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  • 1. Suction Aspiration Dilation and CurettageSalt Poisoning (Saline Injection)
  • 2. 14 weeks: Muscles lenghten andbecome organized. The mother theAt eight to nine weeks willsoon start feeling the first flutterseyelids have begun formingof the baby kicking and appears. By the ninthand15 weeks: Theweeks the prebornand tenth fetus has an adultstaste buds and may be able to savorthe mothers meals. thumb, turnschild sucks hersomersaults, jumps, can16 weeks: Five and a half inches talland only six ounces in weight,squint to close outfine haireyebrows, eyelashes and light,appear. The child can grasp with his herfrown, swallow, and movehands, kick, or even somersault.tongue.
  • 3. At Eighteen WeeksThe fetus is now about 5 inches long.The child blinks, grasps, and moves hermouth. Hair grows on the head andbody.20 weeks: The child can hear andrecognize mothers voice. Though stillsmall and fragile, the baby is growingrapidly and could possibly survive ifborn at this stage. Fingernails andfingerprints appear. Sex organs arevisible. Using an ultrasound device, thedoctor can tell if the child is a girl or aboy. The one on the left is a baby girl.
  • 4. In Suction AspirationGeneral or local anaesthesia is given to themother and her cervix is quickly dilated. A suctioncurette (hollow tube with a knife-edged tip) isinserted into the womb. This instrument is thenconnected to a vacuum machine by a transparenttube. The vacuum suction, 29 times morepowerful than a household vacuum cleaner, tearsthe fetus and placenta into small pieces which aresucked through the tube into a bottle anddiscarded.
  • 5. Dilation and Curettage (D & C) This method is similar to the suction method with the added insertion of a hook shaped knife (curette) which cuts the baby into pieces. The pieces are scraped out through the cervix and discarded [Note: This abortion method should not be confused with a therapeutic D&C Dilation and Curettage done for reasons other than pregancy.]
  • 6. This method is used up to 18 weeksgestation. Instead of the loop-shapedknife used in D&C abortions, a pair offorceps is inserted into the womb tograsp part of the fetus. The teeth ofthe forceps twist and tear the bonesof the unborn child. This process isrepeated until the fetus is totallydismembered and removed. Usuallythe spine must be snapped and theskull crushed in order to removethem.
  • 7. Used after 16 weeks (four months) when enough fluidhas accumulated. A long needle injects a strong saltsolution through the mothers abdomen into thebabys sac. The baby swallows this fluid and ispoisoned by it. It also acts as a corrosive, burning offthe outer layer of skin. It normally takes somewhatover an hour for the baby to die from this. Within 24hours, labor will usually set in and the mother willSalt Poisoning (Saline Injection)give birth to a dead or dying baby. (There have beenmany cases of these babies being born alive. They areusually left unattended to die. However, a few havesurvived and later been adopted.)
  • 8. Prostaglandin Chemical AbortionThis form of abortion usesPartial-Birth Abortion chemicals developed by the UpjohnPharmaceutical Co. partial birth abortion: contract intensely,1)Five steps to a which cause the uterus topushing out the developing baby. The contractions are more2)Guided by ultrasound, the abortionist grabs theviolent than normal, natural contractions, so the unborn baby isbabys legs with forceps.
 3)The babys leg is pulledfrequently killed by them -- some have even been decapitated.out into the birth canal. 
 4)The alive.Many, however, have also been born abortionist deliversthe babys entire body, except for the head.
 5)TheHysterotomy or 3)Caesarean SectionUsed mainly in the last three into the babys skull. Theabortionist jams scissors months of pregnancy, the womb isentered by surgery through the wall of thethe skull.
Thescissors are then opened to enlarge abdomen. 6)Thetechnique is similar to a Caesarean delivery, except that thescissors are removed and a suction catheter isumbilical cord is usually cut while the baby is still in the womb,inserted. The his oxygen supply and causing him causingthus cutting off childs brains are sucked out, to suffocate.the skull to collapse. The dead baby simply left in a cornerSometimes the baby is removed alive and is then die of neglect or exposure.
  • 9. Every human being deserves a chance
  • 10. Citation•• rls=en&q=abortions&oe=UTF- 8&um=1&ie=UTF- 8&hl=en&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi &ei=ccKxT__cGImJtwf0yu3- CA&biw=1029&bih=612&sei=dMKxT4T1D6i36 QHcndjKCQ