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English Test

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English Test

  1. 1. ENGLISH TEST - 8TH YEAR NAME: _______________________________________________________NUMBER:_____ CLASSIFICATION: ________________________________ SIGNATURE: ___________READ THE FOLLOWING TEXTS:Hello!My name is Andrew. I am 15 years old and I study in New York.Last Summer I went to France with my family. We visited Paris and all the monuments there. It was wonderful! I had a great time!Hi!I’m Jane! I’m 14 years old and I come from Australia.My last summer holidays were very exciting. I went camping with my friends to New Zealand. It was brilliant! No parents! We could do all that we wanted!!<br />A- COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING TABLE ACCORDING TO THE TEXT:NAMEPLACE HE/SHE WENT TOPEOPLE HE/SHE WENT WITHIMPRESSIONS ABOUT THE HOLIDAYS<br />B- COMPLETE THIS INTERVIEW MADE TO ANDREW BY THE REPORTER FROM HIS SCHOOL NEWSPAPER:REPORTER: _______________________________________________?ANDREW: My name is Andrew.REPORTER: _______________________________________________?ANDREW: I’m fifteen years old.REPORTER: _______________________________________________?ANDREW: My address is Long Square, 50 New York.REPORTER: _______________________________________________?ANDREW: My phone number is 976842105.REPORTER: _______________________________________________?ANDREW: I’m from New York City.REPORTER: _______________________________________________?ANDREW: I’m English.REPORTER: _______________________________________________?ANDREW: I’m a student.REPORTER: _______________________________________________?ANDREW: In my free time I play football and computer games.C- COMPLETE THE SPACES WITH THE PRESENT SIMPLE OF THE VERBS IN BRACKETS:<br />Mary ___________(be) a young and beautiful girl. Everyday she ____________ (get) up at 7 o’clock. But I don’t! I only _____________ (get) up at 8 because I ______________ (go) to school by car and she goes on foot!D- Complete with the correct interrogative pronoun: Who / WHAT / WHEN / WHERE / WHY / HOW:1- ____________ is her surname? Smith.2- ____________ is my new book? Over there on the table!3- ____________ are you going on holiday? Next Monday.4- ____________ are those? They are my friends from school.5- ____________ did you arrive so late? I lost the bus!6- ____________ are you? I’m fine thanks!E- COMPLETE THE SPACES WITH THE PAST SIMPLE OF THE VERBS IN BRACKETS:<br />Last weekend I ____________ (play) football with my friends at the beach. We ____________ (travel) there by bus and we ____________(stay) there the whole day! At the end of the day we ______________ (be) all very tired, but happy! I _____________(arrive) home around 7 o’clock, ____________ (have) dinner and ___________ (go) straight to bed! I ___________(be) beat up!F- COMPLETE THE TABLE WITH THE MISSING FORMS OF THE VERBS:TO DOTO DRINKWASRECEIVEDTO HAVESAIDSAWTO MAKETO VISITATEG- ORDER THESE SENTENCES IN THE PAST SIMPLE:<br />1- JOHN / MARY / AND / PARIS / TO / GO / LAST MONTH____________________________________________________________________________2- YOU / DO / HOMEWORK / YOUR /?____________________________________________________________________________3- NOT HAVE / TIME / I____________________________________________________________________________4- WHERE / YOU / HOLIDAYS / SPEND / YOUR /?____________________________________________________________________________<br />H- WRITE A TEXT DESCRIBING JANE!NAME: JANEAGE: 14ADDRESS: ST. JOHN`S STREET, 50TELEPHONE NUMBER: 61978204ORIGIN: SYDNEYNATIONALITY: AUSTRALIANJOB: STUDENTFREETIME ACTIVITIES: VIDEO GAMES/HANDBALL_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________I- DESCRIBE YOUR LAST SUMMER HOLIDAYS: WHERE DID YOU GO? WHAT DID YOU VISIT? WHAT DID YOU DO? DID YOU LIKE YOUR HOLIDAYS? WHY?<br />______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________<br />