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Social project management

Social project management



Social project management

Social project management



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    Social project management Social project management Presentation Transcript

    • social project management everything small is big again
    • so, social project management huh!
    • what's the fuss about?
    • the 'social' revolution
    • changing the way we do many things
    • a new way of 'doing' projects..
    • well, not really, new
    • it's just that they're being taken A LOT more seriously these days
    • limited planning no documentation diy (small teams)
    • multiple skillsets small budget release asap
    • what was once a 'hack' is now an accepted methology
    • so, social project management
    • what does it look like?
    • small teams
    • smart, motivated people
    • limited planning
    • a clear vision
    • minimal scope
    • small projects
    • multi-skilled teams
    • fast pace
    • rapid release
    • alpha, beta
    • feedback
    • responsiveness
    • iteration
    • is this really so new?
    • there are not-so-new alternatives
    • agile
    •   individuals and interaction over processes and tools working sofware over comprehensive documentation customer collaboration over contract negotiation respond to change over following a plan while there is value in the items on the right , we value the items on the left more agile software development
    • shorter development cycles, iteration, end user involvement, multi-disciplinary teams
    • compare and contrast with 'project management 1.0'
    • large scale projects
    • top down
    • centralised control
    • authoritarian environment
    • implied structure
    • limited communication to team and end users
    • over complex tools
    • rigidity of tools
    • local access to information
    • gantt charts
    • managed with a guesstimation paradigm
    • many stakeholders
    • escalating requirements
    • complex dependencies
    • risk registers
    • mammoth teams
    • scary and crazy budgets
    • horizon and beyond timelines
    • expected failure
    • why do these projects fail?
    • first, do they fail?
    • oracle, peoplesoft, sap, accenture, ibm global services
    • the 1.0 'large scale', top down project approach fails spectaculary all the time
    • except they don't *officially* fail. because we update the gantt chart as we go. we move the goal posts
    • but why?
    • traditional project managment doesn't match the way we work
    • that said
    • social project management projects *also* fail all the time
    • for different reasons
    • usually because it just wasn't such a great idea
    • or the implementation was completely wrong
    • or the audience doesn't exist yet.
    • but it doesn't matter
    • because they're smaller and faster with less investment
    • dust off, learn from the mistakes and move on
    • ok, so what's all this *social* stuff got to do with it? 
    • Project Manager Client Development Analyst Design Senior Dev Dev Dev Dev Stake-holder UX Consultant UI Designer Stake-holder Stake-holder Stake-holder Test Lead Test Tester Tester
    • new toys
    • tasks, milestones, documents , meetings, wiki, chat, bug tracking
    • 100% securely online, 24/7/365
    • encouraging and promoting faster time to market
    • through online social collaboration
    • contact adapted from the original by lisa reichelt (lisa.reichelt@gmail.com) w: turinproject.com t: @turinproject.com fb: bit.ly/turinprojectfacebook