Year 1 survey


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Year 1 survey

  1. 1. Feedback on peer-assisted learning with Digital Champions to support the first year in ULMS This year, third-year Digital Champions were available to support you with questions relating to your study. We would like to find out your views of this support and how valuable it was, or indeed, if you made use of it at all, in order to enhance the programme. Please complete this brief questionnaire as best as you can. Your responses are confidential. If you haven’t made use of the sessions, please still fill it out (except Section B). We may use the results of this survey in the form of statistics and anonymous quoted comments when reporting to our funding body and at educational conferences. Section A. Using Digital Champions 1. In Semester 2, you were introduced to third-year Digital Champions students who made themselves available for drop-in sessions. Were you aware of the Digital Champion support sessions? Please circle one answer. Yes No 2. How, if at all, have you made use of the Digital Champions' support? Tick as many as apply.  I came along to one of their drop-in sessions in the Library.  I spoke to them before/after our tutorial/lecture.  I contacted them via their Facebook group.  I have not consulted them. Please go to Section C, question 8.  Other, please specify: Section B. Feedback on the Digital Champion sessions 3. What was the question on which you consulted the Digital Champions? 4. Would you have been able to get advice or support from anywhere else? Please circle one answer. Yes No Don’t know 5. If you hadn't been able to get advice or support elsewhere, can you explain why you wouldn't have been able to? Were there practical or other reasons? 6. To what extent was consulting the Digital Champions useful to you as a first-year student? Please circle one option. Extremely useful, Very useful, Somewhat useful, Not useful at all. 7. Overall, how did you benefit from consulting the Digital Champions? Please describe. Section C. About you 8. Age: [enter year] _____ 9. Are you? Please circle one answer UK EU International student 10. Overall, how would you rate your capabilities with technology and digital tools? Please circle one answer. Very capable. Capable. Quite capable. Not capable. Any comments?
  2. 2. Section D. Suggestions for next year 11. This year the take-up of drop-in sessions with Digital Champions was relatively low. What do you think the main reasons for this were? 12. If you were able to consult with Digital Champions, what aspects of general advice would be most useful to you? Tick up the two most important that apply.  Gaining confidence in my first-year as a student.  Getting to know students in higher years.  Familiarise myself with first-year study requirements.  Advice on assignment writing in general.  Signposting me to available support in ULMS or the University for my study needs. 13. If you were able to consult with Digital Champions, what aspects of digital/study skills advice would be most useful to you? Tick any that apply. Finding and evaluating information  How to find information (search strategies, techniques, databases and resources) for my study.  How to search social networks/media for information for my study.  How to critically evaluate the quality and reliability of information (articles, books, internet, Wikipedia). Digital scholarship  How to use other people's work without committing plagiarism or infringing copyright.  How to cite and reference correctly.  How to manage references using digital tools (e.g. RefWorks). Learning and ICT skills  Getting to know what digital tools are useful for my study.  How to make efficient use of the tools in VITAL for my study.  How to use mobile devices and applications for my study. Career and identity management (digital footprint)  How to manage my digital identity and reputation online.  How to take part in digital networks for acquiring knowledge in my field of study. Media literacy  How to critically read and evaluate information in different media (blogs, videos, podcasts, articles).  How to access and use digital multimedia content for my study (audio, video, podcasts etc).  How to create resources or notes in a range of different digital media (audio, video, images, diagrams/drawings) that are helpful for my study. Communication and collaboration  Getting to know the different academic and professional networks for current awareness in my chosen profession or discipline.  How to communicate with others using digital tools for my study purposes (from email to social media). Any other area [please write in]: __________________________________________________________________________ 14. Have you any suggestions or comments regarding the Digital Champions programme? Thank you very much for completing the survey. Your responses will help us tailor the Digital Champions programme in ULMS next year. We will post results in the EBUS102 VITAL module when they become available. For any questions, please contact: Tunde Varga-Atkins, University of Liverpool