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Mock exam feedback 2011
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Mock exam feedback 2011






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Mock exam feedback 2011 Mock exam feedback 2011 Presentation Transcript

  • Mock exam feedback
    • 1. Study carefully at the instructions on the front page. Make sure you answer only the required number of questions (3) and ensure that you have answered the correct number from each section (one from section A, one from section B and one further question from either section)
    • 3. Answer the question (sounds daft – but all to often, pupils do not answer the question that has been set)
    • Tip – to help you focus then underline the command words
    • 3. Underline the command words to make sure you clearly understand the full demands of the question
    • e.g. Using case studies of earthquakes in rich and poor parts of the world, compare and describe the immediate responses
    • Using case studies of earthquakes in rich and poor parts of the world, compare and describe the immediate responses
    Note the plural of case studies – you MUST mention more than 1 case study for L3
    • 4. If asked for ‘differences’
    • (e.g. Describe the ways in which a supervolcano is different from a volcano) then make sure you actually state the differences and not give two separate accounts.
    • The key is to use linked words: whereas, however, unlike, compared to, this is different from …..
    • 2. Do NOT repeat the question as the opening sentence of your answer, e.g.
    • How is the distribution of supervolcanoes different from that of volcanoes?
    • Supervolcanoes are distributed differently from volcanoes because …..
  • Know the case studies
    • You need to know precise facts.
    • Forget the opening sentence …. Is there anything in the main bulk of the answer that gives specific detail relating to that particular case study which cannot be applied elsewhere.
    • e.g. Hurricane Katrina
    • people took shelter in the Superdome
    • >1800 killed
    • 300,000 houses destroyed
    • 3 million homes were without electricity
    • $300 billion damage
    • 30 off shore oil platforms sunk
  • Diagrams and photo annotation
    • Arrow heads MUST point to the feature not the label
    • Annotation means write a sentence not just a couple of words
    Stack Stack
  • Organise 8/9 mark answers
    • If a question requires you to consider economic and social effects , try to plan your answer ( jot key words in the margin ) so you write about all the social effects, then write a paragraph about the economic effects.
    • Make it clear which paragraph describes the social effects and which are economic effects
  • Learn the command words
    • Describe
    • Explain
    • Compare
    • In York the temperature during the summer is moderately high and reaches 21oC. The precipitation varies throughout the year with its highest point being 68mm during July.