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S/S 2011Tupperware Catalogue

  1. 1. 2011 Spring SummerWhereit all began…
  2. 2. It’s a Breeze Pack a picnic lunch, jump in the car and go wherever the road takes you. This stylish range will quickly get you out and about so you can enjoy the warmer weather. 3 4 1 2 1) Breeze Picnic Set Set comprises: 2) Breeze Serving Centre™¹ 4) Breeze Tumblers $240.80 (428) 1 x Insulated Picnic Bag $61.45 (429) $30.00 (431) Whether you’re at the park or with removable strap Always popular at parties and Durable and safe, these Tumblers are lounging at the beach, this fantastic L 38 x W 33 x H 32.5 great for taking snacks on the road. great when out and about. A smart Set will ensure you stand out from Cover doubles as a chilling base addition to the Breeze Picnic Set 2 x Salt & Pepper Shakers the crowd. Included is a bumper when filled with ice. Removable (#428) and Large Drink Carrier (#430). D 5.3 x H6.5 collection of functional storage container in the centre comes with its Slightly tapered design provides an containers that will soon find their 4 x Luncheon Plates own liquid-tight Seal to prevent spills. easy grip and enables Tumblers to L 20 x W 20 way into your kitchen for everyday Six compartments each hold 1¼ cups. be conveniently stacked. Set of four. use. Each container features a Seal 2 x Kracker Keepers Centre removable container holds 350ml. D 7.5 x H 13.4 to keep everything fresh and secure. L 31 x W16.8 x H 9 1½ cups. D 35 The Insulated Picnic Bag has ample ¹ Not intended for serving hot foods or for use 4 x Square Round Containers, 800ml in the freezer or microwave. room enabling you to store the contents L12.8 x W 11.5 x H 9.2 3) Breeze Large Drink Carrier and more. Bag includes a seamless $83.45 (430) 4 x Serving Cups, 200ml This 8.7 Litre thirst quencher hits Crispy Buttermilk Fried Chicken removable liner to ensure easy D10 x H 4.8 recipe available online at cleaning of the interior. the spot at sporting events, the beach, 1 x 2 Litre Slim-Line Pitcher the park or even at family gatherings. www.tupperware.com.au L11.8 x W 11.8 x H 28.4 Convenient tap minimises spills and 1 x 2 Litre Salad Bowl waste. Large carry handle or side D 26.8 x H 6.1 handles designed for two to share the weight. L 31 x W 21 x H 2602 03
  3. 3. 1) Breeze Wine Glasses¹ $33.00 (421) Virtually unbreakable, glass-like Wine Glasses, perfect for outdoor entertaining. Set of two. 300ml. D 8.4 x H18.4 2) Breeze Wine Bottle Cooler $30.45 (416) Double wall insulation will keep wine and bubbles chilled for up to two hours. L 21.6 x W15 x H 23.9 3) Breeze Flutes¹ $30.90 (417) Drink your bubbles with elegance in these thin-lipped, slim-stemmed Flutes. Set of two. 200ml. D 6.9 x H 23.8 2 4) Breeze Highball Glasses¹ $27.50 (422) Modern and ergonomic Glasses comfortably fit in your hand. Set of two. 350ml. D 8.4 x H10.8 3 5) Breeze 2.5L Bowl & Servers $58.90 (451) Perfect for serving and storing salads and snacks. D 22.5 x H13 – Bowls L26 – Servers 7 6) Breeze 1.3L Bowls $28.50 (450) 5 Vibrant, liquid-tight Bowls will refresh any table setting. Set of two. D18.5 x H10.5 7) Breeze Bowls & Servers $84.75 (452) 6 Whether youre entertaining indoors or outside, these liquid-tight Bowls provide good looks and durability. Bowls nest in the 4.3L Bowl for space saving storage. Set comprises: 1 x 1.3 Litre Bowl 1 D18.5 x H10.5 1 x 2.5 Litre Bowl D22.5 x H13 1 x 4.3 Litre Bowl D 26.5 x H15.5 2 x sets of Servers L 26 ¹ Tupperware recommends hand washing with a04 4 soft cloth to avoid scratching the glass-like finish.
  4. 4. $2.00 from the sale of each Out Play it Cool To Lunch set will be donated to Tupperware’s charity of choice. Visit www.tupperware.com.au for further details. Keep your lunch fresh and secure without the need for plastic wrap. Tupperware makes it easy to pack healthy, homemade lunches while helping the environment and saving you money. 6 5 2 4 1 3 Café Out¹ Set comprises: 6) Out To Lunch ¹ Bases are microwave reheatable on medium (50% / 500 watt) setting only, covers are not. Liquid-tight, 350ml insulated, 1 x Insulated Bag $49.95 (769) ² Not recommended for carbonated beverages reheatable mugs. D 8.5 x H 18.3 1 x Thermal Flask² , 500ml Insulated Tote Bag with large padded or for use in the dishwasher or microwave. 1) Lupin $28.45 (728) D 7 x H 24.6 handles makes it easy to transport ³ Not recommended for carbonated or hot 2) Cool Aqua $28.45 (729) lunch. Accompanied by a liquid-tight beverages. 1 x Pack `N Stor Double, 3 Litres reheatable, divided Luncher, this set ⁴ Designed to reheat previously cooked food on L 23 x W 14.2 x H 12.8 provides all-in-one convenience. medium (50% / 500 watt) setting only. Do not use 3) Take A Long Lunch on stove tops, under grillers or in conventional $67.85 (768) Fast Quench³ Set comprises: or convection ovens. No more squashed sandwiches, Liquid-tight, free-flowing 600ml 1 x Insulated Tote wasteful plastic bags and single drink bottles. D 8.5 x H 23.5 1 x Reheatable Luncher4, 1.25 Litres use drink bottles, take along your 4) Berrylicious $29.95 (751) L 23.8 x W15.8 x H 5.6 meals with this smart set. 5) Cool Lagoon $29.95 (750)06 07
  5. 5. 5 2 6 4 1 TupperAware 3) Salad On-The-Go¹ 85% of disposable packaging, $59.95 (767) plastic wrap and various other For a self-contained healthy lunch consumer goods end up in landfill. solution on the go. Great for work, You can help reduce this figure by picnics and more, the Salad On-The- sending the family off to work and Go features a liquid-tight 1.5L 3 school with Tupperware’s Bowl, Cutlery, a Tumbler (60ml) for environmentally friendly lunch condiments and a neoprene Bag storage solutions. for easy transportation. Cutlery and Designed to last a lifetime, these Tumbler attach onto the Seal for products will keep contents fresh convenient transportation. D19.4 x H12– bowl without the need for plastic wrap, helping create a sustainable environment for future generations. 4) Fab Five $56.90 (760) Double Act One for every day of the week! L13.9 x W13.2 x H 5.1 A convenient way to keep standard size sandwiches fresh. Clasp closes securely yet is easy to open. Sandwich Keeper Plus L13.9 x W13.2 x H 5.1 Four compartments securely keep a sandwich and snacks in place. 1) Berrylicious L 29.2 x W 13.8 x H 5.5 $28.45 (759) 5) Berrylicious 2) Cool Lagoon $29.45 (762) $28.45 (758) 6) Cool Lagoon $29.45 (761) Summer Waldorf Salad recipe available online at www.tupperware.com.au ¹ Not intended for use in the microwave or freezer.08
  6. 6. Fuel Pack Beat the lure of junk food with these Fuel Packs. Designed in conjunction with a qualified nutritionist, these sets will ensure your child eats the right amount of food to fuel their growing body throughout the day. Containers feature a secure latch and have liquid-tight Seals to keep contents in place, eliminating spills. Containers compactly store inside the Insulated Bag with enough space for an ice pack. Bags include a reinforced handle and a convenient section to 2 write your child’s name and class. Sets comprise: 2 x 250ml containers L 8.8 x W10.2 x H 7.7 1 x 500ml container 1 4 – with removable divider L17.5 x W10.2 x H 7.7 1 x 1.25 Litre container – with removable divider 5 L17.5 x W 20.5 x H 7.7 1 x Insulated Bag 6 1 x Product Information Booklet 1) Cool Lagoon $69.90 (766) 2) Berrylicious $69.90 (765) 3 Kids’ Fast Quench¹ Just like mum and dads bottle but cuter! Free-flowing drink bottles include a liquid-tight cover to prevent spills. These environmentally friendly bottles are the perfect way to keep the children hydrated. Includes a removable base compartment to keep money and other valuables handy. 400ml. D 7.8 x H 20 3) Grape Fizz $20.95 (733) 4) Limeaid $20.95 (730) 5) Lupin $20.95 (731) 6) Laguna $20.95 (732) ¹ Not recommended for hot or carbonated beverages.10 11
  7. 7. Readily Available Having the right ingredients and tools is essential for adding an extra dimension to your meals. 5 7 3 2 6 1) Flexible Cutting Mats¹,² 3) TupperChef ™ Kitchen Scissors¹,³ 5) Can Opener¹ 7) Garlic Wonder™ ¹ $43.95 (520) $36.95 (598) $59.45 (490) $42.95 (492) Decorative, non-slip Cutting Mats Sturdy, sharp pointed scissors will Weighted, easy-to-use Can Opener with All-in-one garlic press bruises, identify a Mat for every cutting cut raw bacon, ham, trim fish and tempered steel cutting blades doesn’t trims ends for peeling and minces. purpose: Green for fruit, vegetables even flower stems. Blades separate leave sharp edges on the can or its lid. Opens for easy cleaning. Suitable and bread, Red for meat, Orange for with a simple twist for easy cleaning. Suitable for left or right-handed users. for left and right-handed users. poultry and Blue for fish. When used L21.8 x W 8.7 L19 L17.4 x W 3 x H 7.4 as recommended, food preparation is more hygienic, reducing the likelihood 4) Turbo Chef ™ ⁴,⁵ 6) Twistable Peeler¹,⁵ of cross-contamination. These flexible, $56.15 (509) $23.95 (502) slim-line Mats are a great space-saver With 288 knife cuts in less than A vertical and horizontal peeler and may be rolled to pour chopped 15 seconds, Turbo Chef’s pull cord in one! Features a two-way blade. food where you need it. Set of four. mechanism spins the triple blades The smooth edge tackles hard thick L 40 x W 30 into action, finely chopping firm fruits, skins such as pumpkin, while the ¹ Tupperware recommends hand washing 4 vegetables, herbs and nuts. Ideal for serrated edge removes the skin of and towel drying. ² Do not use as a trivet. Do not place on hot surfaces 2) Fresh Herbs Planter preparing dips and spreads, the Turbo soft fruits such as tomatoes. Suitable such as a stove top or near radiant heat. Scratches $30.45 (511) Chef will make your kitchen safer for left and right-handed users. and staining are not covered by the Guarantee. Grow your very own herbs from basil, and it will simplify food preparation. Horizontal: L15.5 x W 7.3 ³ TupperChef handles are covered by the Lifetime to thyme or even oregano! This modular, System includes 300ml bowl, cover, Vertical: L17.5 x W 5.5 Guarantee. Blades are covered by Guarantee. compact Planter fits onto windowsills integrated blades and storage Seal. ⁴ Blades not suitable for chopping ice. 1 keeping your herbs close at hand while D10.8 x H 9.2 ⁵ Blades are very sharp; please store out of reach of children. Blades covered by Guarantee. youre cooking. The 525ml bottle slowly releases water into the clever absorber keeping the soil perfectly moist and healthy. Comprises: modular base, 525ml water bottle with cap, water absorber and plant pot. L17.1 x W 10.8 x H 2412 13
  8. 8. 3 5 6 1 Season Serve® 3) Soy Scape Slim Set¹ 4) Hamburger Press & Freezer Set 5) Quick Chef II with Salad Basket² The smartest marinaters in the world. $45.65 (510) $27.95 (318) $81.25 (507) 2 4 The innovative grid on the base and Elegant and durable seasoning Press out thick or thin, uniform meat From chopping fruit and vegetables to Seal tenderises contents while allowing solution. Sprinkle or pour herbs and or fish patties, hash browns and vegie mixing sauces, this multi-function kitchen marinade to circulate around food. spices with the Spice Shakers and burgers without mess. Freeze ahead tool can even spin-dry fresh herbs and Also great for crumbing, flouring effortlessly squeeze marinades or healthy burger options in the compact salad leaves. Comprises: 1.3 Litre and defrosting. condiments with the Condiment stackable containers. bowl featuring non-slip base, triple 1) Junior Season Serve Dispenser. Glass-like Soy Scape Set consists of: blade, mixing paddle, basket, cover, $32.45 (311) Slim, with non-drip pouring spout is a Press, a Ring, 6 x 200ml Keepers handle, funnel and storage Seal. An ideal size for marinating smaller perfect for oils and salad dressings. and one storage Seal. D17.9 x H 23.2 – fully assembled quantities or when space is an issue. Set comprises: D11.2 x H18.5 – stacked L 25 x W 20.5 x H 8 2 x Soy Scape Spice Shakers D11.2 x H 2.8 – individual container 6) Speedy Chef 2) Season Serve D 5.8 x H 8.7 $68.95 (508) $44.45 (310) ¹ Not intended for use in the microwave. Tupperware Effortlessly whisk or whip eggs, cream, 1 x Soy Scape Medium Slim, 330ml recommends hand washing with a soft cloth to avoid High domed Seal provides extra space. pancakes and batters. Ergonomic D 5.8 x H17.4 scratching the glass-like finish. L 32 x W 26.5 x H 10.8 handle features an integrated funnel 2 x Condiment Dispensers, 360ml ² Blades not suitable for chopping ice. Blades are very enabling you to easily add oil or D 5.9 x H17.6 sharp; please store out of reach of children. Blades covered by Guarantee. flavourings. Transparent 1.35 Litre non-skid bowl allows you to monitor contents while whipping.14 L14.4 x W 18.9 x H 26.2 – fully assembled 15
  9. 9. TupperChef™ Knife Collection 1 These durable, ergonomically designed TupperChef Knives are ideal for everyday use. Start with a small collection or buy the whole set. 1) TupperChef Knife Set & Block¹ $266.45 (597) Set includes: Paring Knife, Utility Knife, Tomato Knife, Utility Chef Knife, Filleting Knife, Bread Knife and solid wood Knife Block . 1) TupperChef Knife Block $88.95 (587) Provides storage for eight knives and scissors. L 23.3 x W 9.2 x H 24.8 8 2) TupperChef Knife Sharpener² $43.95 (594) Ergonomic, compact sharpener with two ceramic wheels that sharpen and polish blades. Hands are protected by the sturdy guard, while non-slip feet maintain stability. Closes for compact storage. L18 x W 7.9 x H12 - opened L11.3 x W 7.9 x H 5.9 - closed 2 3) TupperChef Paring Knife¹ $26.45 (588) L18.2 4) TupperChef Utility Knife¹ $28.45 (589) L 21.6 5) TupperChef Tomato Knife¹ $30.45 (590) L 24.4 7 6) TupperChef Filleting Knife¹ $34.45 (593) L 30 7) TupperChef Bread Knife¹ $38.45 (591) L 32.2 8) TupperChef Utility Chef Knife¹ $46.45 (592) L 29 6 9) TupperChef Cheese Knife¹ $29.45 (599) Open blade design prevents hard and soft cheeses sticking to the knife when cutting. 3 9 L 26.2 5 ¹ TupperChef handles are covered by the Lifetime Guarantee. Blades are covered by Guarantee. Tupperware recommends hand washing and towel drying. ² Ceramic wheels are covered by Guarantee. Easy Carve Leg of Lamb with a 4 Garlic, Lemon & Rosemary Rub recipe available online at www.tupperware.com.au16
  10. 10. Stack ‘em Up Double your storage space and give everything in your pantry a place of its own with 5 6 7 Modular Mates. Virtually air-tight and stackable these containers will transform ® your pantry shelves from a disaster zone to domestic bliss almost overnight. 4 1 1) Modular Mates Essential Collection Spice Sets Veg Out Access Mates $390.80 (134) Sprinkle or scoop herbs or spices. Designed for secure ventilated storage Optimise space in your cupboard A bumper collection to deck out the In your choice of Seal colour. of your fruits and vegetables that don’t by storing bulk quantities of dry largest pantry. Ideal for families or 2) Small live in the fridge. Effectively keeps food and pre-packaged snacks in keen cooks who need to store larger $27.85 (129) creepy crawlies and pests out of food these containers. Flip top panel² quantities of cooking and baking Set of four. ½ cup. while giving the produce air to breathe. in the Seal enables easy access. staples. In your choice of Seal colour. L 9.9 x W 4.5 x H 5.8 Stackable, clear bases so you can see Access Mates are stackable and 1 x Oval 1, 2 cups 3) Large what you need at a glance. Flip top include a clear window for easy 2 x Mini Rectangles 2, 7½ cups $32.95 (128) panel in Seal makes access easy. identification of contents. In your Set of four. 1 cup. In your choice of Seal colour. choice of Seal colour. 1 x Square 1, 4¾ cups 2 1 x Rectangle 1, 8 cups L9.9 x W 4.5 x H 11.6 4) Small $56.20 (157) 6) Large $61.45 (156) 2 x Rectangles 2, 17 cups L 28.8 x W 18.2 x H 17.3 L28.8 x W18.2 x H22.8 Modular Mates are available 1 x Rectangle 3, 27½ cups in your choice of Seal colour. 5) Large 7) Small 3 1 x Rectangle 4, 37 cups 1 x Super Oval 1, 4 cups Black Chili $61.45 (156) L 28.8 x W18.2 x H 22.8 $56.20 (157) L28.8 x W18.2 x H17.3 2 x Super Ovals 2, 8 cups Brilliant Blue Snow White ¹ P/All Seals – Pour All Seals. 2 x Super Ovals 5 (P/All Seals¹), 22 cups ² Not air-tight. Bonus: 4 Rocker Scoops & Container Labels18 19
  11. 11. Modular Mates® Ovals 111) Oval 1 – 2 cups 1 2 $13.80 (Plain) $16.15 (Pour-All) 112) Oval 2 – 4½ cups $16.60 (Plain) $18.95 (Pour-All) 113) Oval 3 – 6¾ cups 18.5cm $19.15 (Plain) $21.50 (Pour-All) 28.5cm 28.5cm 114) Oval 4 – 9¼ cups 22.8cm $24.00 (Plain) $26.35 (Pour-All) 9.5cm 17.3cm 115) Oval 5 – 11½ cups 11.7cm $26.70 (Plain) $29.05 (Pour-All)Black 6.2cm 105) Round 5 – 4¾ cups $22.70 (Spaghetti Dispenser) 111 112 113 114 115 105 Modular Mates Squares 18.8cm 121) Square 1 – 4¾ cups $21.05 122) Square 2 – 10½ cups $26.35 18.8cm 123) Square 3 – 16 cups $31.75 22.8cmBrilliant Blue 124) Square 4 – 22 cups 17.3cm $36.75 11.7cm 6.2cm Modular Mates Super Ovals 141) Super Oval 1 – 4 cups $19.20 (Plain) $22.45 (Pour-All) 121 122 123 124 142) Super Oval 2 – 8 cups 3 1) Modular Mates Mixed Pantry Set $209.40 (132) 3) Modular Mates Home Start Set* $153.35 (133) $23.65 (Plain) $26.90 (Pour-All) Containers that neatly stack. A great starter set or housewarming 143) Super Oval 3 – 13 cups In your choice of Seal colour. gift. In your choice of Seal colour. $27.90 (Plain) $31.15 (Pour-All) Set comprises: Set comprises: 28.3 cm 144) Super Oval 4 – 17½ cups 2 x Ovals ½, ²⁄³ cup 2 x Mini Rectangles 1, 3¹⁄³ cups 28.5cm $32.70 (Plain) $35.95 (Pour-All) 2 x Ovals 2, 4½ cups 1 x Mini Rectangle 2, 7½ cups 22.8cm 1 x Oval 3, 6¾ cups 2 x Ovals 2, 4½ cups 9.5cm 145) Super Oval 5 – 22 cups 17.3cm $37.15 (Plain) $40.40 (Pour-All) 1 x Oval 4 (Pour-All Seal), 9¼ cups 2 x Squares 2, 10½ cups 11.7cm 1 x Square 1, 4¾ cups * Container Labels sold separately.Chili Modular Mates Rectangles 2 x Squares 2, 10½ cups 6.2cm 151) Rectangle 1 – 8 cups 4) Container Labels 1 x Square 3, 16 cups $25.25 $16.95 (197) Bonus: 3 Rocker Scoops Easy-to-read printed self adhesive Labels 141 142 143 144 145 152) Rectangle 2 – 17 cups featuring over 100 pantry staples, 66 28.3cm $28.70 2) Modular Mates Oval Set herbs and spices and 7 blanks. These 153) Rectangle 3 – 27½ cups $176.15 (116) Labels are ideal for your Modular Mates $34.45 The only way to keep your pantry clean, containers, Spice Sets, Access Mates organised and clear of clutter. In your and Veg Out containers. They will 18.8cm 154) Rectangle 4 – 37 cups choice of Seal colour. ensure that the right ingredients $42.05 Set comprises: end up in the right recipe, every time. 22.8cmSnow White Modular Mates are available 2 x Ovals 1, 2 cups 17.3cm in your choice of Seal colour. 2 x Ovals 2, 4½ cups Modular Mates are available 11.7cm in your choice of Seal colour. 2 x Ovals 3, 6¾ cups 6.2cm Black Chili 2 x Ovals 4, 9¼ cups Brilliant Blue Snow White 4 1 x Oval 5 (Pour-All Seal), 11½ cups Black Chili 20 151 152 153 154 Bonus: 4 Handy Scoops Brilliant Blue Snow White
  12. 12. Seals include tab for easy removal. 2 1) Clear Mates Large Rectangles¹ $47.80 (291) 1 Liquid-tight, glass-like containers allow you to see contents at a glance, while the modular design maximises your fridge space. Set comprises: 1 x Large Rectangle #1, 685ml L 22.4 x W15 x H 3.5 1 x Large Rectangle #2, 1.62 Litres L 22.4 x W 15 x H 6.5 2) Clear Mates Square #2¹ $45.90 (288) A compact, stackable set with surprisingly large capacity. Set of two. 1040ml. L15 x W 15 x H 6.5 3) Clear Mates Small Set¹ $55.65 (289) Slim-line, liquid-tight containers make the most of available fridge space. Set comprises: 1 x Rectangle #2, 460ml L15 x W 7.5 x H 6.5 2 x Large Rectangles #1, 685ml L 22.4 x W15 x H 3.5 3 4) Clear Mates Medium Set¹ $64.80 (290) Ideal for deli items such as sliced 4 meats and marinated vegetables. Tabs on Seals make removal easy, while locking in freshness and flavour. Set comprises: 2 x Mini #2, 205ml L 7.5 x W 7.5 x H6.5 Easy Order 1 x Rectangle #2, 460ml L15 x W 7.5 x H 6.5 1 x Square #2, 1040ml L15 x W 15 x H 6.5 ¹ Tupperware recommends hand washing with a soft cloth to avoid scratching the glass-like finish. Compact, modular and stackable, these Clear Mates containers are the perfect way to keep your refrigerator organised. Glass-like bases enable you to view whats inside at a glance, all while keeping contents fresh.22 23
  13. 13. 4 1 2 1) 2 Litre Slim-Line Pitcher Set 2) Pick-A-Deli™ Round TupperAware 4) H²O On-The-Go 1 Litre Set¹ with Strainer $42.95 (292) Disposable water bottles take 1,000 $49.80 (286) $52.95 (287) Features a rotate-to-lock strainer years to break down. With the average Keep hydrated while reducing the amount Perfect for everyday use or when with a fork integrated in the spine. person using 166 disposable water of waste that ends up in landfill with 3 entertaining a crowd. Liquid-tight Pitchers feature specially designed The virtually air and liquid-tight Seal will keep beetroot, pickles and feta bottles per year – the effect this has on our environment is staggering. these reusable, environmentally friendly bottles. Square profile bottles spouts for easy pouring. Square fresh. 1.25 Litres. D14.3 x H 15.5 Keep water close at hand, fill up twice conveniently fit into fridge doors or shaped bodies fit into the fridge door. a day and throw nothing away with can be stacked on shelves as a Includes a Strainer that fits snugly 3) Pick-A-Deli Mini Tupperware’s drink bottles – H2O compact, modular beverage station. into the Pitchers. Set comprises: $22.95 (293) On-The-Go and Fast Quench (see pg 7). Set of four. 1 Litre. L 8.3 x W 7.3 x H 24.9 2 x 2 Litre Slim-Line Pitchers For bite sized items that need to be Reusable, durable, these bottles provide stored in liquid. In-built rotate-to-lock ¹ Not recommended for hot or carbonated beverages. L 11.8 x W11.8 x H28.4 a sustainable and economical water 1 x Strainer L 10.2 x W 10.2 x H 3 lifter strains as you go. 500ml. solution, promoting a healthy lifestyle.24 D10.2 x H 14.6
  14. 14. TupperAware Recent research shows that we annually 2 throw away $1.1 billion worth of fruits and vegetables. Three-quarters of this produce could have been eaten if it had been properly stored. By storing your produce in Tupperware’s FridgeSmart containers you will be preserving fresh-picked produce for longer, reducing the amount of rubbish you throw away. This not only helps reduce the amount of waste in landfill but it will also save you money. 3 5 1) FridgeSmart Medium Long 1 $64.50 (335) Compact stacking on slim shelves makes these FridgeSmart containers perfect for storing asparagus, carrots, long beans and parsnips. Vibrant illustrations on the bases indicate how to correctly store contents. Set of two. L 30 x W15.2 x H 8.2 2) FridgeSmart Square $45.95 (339) Large capacity container for your big vegies. 6 L 23 x W 23 x H12.8 4 3) FridgeSmart Large Square $57.95 (340) Maximise your fridge width and depth with this hold-all. L 30 x W 30 x H12.8 4) FridgeSmart Large $48.45 (336) Give your vegies room to move! Great size for leeks, celery and shallots. L 38 x W15.2 x H12.8 5) FridgeSmart Medium Set $56.50 (334) Cool Solutions A great house-warming gift. Sized for apples, cucumbers, zucchini and kumara. Set of two. L 22.8 x W 15.2 x H 8.7 6) FridgeSmart Small Set $46.30 (333) FridgeSmart , with unique air control vents, is a brilliantly ™ Ideal size for berries, grapes, effective modular storage for your refrigerated fruits and mushrooms, baby corn and fresh peas. Set of two. vegetables, promising to keep everything fresher for longer. L15.2 x W15.2 x H 8.726 27
  15. 15. 1/ FridgeSmart Medium Set 2/ FridgeSmart Small Set How does FridgeSmart™ work? 15.2cm 22.8cm 15.2cm 15.2cm Light Breather: 2 vents closed 8.7cm8.7cm Medium Breather: 1 vent opened; 1 vent closed Heavy Breather: 1 3/ FridgeSmart Medium Long 2 vents open 15.2cm 30cm Unique vents control air flow. 28.2cm Stackable non-slip Seals with tabs. 4/ FridgeSmart Set 3 38cm Grid keeps food away 15.2cm 22.8cm from condensation. 12.8cm Illustrations on the8.7cm base indicate how to correctly store fruits and vegetables. Illustrations won’t wash away. 5/ FridgeSmart Large 1) FridgeSmart Medium Set $56.50 (334) 15.2cm 38cm Set of two. 2) FridgeSmart Small Set $46.30 (333) Set of two.12.8cm 3) FridgeSmart Medium Long $64.50 (335) Set of two. 4) FridgeSmart Set TupperAware 1) Tupperware Enviro Bag 2) FridgeSmart Set 3) FridgeSmart Round 6/ FridgeSmart Square 7/ FridgeSmart Large Square 8/ FridgeSmart Round $97.95 (337) Australians use an estimated 1.14 $2.00 (3917) $97.95 (337) $49.45 (338) 22.6cm billion single-use plastics bags Help create a sustainable future A great starter set or From lettuce to loose-leafed 5) FridgeSmart Large a year, with over 10,000 tonnes ending by purchasing a durable Enviro Bag. housewarming gift. radicchio, broccoli or cabbage, 23cm 30cm $48.45 (336) up in landfill sites across the country. 1 x FridgeSmart Small this container takes it all. Ideal for You can help reduce the amount of L 15.2 x W 15.2 x H 8.7 apples, oranges and mangoes too. 6) FridgeSmart Square D 22.6 x H 17 plastic bags that end up in landfill by 1 x FridgeSmart Medium $45.95 (339) 17cm purchasing a Tupperware Enviro Bag. L 22.8 x W15.2 x H 8.712.8cm Made from recycled materials, these 1 x FridgeSmart Large 7) FridgeSmart Large Square durable Bags replace four plastic L 38 x W 15.2 x H12.8 $57.95 (340) bags every time they are used. 8) FridgeSmart Round28 $49.45 (338) 29
  16. 16. Open House Entertainers Package Hosts will enjoy a bright and breezy summer when they entertain family and friends with this stylish and vibrant collection of products. This fun and functional collection includes: 4 x Plates D 20.5 4 x Dip Bowls, 500ml L12.7 x W 10.8 x H 8.9 1 x Chip N Dip Large Bowl with Cover, 5.6 Litres D 36 x H15.8 4 x Breeze Highball Glasses, 350ml D 8.4 x H 10.8 1 x Citrus Press L 22 x W 7.5 x H 5.7 1 x Oval Platter L50 x W 34 x H 2.5 Valued at over $265, this set is free to Hosts with $1200 in sales and two party datings.¹ 0 1 2 3 4 $400 $40 $60 $80 $100 $120 $500 $50 $70 $90 $110 $130 $600 $60 $80 $100 $120 $140 $700 $70 $90 $110 $130 $150 $800 $80 $100 $120 $140 $160 Sunshine is good for Celebrate the gorgeous weather with good food and good friends by hosting your very In addition to your Thank You Gift, you may also qualify for a Host Gift Special such as our $900 $90 $110 $130 $150 $170 the soul, and a summer own Tupperware party. As a Host you can sit back, relax and enjoy your party! We provide Open House Entertainers Package (featured on the right) or you may select from the other $1000 $100 $120 $140 $160 $180 get-together gives you you with everything you need to make your generous Host Gift Specials featured in our party a success and we come bearing the `This Month Brochure. gifts because we think our fabulous Hosts the perfect reason to should be thanked. Based on your party sales, you may receive As your sales and party datings increase so do your rewards. ¹ Party datings to be held within 21 days. let this season work * Qualification levels are subject to change depending on the a $35 Voucher to spend on the Tupperware promotion. Tupperware reserves the right to substitute Host Gift Special components to similar or greater value. of your choice. Alternatively, you may choose30 its magic! a generous Thank You Gift* featured in our `This Month Brochure. 31
  17. 17. 4 1 5 3 1) MicroSteamer™ ¹,² 2) MicroSteamer Ramekins² 4) TupperWave® 1 Litre Jug² 5) Microwave Rice Cooker¹,² $134.90 (641) $28.00 (642) $59.95 (618) $41.45 (613) 2 Genuine steaming in the microwave can now be achieved with the Use your MicroSteamer Ramekins in conjunction with the MicroSteamer to An indispensable kitchen Jug. Designed for cooking quick microwave Say goodbye to crunchy and sloppy rice. With this Cooker you’ll have perfect MicroSteamer. Revolutionary in steam individual sweet treats, bringing sauces, custards, gravies and puddings. rice every time! The unique double design, this product shields food versatility to microwave steaming. Includes etched measurement cover re-circulates excess moisture from the microwaves, helping create Set of eight. 80ml. L 5.5 x W 5.5 x H 5.7 indicators in 100ml increments. generated during cooking so your rice nutritious, mouthwatering meals. Cover prevents splatters while the won’t boil over, keeping your microwave From vegetables, to chicken, fish 3) Microwave Pasta Cooker¹,²,³ clear material allows you to see whats clean. Cooks a maximum of four or meat, the MicroSteamer will $29.95 (614) cooking. Cover doubles as a shallow servings. L 26.6 x W 20.8 x H15.5 retain food flavours, textures and No water boiling over and no boiling microwave dish and a trivet. nutritional value. A recipe book ¹ Safe for use in 800 watt microwaves. Adjust your dry. Add pasta and water based on L 22.9 x W 16 x H 12.5 microwave if necessary. Do not cook without featuring both sweet and savoury the etched measurements, set the water. We do not recommend adding liquids delights is also included. microwave and wait for the bell. that have fat content. D 26.3 x H 13.7 – assembled with colander Cover features an integrated colander ² Do not use on stove top, under griller, or in tray and cover conventional or convection ovens. for easy draining. Cooks a maximum ³ Not recommended for cooking pasta derived of six servings. Instructions and a from potato. recipe booklet featuring 12 sauces included. 1.9 Litres. L 29.9 x W 15.4 x H 11.832 33