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Hcg diet
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Hcg diet

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  • 1. HCG DietTo begin lets just ellaborate on what actually does HCG means. HCG is an abbreviation for HumanChorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone produced in the placenta during pregnancy. The specificationand benefits of this hormone came to notice in 1950 and since then it is something that is helpingout people in their daily lives.HCG Diet can be consumed by both male and females and is effective for both as far as weight lossis concerned. This hormone can be taken as per choice. Oral drops are available to make it moresimple in consuming. Apart from this it can be injected directly into the body by a medicalprofessional. HCG Diet FoodsThere are varoius other natural sources of this HCG hormone. At times people do prefer it naturallyrather than being dependent on pills and drops. The HCG diet foods are just another reference forthe perfect formula for a healthy maintainable diet. The HCG diet food includes all natural productsthat are same as those are available in any grocery store.Components:- The HCG diet foods can be classified into four main components: a low fat meatprotein source, a vegetable, a fruit and crackers or breadsticks. The major two of these arecarbohydrates and proteins.
  • 2. The Low fat meat choices consist of: • 100 grams of Protein • Crab • Shrimp • White fish • Chicken breast • BeefThe vegetables choices consist of: • Chard • Spinach • Chicory • Tomatoes • Celery • Beet-greens • Green Salad • Fennel • Onion • Red Radishes • Cucumbers • Asparagus • CabbageThe fruit options, on the other hand, incorporate the following. • An Orange • An Apple • ½ Grapefruit • Strawberries (about 10 whole strawberries)