with some really unusual wines from unusual places like Georgiaand Moldova,

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  • 1. Welcome to the BRX Chorley & Turton Wines Wine Tasting
  • 2. Pretentious? …. Moi? Good wine ruins the purse; bad wine ruins the stomach. Spanish Saying
  • 3. No we just love really good wines! Good wine ruins the purse; bad wine ruins the stomach. Spanish Saying
  • 4. So What Do We Do That’s Different? We supply Artisan Wines. This means wines produced by single vineyards with low yield vines which means producing grapes with more taste, more flavour. Good wine ruins the purse; bad wine ruins the stomach. Spanish Saying
  • 5. Turton Wines Basic Guide to Wine Tasting.
    • Pour the wine.
    • Look at the wine
    • Swirl the wine
    • Sniff the wine
    • Sip the wine
    • Swallow the wine
    • Make some notes
    • Have a glass of water
    You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on. Dean Martin
  • 6. Now the science bit……. Why do we pay such attention to the aroma of a wine? The answer to this is what do an apple, a potato and an onion have in common. In victory, you deserve champagne, in defeat, you need it. Napoleon
  • 7. Now the science bit……. Without a sense of smell they all taste exactly the same. There are more old wine drinkers than old doctors. German Proverb
  • 8. Now the science bit……. Feel free to try this at home. The best use of bad wine is to drive away poor relations. French proverb
  • 9. Now the science bit……. A wine’s aroma is extremely important to its overall taste. Believe it or not, your taste buds are only capable of detecting four distinct tastes. These four taste characteristics combine with the aromatic properties of the wine to result in an overall flavour. The nose can detect literally thousands of aromas which give us a multitude of flavours. Even after the wine is in your mouth, aromatic vapours can be perceived in the retronasal passage in the back of the mouth. Wine improves with age. The older I get, the better I like it. Anonymous
  • 10. Now the science bit…….
    • So to get a proper taste of wine we need to …..
    • Swirl the wine to release aromas and then take a big sniff.
    • Take a sip of the wine and hold it in your mouth.
    • While sipping, draw in air across the wine to help the vapours
    • reach the back of the mouth and into the nose.
    • Be careful not to inhale wine into your lungs (embarrassing).
    • Let the wine roll all over your tongue especially the sides
    • in order to get the full use of your taste buds.
    • Swallow !
    • Go back to stage 1) and repeat till wine is finished.
    I envy people who drink -- at least they know what to blame everything on. Oscar Levant
  • 11. Evaluating Wines Sweetness – most wines are dry. Sweet wines are made through different production techniques. Acidity – is what makes lemons taste sour. It causes the mouth to water and makes wines taste vibrant & refreshing. Tannin – this is what makes tea taste bitter and astringent. More tannins are found in warmer climates than cooler ones and is why full bodied red wines make you thirsty. Body – this is the weight of the wine in the mouth. Flavour – are the flavours intense and well balanced. Length – how long do the flavours of the wine last after swallowing. A long complex finish is a sign of quality. Conclusion – did you like the wine? Generally does the balance of the above make a good wine. I envy people who drink -- at least they know what to blame everything on. Oscar Levant
  • 12. White Wines Chardonnay – (oaked moderate climate) appearance: clear gold nose: citrus notes and hints of melon . palate: white stone fruit (peach) tropical flavours of banana and pineapple Low acidity. Oaking adds vanilla and toast flavours. Gewurtztraminer – appearance: pale lemon nose: intensely perfumed, palate: full bodied, high in alcohol. Tropical and stone fruit flavours with sweet spices, ginger and cinnamon. Muscadet – appearance: clear lemon nose: floral notes of apricot and pears palate: dry and acidic. and a light green apple flavour. Slight sparkle. Pinot Grigio – appearance: clear pale gold nose: palate: dry, light bodied with high acidity. Citrus and green fruit flavours (green apple, lemon) Rkatsateli – appearance: honey nose: light green apple notes palate: light lemon and honey scents, taste of crunchy apple. Full bodied. Sauvignon Blanc - appearance: clear lemon nose: strong aromas of green fruit and vegetation palate: apple, pear, gooseberry, green bell pepper. High in acidity. Medium bodied. One barrel of wine can work more miracles than a church full of saints. Italian Proverb
  • 13. Red Wines Cabernet Sauvignon – appearance: deep purple nose: Strong aromas of black fruits palate: high in tannins, high acidity. and flavours of black fruits (blackcurrant, black cherry). Usually oaked adding smoke, vanilla and coffee tones. Gamay – appearance: medium garnet nose: Red fruit aromas palate: low tannins with medium bodied and acidity. Red fruits (raspberry and cherry) with spicy hints of cinnamon and pepper. Merlot – appearance: deep ruby nose: black fruits and mild spice palate: medium tannins and acidity. Black fruit character (blackberry, black plum, blackcherry). Usually oaked adding spicy notes of vanilla and coffee) Pinot Noir – appearance tawny nose: light red fruit aromas palate: low tannin, red fruit flavours (strawberry, raspberry and cherry) with vegetal and animal nuances (mushroom, gamey meaty aromas) Saperavi – appearance: medium purple nose: black fruit and spice. palate: full bodied medium in tannins and acidity with black fruit aromas. Taste of dark ripe berries, plum, spice and minerality. Shiraz/Syrah – appearance: deep purple nose: black fruits and spice. palate: medium to high tannins and acidity. Full bodied with blackberry and dark chocolate character. Sweet spice liquorice and cloves. Usually oaked (toast and vanilla). I saw a notice that said "Drink Canada Dry" and I've just started. Brendan Behan