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Piracy In Singapore

Piracy In Singapore



Oral Presentation 2 CG1413

Oral Presentation 2 CG1413



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  • It IS possible for ISPs to control the websites/filetypes/content that you are able to access. BUTImagine all the information that will be blocked. Access to legal content will also be affected.An effective BUT DEFINITELY NOT a viable solution.
  • Recent public backlash due to Ubisoft’s decision to connect to server constantly
  • Can these be avoided?
  • Marketing, CGI, Voice actors, Packaging, Developers, Designers etcetc.Actually, counting inflation, cost of games has not changed all that much.
  • Cost/ waiting time per game can be lowered. Breaking games into modules -> Customized games for each person?Not cheap. Need constant attention to a game for a period of time. (Maybe 2-3 years?)Resources can be used elsewhere.Effectiveness depends on quality/brand names of the companiesSolution simply provides incentive for the public to purchase an original product
  • Advertisements only shown in cinemas – Show on TV, newspapers, PostersEducation system – Most schools have IT/social studies subjects where students learn about computers/Internet. Include IT awareness in schoolsThe media has been quiet about any news/punishments regarding media piracy casesSolutions take some time before results can be seen. Effectiveness might be low, depends on public acceptanceCost wise will be quite high -> Marketing campaigns are never cheap

Piracy In Singapore Piracy In Singapore Presentation Transcript

  • Piracy In Singapore
    Team Members:
    Ngo Tuan Vu
    Rayner Chua
  • Contents
    Introduction & Current Situation – Lakshmi
    Survey Results & Solutions – Tuan Vu
    Survey Results & Conclusion - Rayner
  • What is piracy?
    Any unauthorized
    reproduction or distribution
    in a way that violates
    any of the copyright
    owner’s exclusive rights.
  • What is piracy?
  • According to our interview with Ubisoft
    Fraudulent distribution for free - (peer to peer / bit torrents)
    Resale in black market for a fee lower than market prices
    90% of games played on PC are pirated!
  • Why is it a problem for us?
    We won’t remain ‘consumers’ for long!
    KILLS the market
    Hinders potential profitability of smaller projects
  • Statistics
  • Survey
    What do you believe is the most commonly pirated media?
  • Survey
    What do you believe is the most common method to obtain pirated material?
  • Possible Solutions
    • Controlling of access points
    • Hard to do so – Imagine all the data!
    • Agreement between ISPs and customers
    • ISPs ‘ profit
  • Current Solutions
    • DRM – Digital Rights Management
    • Server Authentication
    • Example: Ubisoft’s DRM requires constant internet connection
    • Drawbacks – Need internet connection
  • Survey
    What do you think is the reason people purchase/download pirated media?
  • Why the high cost?
    • Cost of production – Easily reaches over 18-28mil in 2008
    • Recent games (last 3 years) averaging 40-70mil to produce
    US$18,000,000 – US$28,000,000
    US$40,000,000 – US$70,000,000
  • Current Solutions
    • Easily available with online stores/services
    • No need costs for CDs
    • No distributor costs
    • Example: iTunes Store
    • Helped users to find singles/albums at cheaper prices
  • Survey
    If the previous reason(s) was(were) reduced, do you think they would still purchase/download pirated media?
  • Survey
    Why would people still download pirated media ?
    • “People rather get something free rather than cheap.”
    • “Unless it is offered free, price is always a factor.”
    • “Media costs in Asia is high.”
    • Main Reason: Free media
  • Survey
    Do you know of the legal consequences of piracy?
    No (50%)
  • What is the penalty for piracy?
    b) $100,000 per copy
    Maximum $1,000,000 per charge
    Imprisonment up to ten years.
    a) $10,000 per copy
    Maximum $100,000 per charge
    Imprisonment up to ten years.
    d) $10,000 per copy
    Maximum $100,000 per charge
    Imprisonment up to five years.
    c) $5,000 per copy
    Maximum $50,000 per charge
    Imprisonment up to five years.
  • Problem: No Awareness
    • Searching for the term “media piracy laws in singapore”
    • Link to IPOS at the middle to bottom-half of search results
    • Not even at the page regarding laws
  • Solutions
  • Conclusion
    • Media Piracy is hard to control
    • Steps are already being taken
    • Sim Lim started STARetailer program
    • Lower advertising costs
    • Kicked out if too many complaints
  • Conclusion
    • Find the root cause of the problem
    • Justify cost of games
    • Increasing awareness of how media
    piracy affects the public
  • Problem: High cost of games - Solution
    • Change focus of games -
    • DRMs limit the people who buy originals more than pirated goods
    • Focus on delivering unique content instead of DRMs – Special items/services
  • Problem: Lack of Awareness - Solution
    • Increase awareness – How?
    • Advertisements
    • Education system
    • Emphasis on the penalty
    • Increase punishment
  • Conclusion
  • Q & A
    Any questions?
  • Acknowledgements
    • Ms. Happy from NUS CELC
    • Mr. HuguesRicour from Ubisoft
    • Representatives from MDA
    • Representatives from the Crime Bureau
    • And everyone for taking the time to be here
  • Thank You !