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Cs Elective Cs Elective Presentation Transcript

    Portfolio Summary Presentation
    Tristan dela Paz
  • What have I learned so far on this subject??
  • First homework
    The Social Web :
  • There are some things we need to identify.
    First we need to identify the changes since the year 2006.
    We are recommended to use the website mind32, it’s a collaborative site.
    I haven’t made this homework but I have some screenshots of mind32 on the next slide.
  • This is the mind32 site that we need to use.
  • On this 2nd homework.
    We need to make our own wikipedia
    This wikipedia we made shows what our expertise are.
  • the 2nd homework given to us.
  • This is the wikipedia I made.
  • 3rd homework given.
  • We are assigned to participate in a collaboration with other classmates.
  • 4th & 5th assignment :
    Is to make a facebook account.
    After that make your own application via developer application used in facebook
    Then, promote your application.
    We are given a steps/tutorial on how to make our own facebook apps.
  • This is the facebook website screenshot that we are assigned to make an account.
  • This is the site we used for tutorials
  • This is the game application I made on facebook.
  • 6th given homework on social web
    On this 6th homework we are instructed to make a presentation regaring on the question “ what is special on you facebook application “
    We are recommended to use Google docs, this is a website of google where we can make a presentation
    Next slides will show you some screenshots.
  • This is the presentation I made using the google docs.
  • Google docs website, it is like powerpoint.
  • Here comes the 7th homework
    We need to take a side in a "debate" under the topic:
    Wisdom of Crowds & Information Cascades
    The issue is:  "Mobs" (crowds) are smart? Are you FOR or AGAINST?
    This is open for all cs elective students enrolled in our class.
  • Screenshot of the debate for “ for “ and “ against “ the issue given.
  • 8th homework :
    Here we’re supposed to analyze and identify ways by which the Web can be considered Social.  Considering that a lot of the websites around are largely more social than otherwise,  perhaps the question should more properly be, and find a Website that is not social? 
    I have a screenshot of what I made on this given homework.
  • I saw this private website even I can’t access to this.
  • This 9th assignment :
    We are asked on how much we are disclosing online.
    If we googled ourselves lately.
    Asked us to give some screenshots on our privacy settings like facebook and a screenshot of ourselves being googled.
  • A screenshot of my privacy setting on facebook.
  • And a screenshot of my name googled.
  • The 10th assignment given :
    We are advised to make a timeline on how the internet evolves, we need to start the timeline on the year 1969, this is where the popularity of internet started.
    We are given a website where we can make a timeline and a example as a guide.
  • This is the example given to us.
  • This is my timeline on how internet evolved.
  • And this one I made is the last given homework to us.
    Make a presentation on what we have learned so far from our subject and summarize this using powerpoint or google docs.
    Include some descriptions and screenshot on the presentation and upload it via slideshare.net
    I’ll include the website’s screenshot I mentioned.
  • This is the website of slideshare.net where we are assigned to upload the presentation.
  • To end this presentation
    I like to include that while I am enrolled in this subject, I learned some useful things on the social web and now I can apply what Ive learned so far to my future work etcs.