Session 1 gdas pmp study group presentation


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Session 1 gdas pmp study group presentation

  1. 1. GDAS PM Professions:PMP Study Group Session #1: PMP Certification and Application ProcessMonique HowardAugust 7, 2008© 2005 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.The information contained herein is subject to change without notice
  2. 2. Agenda• PMP Credential Process• PMP Eligibility Requirements• The Application Process• About the Exam• Tips from new PMPs• Q&A
  3. 3. PMP Credential ProcessPMI credentials establish your dedication to and proficiency in the profession. Whenyou earn a PMI credential, you gain distinction and recognition in a growingcommunity of project management practitioners. To attain a credential, you mustsatisfy educational and professional experience requirements, demonstrate your abilityto apply your project management knowledge to situational and scenario-basedquestions in the examination, and, in the case of the PgMP, successfully complete twoadditional evaluations.
  4. 4. PMP Eligibility Requirements
  5. 5. The Application Process
  6. 6. About the Exam• Computer Based occurs at an examination center• 4 hours to write the exam• Multiple Choice format• Provides option to mark answers for later review – tip: take advantage of this• 200 Questions • 175 / 200 questions are actually marked – 25 are dummy questions • You will not know which 25 are not marked – therefore answer all carefully• 61% Pass Rate • 108/175 correct to pass at 61% • 122/200 correct to pass 61%• You will be notified if you pass or fail immediately after completing the exam• You will not be given your actual mark• 3 attempts per year – but this is a mute point – you will pass this !!
  7. 7. Exam Tips (Steve Michalicka)1. Commitment• Accept it’s value, it’s a minimum we should strive for, it’s what we do• Commit to starting and completing, set a timeline and stick to it2. PM Framework – Process Groups, Knowledge Area’s and Processes,• DON’T memorize – logically understand the 5 process groups <-> 9 knowledge area’s <- > 44 processes and how they interrelate to one another including ITTO’s3. The PMBOK IS Important but NOT enough• 60-70% of exam is directly based on the PMBOK• Seek additional resources - PMP Exam Prep, online HP-GMAS courses and material, other books – Rita Mulcahy PMP Exam Prep, talk to your peers• Understand ethics, PM Professional Responsibility (not in PMBOK)• Have confidence - we already do this - GMAS, CMMI4. Know Your Formula’s and Network Diagram Calculations - period• This is a no-brainer - can be 15-20 questions – easy marks
  8. 8. Exam Tips (Manish Kansara)For PMP Certification I did not refer too many study materials; my study was limited to few sources. I referred following courses / books.• PMBOK - This is the core for PMP Certification. When you register for PMI Membership, PMI Institute will send you PMBOK as CD• Course ID 33284 (Project Management: All about PMI Certification and the PMP Exam) -  grow@hp• Course ID 37596 (Project Management: PMP Exam Prep - eLearning) - grow@hp• Course ID 30077 (CompTIA Project+ Expert Now) - grow@hp 33284 and 37596 can earn you necessary Contact Hours that are required to appear for certification. 33284 will register you to ESI Institute, that will provide you online course and will allow you to take up to 10 practice exams. Intranet Site referred above gives some study tips, reference documents and PMP Exam Experiences of successful candidate. These are nice study notes but you need to be careful that some material may be outdated (based on old version of PMBOK).
  9. 9. Exam Tips (Monique Howard)I prepared for the exam by:•Reading PMBOK•Reading Rita’s Book•Using PMtrak (study tool provided by HP)•Purchasing practice exam from pmstudy.comI found that Rita’s book helped to unclear areas for me. I used the PMtrak tool to help meretain the information. The practice exams from were excellent. I did glanceat other free test sites. But, the questions at came closest to what Iexperienced on the exam.
  10. 10. Q&ASession #22 PM Framework & PM Processes August 21 2:00pm EST Presenter: https:// (PMBOK Chapters 1 – 3) =EHQSDTAASV Participant: https:// =EPFJ3RM47J