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How to leverage brand advocates in your social media program.

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  • 77% of customers are more likely to buy a product when they hear about it from someone they trust
  • 77% of Internet users read blogs87% of women use blogs to make purchasing decisions
  • An everyday employee is 2x more trusted than a Chief Executive92% of employees’ audience is completely new to the brand
  • 81% of people say that posts by their friends on social media influence their purchases
  • Vermont Small Business Summit Social Media Presentation

    1. 1.  Brand Advocates How To Amplify Your Marketing With Social Media
    2. 2. Introductions Alexandra Tursi (@tursita)  Social Media Strategist, Fletcher Allen Health Care Sarah DeGray (@revindoorcyclin)  Owner, REV Indoor Cycling
    3. 3. Tweet to win!  Tweet one of your takeaways for a chance to win REV Indoor Cycling swag!  Tweet your takeaway with the hashtag #SmallBizSummitVT  Facebook:  Twitter:
    4. 4. WhatWe’ll CoverToday  Introduction to brand advocacy  How to identify brand advocates  How to work with brand advocates  How to measure success  Examples from Fletcher Allen Health Care and REV Indoor Cycling  Q&A
    5. 5. DifferentWords, Same Meaning
    6. 6. Who are brand advocates? People who love your brand…and create and share content with their social media following 92% Trust recommendations from people they know over all other forms of advertisement
    7. 7. Why do consumers share content?  Remember, it’s human nature amplified by living in the “Information Age”  We share more, from more sources, with more people, more often, more quickly  To bring valuable & entertaining content to others  To define ourselves to others  To grow & nourish our relationships  To get the word out about causes or brands  Self-fulfillment  Types: Altruists, Careerists, Connectors, Hipsters, Selectives
    8. 8. What 1,000 brand advocates can do
    9. 9. Your brand in their social feeds
    10. 10. Example: REV Indoor Cycling
    11. 11. Why work with brand advocates?  Advocate content is less expensive  Brands spend 25% of overall budget on professional content creation  Advocate content performs better  10x more engagement than branded paid content  Advocate content is a solution to your pain point: the need for more content!
    12. 12. How to identify brand advocates  Customers  Bloggers  Employees  Social influencers
    13. 13. Examples of brand advocates
    14. 14. How to work with brand advocates  Appeal to their motivation to connect with each other – not just with your brand  Trust is the cost of entry for getting shared  Keep it simple…and it will get shared…and it won’t get muddled  Appeal to their sense of humor  Embrace a sense of urgency
    15. 15. Customers  Where to find them  CRM and email databases  Social networks  Existing loyalty program  Invite advocates in store  How to engage with them  Keep it fun and engaging  Keep it always on  Provide a variety of content  Don’t be prescriptive  Say “Thanks!” & recognize customers with shout-outs, samples and brand goodies  Surprise & delight customers
    16. 16. Example: REV Indoor Cycling  Knowing our audience  Our brand content: Keep it fun with pop culture references  Make it exclusive: Facebook-only offers  Making the social media experience interactive  Playlist recommendations  Encourage clients to share their experience online right after class  Tagging people  Timing is everything  Posting right after class  React quickly to social conversations
    17. 17. Pop culture, hyperlocal happenings
    18. 18. Facebook-only offers & information
    19. 19. Making it interactive & engaging  Taking song requests from our customers…a nd using the suggestions!
    20. 20. Timing: Posting before & after class
    21. 21. Thank yous  Social media  Emails  In-person
    22. 22. Assessing what works…& what doesn’t
    23. 23. Assessing what works…& what doesn’t
    24. 24. Bloggers  Where to find them  Start with research:  How large is their social reach?  How engaged is their audience?  Are the audience interests aligned with your brand focus?  How to engage with them  Create a polished invitation  Make is personal, offer something of value  Allow for creative freedom  Maintain the relationship
    25. 25. Example: REV Indoor Cycling Seven Days story instead of a print ad!
    26. 26. Employees  Where to find them  Employee databases  Internal social networks & intranets  New hire on-boarding  Offline: In-office and at events  How to engage them  Start with your most passionate employees  Establish and communicate social media policies  Provide light-weight social media training  Make it easy!  Relevant industry articles  Company news, events, initiatives  Give shout outs
    27. 27. Example: REV Indoor Cycling  Shining a light on our employees  Tagging  Geolocating
    28. 28. Social Influencers  Where to find them  Look beyond celebrities  Focus on niches  Search social networks for relevant conversations  How to engage them  Activate existing fans and followers  Start small and build into a larger program  Incentivize with content (exclusives, first access, events)  Avoid one-offs: maintain a pattern of engagement  Don’t forget to measure!
    29. 29. Example: REV Indoor Cycling Student Ambassador Program  Step #1: You must REV at least 5 times - at least 2 of those classes needs to be with me.  Step #2: Meet with me in person to discuss REV's community mission and fitness goals. It's a chance for me to learn more about you and for you to learn more about REV.  Step #3: Receive free promotional materials - you will receive some business cards and items to distribute at your school or with friends. You will receive a free REV tee shirt and sick hat that you can wear as well.  Step #4: Recruit your friends and classmates - share your experiences with them and bring them to REV.  Step #5: You earn free rides when others purchase ride packages!
    30. 30. Bringing it all together  Don’t start and stop  Keep it easy  Provide a variety of content to create & share  Don’t be too prescriptive  Thank advocates and recognize them!  Surprise and delight  Repurpose advocate content on your brand channels
    31. 31. One final point: handling negativity  Turn social complaints into a stronger reputation  Be proactive!  Thank complainer  Explain why you appreciate feedback  Apologize for the mistake  Take responsibility and do the right thing  Ask for necessary information  Take swift action  Prevent future mistakes  Have a social media comment policy  Know when to say “No”
    32. 32.  Q&A