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30 Second Smile
30 Second Smile
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30 Second Smile


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Does electric toothbrush soft bristle really clean the top, bottom, front, back and biting surfaces of the teeth? 30 second smile toothbrush truth revealed!

Does electric toothbrush soft bristle really clean the top, bottom, front, back and biting surfaces of the teeth? 30 second smile toothbrush truth revealed!

Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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  • 1. 30 Second SmileAll of us want to be popular and one feature that needs to be brilliant to make our faceunforgettable is our smile. We have something here today to reprise your smile in no morethan 30 seconds.Yes, the 30-seond smile is the revolutionary new electronic (battery run) toothbrush toguarantee you a sparkling white bright smile and healthy gums. It perfectly cleans the top,front as well as the back surfaces of the teeth and leaves them looking all shiny. Dentalexperts agree with this and claim that this product with its patented (Can’t make A Mistakedesign) can help reverse gingivitis in as less as two weeks, just with 30-seconds every day.This unbelievable innovation uses six micro brush heads with soft bristles that surround theteeth and clean all surfaces at the same time at a perfect 45 degree angle so that you get theporcelain white teeth and healthy gums in 30 seconds, difficult with even 3 minutes ofbrushing with any regular tooth brush. The technology makes sure that the brushing isautomatically in a pattern as recommended by dentists and periodontists. It massages thegums, achieves superior plaque removal and bad breath, too, will become news of the past. Itis not bleach based like many other products in the market, hence, the closest option to youbrushing it yourself.It is a great investment as regular dental visits can burn a hole in your pocket. It takes dentalcare to an all new level by elevating your regular brushing experience to a new age total oralhygiene through its whitening and cleaning mechanism.The product comes with a designer stand, Travel case for frequent travelers, two sets of Ultrasoft(for sensitive teeth/enamel/gums) and standard(for normal/non sensitive) brushes,professional tongue scraper (which is key to eliminating bad breath), a quick start guide and acomprehensive instruction manual and a three year warranty.
  • 2. Now you can smile without worrying about how your teeth look and get closer to peoplewithout thinking about how your breath smile. 30-second smile makes you and your mouthhappy! >> CLICK HERE TO VISIT OFFICIAL WEBSITE <<