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Ted talk harvey fineberg
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Ted talk harvey fineberg


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Public Speeking Week2

Public Speeking Week2

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. TED Talk A public presentation by Harvey FinebergEvaluated and critiqued by Tucker Roche
  • 2. Are we ready for neo-evolution? Fineberg begins his speech by saying, “How would youlike to be better than you are?” A broad question, but nonetheless listeners areimmediately absorbed into his speech, because it is a goal asa person to constantly improve oneself.
  • 3. Engaging the audience Fineberg states by changing genes that anyonecould gain improvement inmemory, fitness, beauty, longevity and talent. Theaudience are captivated by this notion.
  • 4. Keeping them awake In order to keep the audiences attention, Fineberg askspeople if they could choose, which attribute would theyimprove? Now the audience are a part of the discussion becausethey have a chance to participate in something more thanjust listening.
  • 5. The TED Commandments• Fineberg dreams big. He opens up his speech with a concept that could beneficially change life for all mankind. He knows that his studies are revolutionary and wants to share the possibilities.
  • 6. The speakers energy Fineberg spoke confidently, collectively andcalmly throughout his speech. He did not choose touse an extensive amount of vigor, but rather heshowed a passion for his subject and displayed greatknowledge. On a scale of 1-5, Fineberg would be given a 2. Its clear that Fienberg had a calmdisposition, despite the lack of energy he stillremained captivating throughout his delivery.
  • 7. Wisdom
  • 8. What has been learned? There was no doubt that Fineberg was anexpert in his field.• He knew his subject• He was confident• He was informative It was clear that Fineberg had planned outthe order of his delivery, from beginning to endallowing the audience to learn as time went on.
  • 9. Comparison• Sir Ken Robinson used comedy to retain attention and lighten the mood.• Fineberg did not do this. With the exception of a few light laughs he stayed focused and got his point across. He was able to do this because his awe-inspiring subject matter.• Robinsons subjects pertaining to school may not appeal to all. That’s why his addition of jokes captivated the audience.
  • 10. Friendly Advice Fineberg knew his subject mater wellIn order to have a strong presentation thesubject must be something well liked by thepresenter. This will show through to theaudience.
  • 11. More Advice• Stay calm on stage, if your comfortable so is your audience and vice versa.• Practice your presentation so that its order makes sense and the audience are able to learn as your presentation progresses. Do not give information without explanations leading up to it.
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