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http://teeterhangupsreviews.net - Can we really relieve back pain and joint health with inversion tables? Are they worth it? Teeter hang ups review reveals the truth behind the scenes!

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Teeter Hang Ups

  1. 1. Teeter Hang Ups Suffering from chronic back pain? Spine and muscle problems? Athlete looking for muscle relaxation? Teeter hang ups is a must own. Teeter Hang-ups is a natural back pain relief therapy table working on the principle of inversion therapy bringing a new era in the world of back care. Inversion therapy uses the gravitational force to elongate the spine which takes off the pressure form discs, ligaments and nerve roots. This ensures less back pain, fewer headaches, neck troubles, better concentration and blood circulation. It also rehydrates the discs in the spine and realigns it to where it should be. This easy to set up therapy table has well padded surfaces for comfort and comes 85% pre built. There is some evidence that inverting oneself by just for even a few minutes every day can bring long lasting positive effects to your body. Teeter Hang Ups allows you to comfortable place and lock yourself in such a position and then comfortably come back up. It comes with three different settings to allow you to conveniently invert according to your body type, body weight and problem suffered. The angle of inversion can be pre-selected and responsiveness of rotation can be adjusted, too, for maximum control. As high as sixty degrees angle can be achieved. Over a period of time it will help shape your body too. It can be easily folded and stored for effective space management. Teeter Hang Ups is a mark of quality in home use non motorized equipments which has been developed after considerable research and testing along with doctors, chiropractors, athletes, engineers and regular users of inversion therapy. Combining their time tested engineering with Flex Technology; this marvelous product has been created with a 5 year warranty and a 30 day guarantee. The products comes along with a Laminated Owner’s Manual attached to the unit, Instruction DVD to help with product assembly and product usage tips, a bonus stretching and exercise DVD and 30-day guide, as well as a 30-day e-mail service providing helpful pointers and information to help you get the most of your new inversion table.