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Turgay dereli software engineering 283286

  1. 1. TURGAY DERELI SOFTWARE ENGINEERING 283286 ENGG 437(Entrepreneurship and Leadership ) Assignment -1- Entrepreneur Research Project
  2. 2. Japanese entrepreneur Yamauçi, Nintendos playing cards factory into a worldwide leading manufacturer of video.• He was born the son of a family of Yamauçi manufacturer of playing cards in Kyoto. Five years old, his father abandoned his wife and children and was raised by his grandfather grandmother Hirose. After graduating from high school in Kyoto Yamauçi tried to plant a weapon during the war. After the war, the Miçiko Wasedada Inaba studied law and was married to a prominent family of the Samurai. Who made this marriage matchmaking for the formation of a brain hemorrhage in 1948 g Yamauçi‘s grandparents, grandchildren, handed over the management of the Nintendo game called paper mill.
  3. 3. • Yamauçi very hard to organize a new company, almost all of them gave way to administrative personnel. In 1951, the name of the company NintendoKaruta (Nintendo Game papers) changes the young Yamauçi, bringing together a number of production over the place, which was modernized and renewed the companys headquarters. Yamauçi the game in order to print paper from the back sides of the popular Disney figures to sign a contract with the Disney Corporation, an American company, the license agreement was the first Japanese toy manufacturer.
  4. 4. Yamauçi After that, his numerous attempts to open a new business company did not succeed. Conversion into a joint stock company company provided the necessary funds. However, a double portioned instant (easy cooking) rice, just rented a taxi business and a love of rooms in account, such as hours, unable to attract the attention of consumers.• At the end of the 60s Yamauçi only focused on the entertainment industry. 1970 "Ultra Hand" released under the name of the arm is the first product of a kind of extension of claw (one for $ 6) 1.2 million units sold. "Ultraskop"s periskopa similar, beyond the viewable corner of a tool, working beam, a beam rifle they see as solar cells consisting of a target followed by the first electronic game. This is an enhanced version of the tool on the market Yamauçi can not sales Kyoto pigeon shooting started, and others stand people who play in a laser experiment was followed by
  5. 5. • Despite the success achieved Shooting Yamauçi places, Nintendo was looking for the product to attain a worldwide reputation. When the first video games released in the U.S. in the middle of the 70s, the Japanese entrepreneur Yamauçi, can sell around 1 million units, bought a license for Color TV Game 6. However, these tools are useless because the size Yamauçi‘s uncomfortable, technicians game is an electronic device the size of a pocket calculator wanted to develop. As a result, in 1983, the name of the "family" (family), and "computer" combining the words in the "Famicom" appeared at the Non-LCD video game device. After a few difficulties in function, this tool is forced to withdraw from all the competitors the video game industry recorded an unprecedented success. Yamauçi before the emergence of video games business "died" in the United States, even Nintendo admitted in 1986, this instrument able to sell more than 2 million units.
  6. 6. • Yamauçi also directed the research and development department in 1984. Continuous and direct programmers and engineers developing new video games in competition with the established groups. Yamauçi Although never admitted only if video does not play, the Nintendo decide which games they gave çıkartacağına alone. In doing so, it did not help the chance to solo on this issue had a great intuition. Before the end of 1984 opened a new era. Shigeru Miyamoto engineers than the 1980/81 ranks of Nintendos first successful game "Donkey Kong" (Monkey Kong) for the installer dressed in overalls, Mario had invented a small bump toe with a dwarf. Three years later, Mario, Luigis assistant put him "Super Mario World", thanks to an advertising campaign to target, causing an increase in games, the game has created unprecedented.
  7. 7. In 1989, a large expense Yamauçi of their respectivecompanies introducing new games and the upcomingNintendo magazine has published its states. Which is a mixbetween a color brochure, magazine and public relationsbinding Nintendo’s lay their customers the benefit of thispublication. Never heard rave reviews about these products.1991, up to eight Nintendo Mario game has sold about 70million units. Only Close to 1,000 employees, the companysturnover of 86 million dollars (1987) came to over $ 1 billion(1991).
  8. 8. • Nintendo Color TV Game 1977• In 1977, only served Satışaa Light Tennis style sports games to play in color, offering a player at the beginning of the TV Color TV Color TV game-game-six in 1988, and more than 15 with the name of the game for two players both offered support for gamers. In terms of time offered for sale only in Japan with the title of the worlds first gaming console has sold more than 1 million ColorTv game.
  9. 9. • Nintendo Game & Watch 1980• Producing the worlds first game console Nintendo console in 1980 by producing the worlds first mobile game offered gamers the opportunity to play wherever you want. In fact, Nintendo Game & Watch because it was not exactly a gaming console that comes with the game except for when purchasing a game or insert yüklememize did not let us play, did not even have a rewritable memory. Manufactured by Nintendo• For 6 years; Silver (1980), Gold (1981), Multiscreen (1982-1989), Tabletop (1983), Panorama (1983-1984), New Widescreen (1982-1991), Super Color (1984), Micro Vs. System (1984), Crystal Screen (1986), Mini Classics (1998) Nintendo Game & Watchlar, we have 66 different versions with the game sold millions of copies and produced by other companies around the world has become a craze in the 80s. Legend of Zelda and Mario Bros.. Nintendo Game & Watch games, such as the ongoing legend was born with.
  10. 10. • (NES) Nintendo Entertainment System - (1983)• With a number of third-generation game consoles NES rekoruda also holds a lot. NES have been launched in 1983, fully 13 years until 1996 is difficult to break a record breaking 61 million units sold, and has completely changed peoples perspective of gaming consoles. NES Super Mario Bros. game edition is also fully in the hands of 41 million units sold had the title of the worlds best- selling game and did not give the title for 25 years have passed since then. The original name of the Famicom NES Ricoh brand, which had an 8-bit processor and earlier did not have a Nintendo gaming devices such as rewritable memory.
  11. 11. • Nintendo GameBoy (1989)• Instead of offering a lot of firsts in the field to compete in the market competing with the Nintendo Gameboy handheld console that most centers değiştirileibilir game cartridges intel in 1989 with the introduction of a signed 8-bit 4.16mhz processor, the game world was shaking again. Another was the madness that comes with Game Boy Tetris game gameboy version, and the game is only 33 million more than were sold. 4 Pen battery operated and only gameboy color LCD screen and a revolutionary 118.7 million units sold worldwide.
  12. 12. • (1990)• Nes, Super NES 16-bit 3.58MHz more sound quality of both the processor and the visual brought a new technology to homes. Final Fantasy, Megaman, Dragon Quest, Street Fighter series, such as the legend that is still so popular SNES NES SNES unable yaşadılar.Ancak with the golden years? and 49.1 million units sold around the world for Nintendo was disappointing.
  13. 13. • Virtual Boy (1995)• 3-D experience, introduced at the end of the game lovers Nintendo Vitual Boy reaching for sale at one time a very large number of sales in just a few months after leaving, pulled up and stopped the production of the market in 1996. 32-bit 20MHz processor, a truly 3- dimensional monochrome graphics processing power available in the market that offers the Virtual Boy Mario tennis for a short time, the Vario Land and 3-D games such as tetris game Seven presented as 3- dimensional. Was only 22 games for the Virtual Boy. digits of the Virtual Boy had sales of 770 000.
  14. 14. • Nintendo 64 (1996)• After the disappointment with Virtaul size without slowing down to Nintendo released the Nintendo 64 game console in the world, and still continued to create revolutions. Is now the largest yenilikse with N64 graphics operations that it uses to calculate the CPU to the GPU separately. N64 next to the 64-Bit 93Mhz processor processing power of 62.5 mhz had a GPda. 32.9 million million copies sold worldwide, the best- selling game console in the 11 million hood was Super Mario 64 with sales of
  15. 15. • Game Boy Color (1999)• Over 10 years have passed into oblivion after a full tutmuşken Gameboy Nintendo Gameboy and Sega canladırıyor myth again, this time in color, though the output GATEWAY giving an answer. Gameboy Color version 4-MHz processor power games 8mhzye had risen, and now houses the legendary Nintentodnun able to play outside in color. Oyunusu 118.7 million units sold worldwide, is the best-selling console to reach 14.51 million sales figure was Pokemon.
  16. 16. • Nintendo Game Boy Advance 2001• 100Milyon with both Nintendo Gameboy consoles sales figures caught in the hand continued to innovate in the screen size and the image quality is better than Gameboy Advance version was released. 2.9 "widescreen LCD with a 240 x 160 çözünürülüğünde 16-bit color depth and image quality, however, only 2 had a working pen battery. Models offered in 2003 Micro Game Boy Advance SP, and in 2005 a total of 81.06 million units sold behind the series of previous gameboy game Boy series, termination of staying? was the cause. Gameboy Advance best-selling game pokemon Ruby and Sapphire has reached sales of 13 million copies.
  17. 17. • Nitendeo GameCube (2001)• Sony and Sega CD technology have passed years ago Nintendonun quite dropped market share. Sony Compact Disc technology, a full six years after the passing Nintendo Power PC processor 485mhz and 162mhz ATI GPU GameCubeu gekko released. That can be stored in an external memory card and re-register with the facility to play online games for the Gamecube knew on the table with built-in modem. However, could not compete with the Sony playstation2 with more than 21.74 million units sold worldwide, and has become one of Nintendos consoles at least selling. The best- selling game and the Super Smash Bros. Malee 7 million.
  18. 18. • Nintendo DS (2004)• Seven innovation, offering a lot of games and have always dreamed of living in recent years Nintendo prominent fractures with different ideas and then tried the latest game & watchda Multi-touch screen game system, this time presented as a game of Seven. Wireless technology is very spacious and offers a fun multiplayer support DS 67mhz 32mhz CPU and GPU (the processor power Sony PSP 1/4 per cent in even? Yl) on the SD memory card with support for DS with 4mb memory hafızayada genişletilmesinede allows. After the market with great enthusiasm all over the world, and in 2006, later Nintendo spare time both lighter and thinner than the DS Lite DS was released. Up to 70 million in the first half of 2008, sales of the Nintendo DSs over. The best-selling 16 million copies of the game
  19. 19. • Nintendo Wii (2006)• Frustrated by trying the latest GameCubeu home consoles, Nintendo DS, then the victory of the standard game control system attracted a lot of interest by the players seeing different control mechanisms Nintendo Wii released in 2006. The exterior design of control systems used up to now to a different standard control system improves motion-sensitive control system of Nintendo player wiimote game that allows you to feel in control of the game itself developed. Although lagging behind its competitors in the image quality is quite 25 million hood sales have outdone the case with the xbox360 and playstation3u. The Wii has an internal memory of 512Mb, IBM Broadway processor and ATI Hollywood image processor, and Wireless bluetooth wireless communication technologies and uses. Dual-layer DVD media rivals Blu-ray and regular DVD media using the Wii using 4.8Gb. With a figure of 21.5 million Wii Sports is the top selling game.
  20. 20. References• http://www.kimkimdir.gen.tr/kimkimdir.php?i d=173• http://www.frmtr.com/tarihce- ansiklopedisi/2572971-nintendo-nun-konsol- tarihi.html