Lesson 1 What Is Globalisation

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  • 1. Globalisation is a significant feature of the world in the 21st Century . Textbook pg 271 Need blank outline world maps
  • 2. Objectives
    • Understand the concept of globalisation.
    • Be able to describe what is meant by and give examples of global interdependence.
    • Textbook page 271- 2
  • 3. Starter
    • The Box
  • 4. Globalisation is …
    • the increasing importance of international operations for people countries and governments
    • It leads to increasing interdependence between countries across the world – shared needs to exchange goods and services
    • Countries are becoming ever more connected by:
      • Increasing trade and international investment
      • The development of transport links
      • The development of global communications and information technology
      • Global tourism
  • 5.  
  • 6.  
  • 7. How is this possible?
    • Through relaxation of laws allowing foreign investment in countries
    • Expansion of provision and speed of international transport , and communication
    • For people:
      • Improvements in ICT mean that more information can be carried faster. Companies can have headquarters in one country and communicate easily with branches in another country
      • Email text, fax, phone, audio-video links and conferencing are all made possible by satellite communications, and submarine fibre optic cables.
  • 8.
    • For goods
    • Containers for moving goods by road, rail and sea
    • Cargo aircraft
    • Global connection is faster, easier and cheaper than ever
  • 9. What are the advantages of container transport? Ease of transport cost security
  • 10. Wimbledon tennis ball
    • Complete task 2 page 272 of textbook
    • Geofile 464
  • 11. Key words
    • Globalisation
    • The increasing international interaction in trade, politics, society and culture
    • Interdependence
    • People, countries and businesses depending on one another
    • Markets
    • the people and businesses that may want to trade with each other
    • Trade
    • buying, selling and exchanging goods and services between countries
  • 12. Homework
    • On a blank outline map of the world highlight your ‘globalised day’
    • Think about:
    • food consumed
    • Clothes worn
    • Technology and appliances used
    • Transport – make of car, components
    • Services used