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OCLC Asia Pacific Regional Council Conference 2012, National Library of Malaysia, 3-4 September 2012.

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  • tulipbiru, saya adalah salah seorang ahli jawatankuasa yang terlibat dalam penganjuran seminar OCLC di Kuala Lumpur September yang lalu. Saya telah mendapat aduan dari pihak OCLC dan juga panel pembentang kertas kerja berkenaan dengan dokumen pembentangan mereka yang dimuat naik melalui akaun anda dalam laman komuniti ini. Tindakan anda telah menyentuh hakcipta ekslusif mereka. Mohon untuk 'remove/delete' dokumen-dokumen berkaitan OCLC ini bagi mengelakkan tindakan lanjut yang mungkin akan membebankan banyak pihak. Terima kasih.
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  • Good afternoon everyone, Hsueh-hua Chen, chair of the Asia Pacific Regional Council. For the next fifteen minutes, I’m going to report on APRC and our activities.
  • Here I’m going to show you the governance structure of OCLC. This information is taken from the OCLC website. These are the members of OCLC, currently over 25,900 (twenty-five thousand) institutions. Members are elected to form the Executive Committee of each regional council. (example: 7 in APRC) Several Executive Committee members of each regional council then become Member Delegates in Global Council. (example: 5 in APRC, including chair, vice-chair, secretary and 2 others ) Six Member Delegates of Global Council are then elected to the Board of Trustees.
  • Here is some information about OCLC Global Council. ChewLeng Beh has just become the President of OCLC Global Council this year. These are the 3 major goals of Global Council...
  • Global Council meets in person at least once each year. This photo was taken during the Global Council Meeting in Dublin, Ohio this April. You can see the 48 members for 2011-2012.
  • Since 2009, with OCLC’s expansion beyond the US, three regional councils have been established. They are... You can see the levels and structure of OCLC here. APRC is here, with the other two regional councils.
  • On this slide, you can see the geographical area of APRC.
  • There are members from 170 countries in OCLC, of which 50 are in APRC. The countries are marked on this map. Can you find yourselves?
  • We have diverse cultures and languages in the Asia Pacific region. Here are some interesting numbers I would like to share with you. This information is taken from the United Nations website.
  • This is another map showing the many language families in different colors.
  • These are the current members of the APRC Executive Committee. You may have seen us chairing sessions during these two days. There are 7 members on the APRC Executive committee, each comes from a different country or region. Our terms end on different dates to ensure continuity from year to year.
  • Here are the several activities and charges of APRC.
  • I would like to draw your attention to the upcoming nominations, for members of the APRC Executive Committee. Among the 7 of us, four terms will end in 2013. So we need 4 nominations for 2013-2014 These 4 new elected members, along with Peter, Makoto and Srichan, will form the new APRC Executive Committee of 2013-2014.
  • Here are some requirements for the people we can nominate. These are just approximate schedules. We will try to send out the news in three ways to you: Announcement on the OCLC website By email By posted letters Please think about the people you know that are worth putting forward.
  • Here are some photos from the first membership conference.
  • The second membership conference was held in Japan.
  • Last year, the membership conference was held at our university, the National Taiwan University, in Taipei. Statistics show that we have been having wonderful growth in this meeting. We have over 160 participants this year in Malaysia.
  • Because of the diversity in the Asia Pacific region, we have multi-cultural and multi-lingual challenges. However, this is also where the opportunities lie in. The past conferences already showcase the versatility of our region.
  • Here I finish my report. I would like to say thank you, to Malaysia, and hope to see you next year in Thailand!
  • OCLC Asia Pacific Regional Council Report - Hsueh-hua Chen

    1. 1. OCLC Asia PacificRegional CouncilHsueh-hua ChenChair, OCLC Asia Pacific Regional CouncilProfessor of Library and Information ScienceUniversity LibrarianNational Taiwan University OCLC Asia Pacific Regional Council Meeting, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, September 3-4, 2012
    2. 2. OCLC Governance Structure Any library, museum Global Council Member In addition to the 6 Global or archive that Members from Delegates elect 6 Council-elected members, embraces the OCLC each region elect members of the Board the Board consists of the values of collaboration an Executive of Trustees. President of OCLC and and sharing is Committee, plus nine trustees elected by welcome. Member Delegates the Board itself, five of to OCLC Global whom come from fields Council. outside librarianship. Source: http://www.oclc.org/us/en/membership/governance/default.htm
    3. 3. Global Council 2012-2013  Goal 1 : Participate in the  Goal 2 : Ensure effective governance of OCLC communication between and among the Global Council, Regional Councils, - Elect 6 trustees to Board of Trustees the Board of Trustees, OCLC and - Approve amendments to OCLC governance regulations members.  Goal 3 : Participate in the OCLC planning process
    4. 4. 3 Regional Councils Americas Regional Council Members Asia Pacific Regional Council Regional Councils EMEARC APRC ARC  Europe, Middle Global Council East and Africa Regional Council Board of Trustees (EMEARC ) OCLC
    5. 5. Geographical Area of Asia Pacific Regional Council Asia Pacific Regional Council represents member libraries from the territory west of Hawaii, ranging from China, Japan in the north to Australia and New Zealand in the south, and Pakistan to the west.
    6. 6. 170 countries are members in OCLC. 50 countries are in Asia Pacific Regional Council.
    7. 7. Languages of Asia Pacific Regional Council ˗ More than 3,200 languages in the Asia Pacific Region in 28 major linguistic families. ˗ Among these languages, Mandarin Chinese is spoken by almost 900 million people, predominantly in China. ˗ Papua New Guinea is home to over 800 languages, of which more than 350 are spoken by less than 1,000 people. Source: United Nations. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. Major Language Families in Asia-Pacific - Regional Reference map. issued May 1, 2011 <http://www.unocha.org/roap/maps-graphics/regional-reference-maps>
    8. 8. Executive Committee 2012-2013 Asia Pacific Regional Council
    9. 9. Activities of Asia Pacific Regional Council1. Elect Member Delegates to 4. Guide interested the Global Council institutions to learn Participation Membership about and participate in the OCLC cooperative Communication 5. Conduct an annual 2. Act as a two way APRC meeting for discussing Annual local interested topics conduit among and between OCLC, Meetingmembers and interested parties New 3. Serve as an Developments incubator for new ideas and initiatives Text
    10. 10. Nominations / Elections for 2013-2016 APRC Executive Committee 2 open seats on the EC APRC Executive Committee 2013-2014 Elected Member Nominations/Elections Elected Process Member Nominations/Elections Process
    11. 11. Nominations / Elections Nominations Elections Approval by Nominating Committee Elected by all APRC members ─ Nomination requirements: ─ All OCLC member voting 1. Members of OCLC representatives will receive 2. A leader in their institutions invitations to vote ─ Nominees should not be from ─ Voting will take place from Hong Kong, Japan and early February through Thailand, Taiwan, New early March 2013 Zealand for 2013-2016 term ─ Election results will be ─ Please prepare your announced at the OCLC nominations in advance. Global Council Annual Meeting People can also self-nominate on April 23-25, 2013 ─ Summit your nominations by (tentative) December 7, 2012 According to bylaws, to ensure geographical diversity, no more than one member of the Executive Committee may be elected from the same country or region.
    12. 12. Update Your Voting Contact Information  All voting will be conducted online.  Please confirm we have the correct e-mail address for your institution’s voting representative.  You (or your library’s director) will need your OCLC symbol to confirm or update your organization’s voting contact information. http://www.oclc.org/forms/voting-contact.en.html
    13. 13. Learn More about the Asia Pacific Regional CouncilIn addition to elected positions, there are Annual MembershipConferences and other opportunities to participate in council activities. http://www.oclc.org/councils/asiapac/default.ht m Any question? Please contact: asiapacific@oclc.org
    14. 14. 1st APRC Membership Conference OCLC Asia Pacific Regional Council 1st Membership Conference held in Beijing, China, September 7-8, 2009. 101 participants attended.
    15. 15. 2nd APRC Membership Conference OCLC Asia Pacific Regional Council 2nd Membership Conference held at the Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan, September 6-7, 2010. 115 participants attended.
    16. 16. 3rd APRC Membership Conference OCLC Asia Pacific Regional Council 3rd Membership Conference held at the National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, October 17-18, 2011. 180 participants attended.
    17. 17. Multi-cultural + Multi-lingual Challenges and Opportunities ce n en 11 iwa fer Ta Con ip hip Ta rs ei, be 20 em
    18. 18. 4th Membership Conference, KL, Malaysia 2012 5th Membership Conference, Bangkok, Thailand 2013