GoPro HD Hero 2


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GoPro HD Hero 2 Review - Is the so called versatile hd camera really a professional power video camera? Does it provide hd quality? GoPro hd hero 2 review reveals the truth!

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GoPro HD Hero 2

  1. 1. GoPro Hd Hero 2 - Extreme Sports CameraAre You SportsPersonAre your hobbies extreme? Do you ever find yourself wishing there was a way to record them after anepic ride but have found video cameras infeasible to operate while doing them, leaving no way tocapture your most epic moments. If you are one of these individuals, you can finally let yourimagination run wild of all the amazing footage you are going to capture because now there is finally aconvenient solution. GoPro cameras, located in California, has finally developed a series of wearableand mountable action sport cameras called the GoPro HD Hero2, and they shoot in outstanding 1080phigh definition so you can see yourself in action.GoPro HD Hero 2The GoPro HD Hero2 was released November 30, 2011. The main upgrades you need to know is thatGoPro has developed a lens that contains two times sharper professional glass. This is great newsbecause that means the image quality will be sharper in your recordings. In addition to new photocapabilities, the camera system enables the camera to shoot 11 megapixel pictures! The previous GoProHD Hero original was only capable of 5 megapixel photos. Furthermore, the GoPro HD Hero camerahas an easy to use 10 photo per second burst mode. This makes it easy to capture fast movingsequences. Lastly, wi-fi capability and a new time-lapse setting make this camera a big upgrade fromthe GoPro HD Hero original. The GoPro HD Hero2 comes with a polycarbonate waterproof,bombproof, and shockproof water housing that enables you take it with you to submerge the cameraunderwater. The camera also comes with one lithium ion battery. Charger and all necessary cables areincluded.The GoPro HD Hero cameras are designed to endure the most fanatical sport activities while still beingaffordable to an average customer. These cameras can be used in any sport and can be easily mountedon surfboats, helmets, handle bars or anything else you want. Their latest addition to this series is theGoPro HD Helmet Hero.
  2. 2. Pros• 2X Sharper camera lens has improved image quality• 11 Megapixel photos and new photo features make thiscamera even more versatile• Currently the best wearable high-definition actioncamera in the world• Wi-Fi capabilities to control up to control 50 GoProcameras at once• LCD interface makes changing user modes easierCons• Still 1080p footage• Camera could use some improvement in low-lightenvironments• Memory card not includedWhat makes the camcorder so versatile is the polycarbonate housing the GoPro HD Hero2 is enclosedit. This makes the GoPro camera waterproof, bombproof, and even shockproof. For this reason, youcan use them in just about any kind of setting or environment. Videos on YouTube document onefalling off a motorcycle on a freeway! After looking for it on the side of the road, the driver finds it andreveals a few minor cosmetic scratches to the polycarbonate housing.Click Here to Buy GoPro HD Hero 2