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Poem wind
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Poem wind


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1.
    • 22 nd May to 31 st may, 2008
    • Venue : J.N.V. Tarikhet (Almora )
  • 2. Poem: Wind Composed by: Subramaniam Bharti Venue:-JNV Tarikhet (Almora)
  • 3. Central Idea :Theme of The Poem
    • The poem inspires us to face the challenges and hardships with courage , grit and firm determination. Wind is a symbol of problems and obstacles which are to be dealt without fear . We must be friends with the wind [obstacles] to cope with hard situations.
  • 4. General Objectives
    • To enrich the vocabulary
    • To help them to enjoy and appreciate poetry.
    • To impart the knowledge of figure of speech.
  • 5. Specific Objectives
    • To kindle the imagination of creative poetry
    • To enable them grasp the theme and gist of the poem.
    • To help them to exercise the message given in the poem in their life.
    • To develop their poem recitation skills.
  • 6. Wind: A symbol of Destruction
    • Stanza I: Wind, come…………..rain again
    • Works of destruction:
    • a. scattering of papers.
    • b. throwing down books on shelf
    • c. tearing pages of books
    • d. heavy rainfall and floods
  • 7. Impacts of Wind
    • Stanza 2 : You’re very clever………………….crumbling hearts.
    • a. poking fun at weaklings
    • b. crumbling houses and doors
    • c. rafters and woods
    • d. bodies, lives and hearts
  • 8. How to face wind ? [Challenges]
    • Stanza 3: The wind god…………………heart steadfast.
    • a. It winnows and crushes everything similarly, difficulties discourage humans.
    • b. We must be strong and firm to overcome these problems.
  • 9. Friendship With Wind
    • Stanza 4: Do this and…………….every day.
    • a. weak ones surrender in front of hardships while strong ones overcome them with patience and firm will.
    • b. friendship of wind [difficulties] is good as it makes us a true and successful person.
  • 10. Key- Notes
    • Read the following
    • Don’t scatter the papers.
    • Look, what you did?
    • You brought rain again.
    • In the above lines ,the figure of speech used is ‘Personification ”in which lifeless objects are addressed as living .
  • 11. Recitation and Intonation
    • The students are to recite the poem turn wise after it has been read out and explained by the teacher in the class.
  • 12. Lexical - Terms
    • Winnowing – Separating husk from grain
    • Crush - trample on ,tread press down
    • Rafter - a beam with frame work on the
    • Roof
    • Steadfast - firm and determined
    • Scatter -to spread all over the place
  • 13. Questionnaire and Exercises
    • Answer the following in brief:
    • Pick out three destructive activities of win d in stanza-I.
    • Wind pokes fun at_________________.
    • How can we make friends with wind?
    • Which fire does the wind blow out?
    • How does the gust of wind affect rain?
  • 14. Match the following A B Soft meekly Strong firmly Firm friendly Friend strongly Meek softly
  • 15. Frame sentences with the given words after reading the instructions :
    • Weak (Adjective) -__________________
    • Weakness (Noun)-__________________
    • Firm (Adjective) -___________________
    • Firmly (Adverb ) -___________________
    • Strong -(Adjective)-_________________
    • Strength (Noun )-___________________
  • 16. Power- Point Presentation
    • Prepared By –
    • GROUP- 2
    • Mrs Vibha Sharma (J.N.V.Meerut )
    • Mr. H.S. Rawat (J.N.V.Bijnore )
    • Mrs Madhuri Pandey(J.N.V.Faizabad )
    • Mr. D.S. Rawat (J.N.V.Tehri )
  • 17. We extend our thanks to :
    • Hon’ble AC Mr. A.K. Shukla (NVSLR)
    • Respected Mr Vikram Joshi (Principal )
    • Respected Ms Veena Rawat (P.G.T.Eng.)
    • Resource Person
    • Respected Mr. Rajesh Gupta(P.G.T. Eng)
    • &
    • Not forgetting J.N.V. Tarikhet
    • ( Almora)