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L7 Flood Events In Uk
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L7 Flood Events In Uk


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Why do rivers flood? Why flooding occurs – the natural causes and the ways in which people make it worse Where floods have occurred in the UK How the frequency of flooding seems to be increasing
  • 2.
    • Floods occur when a river bursts its banks if it is carrying so much water that it cannot be confined to its usual course
    • It is an extreme situation due to high levels of flow
    • The extent to which the river exceeds the flow determines the severity of the flood and how often flooding occurs
    • Usually bigger floods occur less often and less severe flood events occur more infrequently
  • 3. The flood threat to England and Wales Trent Tees Severn Thames Avon Great Ouse Humber Tees Thames Humber Great Ouse Trent Severn Avon
  • 4. Source BBC
  • 5. Investigate…..
    • Flooding in one of the following areas of the UK in 2007
    • Tewkesbury
    • Hull
    • Sheffield
    • Carlisle
    • Produce an informative and illustrated A4 display piece. You must include a OS map of the area and annotated photographs. Include mention of:
    • Causes
    • Social, economic and environmental effects
    • Rescue operation – who, what, where
    • What was done in the short term and long term
  • 6. Carlisle
    • BBC Cumbria - Your flood stories BBC - In Pictures: Carlisle Floods BBC Video - Carlisle's Legacy Assessed Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service - Carlisle Floods Guardian - 'Bodies of elderly neighbours found in Carlisle flood'
  • 7. Sheffield
    • Two die in Sheffield flood chaos
    • Floods
    • Gallery Two: Floods in South Yorkshire
    • Gallery One: Floods in South Yorkshire
    • Flooding Help and Advice
    • Concern over flood early warnings
  • 8. Hull
    • Drains fail in Hull
    • Summer flooding 'swamped drains'
    • In pictures: Hull floods
    • Support pledged for flood areas
    • Flood-hit Hull a 'forgotten city'
    • When rain brought death to Hull
    • Hull is 'forgotten city' of the flooding crisis
  • 9. Tewkesbury
    • Tewkesbury rivers burst
    • Two dead after flooding accident
    • Pensioners struggle without water
    • Gloucester from the air
    • Water treatment works repaired
    • Man's body found in flooded area
    • Flood-hit areas face further rain
    • Water offenders 'will be jailed'
    • Bowsers 'not being contaminated'
    • Road clean up operation under way
    • Pump fumes kill two in town
    • Temporary water supply for Tewkesbury
    • Prime minister visits town
  • 10.
    • July floods: At-a-glance
    • Laser maps flood-prone areas
    • Flood risk fear over key UK sites
    • The summer floods: What happened
    • 'National effort' urged on floods
    • Laser maps flood-prone areas
    • New measures to tackle flooding
    • What can be done to prevent repeat flooding