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Tuan shipland com----analysis of plm solution demands - vietnam shipbuilding
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Tuan shipland com----analysis of plm solution demands - vietnam shipbuilding


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The analysis will show overall picture of Vietnam’s shipbuilding especially in yacht market. The research will also evaluate current potential of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution …

The analysis will show overall picture of Vietnam’s shipbuilding especially in yacht market. The research will also evaluate current potential of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution application in shipbuilding development strategies through trustworthy reference sources. Besides that the CAD/CAM/CAE systems of some foreign shipyards and design offices will be estimated to intend the PLM solution application.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 2. NGUYEN ANH TUAN, Passionate about yacht – October 19, 2011ContentsAcknowledgement ..................................................................................................................................... 2Brief Introduction about Nguyen Anh Tuan............................................................................................... 2 Page | 1Abstract ...................................................................................................................................................... 2Keywords.................................................................................................................................................... 2I. Introduction ....................................................................................................................................... 3II. Analysis of Current Shipbuilding Situation in Vietnam ...................................................................... 5 2.1. Analysis of Yacht Market in Vietnam ......................................................................................... 6 2.2. Brief descriptions of some essential companies relating shipbuilding and ship design sector in South of Vietnam ............................................................................................................................... 9 2.2.1. Corsair Marine International ( or ................. 9 2.2.2. Vuot Song shipyard ( or 9 2.2.3. Sai Gon Shipyard ( 10 2.2.4. STX Vietnam Offshore Ltd. ( 11 2.2.5. Strategic Marine (V) Co. Ltd. ( ....................................................... 11 2.2.6. South East Asia Shipyard (SEAS) ( ....................................................................... 12 2.2.7. Joint Venture Vietsovpetro ( ......................................................... 12 2.2.8. Petroleum Technical Services Corp. (PTSC) ( 12 2.2.9. Shinsei Vietnam Engineering Co. Ltd ( ..................................................... 13III. SWOT analysis .............................................................................................................................. 13IV. Potential of PLM solution application in Vietnam ....................................................................... 14V. Conclusion ........................................................................................................................................ 16References ............................................................................................................................................... 17
  • 3. NGUYEN ANH TUAN, Passionate about yacht – October 19, 2011Acknowledgement I would like to express my appreciation to my wife’s support and encouragement. She workshard as my assistant in this project. The analysis is composed to promote the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutionapplications especially in strategy of building up ship design capacity of Vietnam. Its information is just Page | 2used as a reference, not warranty or guarantee in here.Brief Introduction about Nguyen Anh Tuan Nguyen Anh Tuan has graduated from HCMC University of Technology - HCMUT (underVietnam National University in HCMC) in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. He currentlyworks as a naval architect with his strong passion for yacht in Vietnam and is a ship design researcherin Institute for Computational Science and Technology (under Department of Science and Technologyin HCMC). He has good background of CAD/CAM/CAE applications for shipbuilding and ship design inVietnam. In the 12th Conference of Science and Technology in HCMC University of Technology in 26October 2011, he will publishes the paper “Development trends of CAD/CAM projects in Vietnam’sshipbuilding industry” with Vo Trong Cang (HCMUT), Nguyen Duc An (HCMUT), and Vu Ngoc Bich(HCMC University of Transportation) in proceeding of conference. Besides that he has also builtrelationships with shipyards and design offices in South of Vietnam as Sai Gon Shipyard Ltd.(Singapore), STX OVS shipyard (Norway), South East Asia Shipyard (France), Vuot Song Shipyard(France), Oil and Gas Production Division (under Vietsovpetro, Russia-Vietnam Joint Venture), ShinseiVietnam (Japan), and Corsair Marine (Australia).Abstract The analysis will show overall picture of Vietnam’s shipbuilding especially in yacht market. Theresearch will also evaluate current potential of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutionapplication in shipbuilding development strategies through trustworthy reference sources. Besidesthat the CAD/CAM/CAE systems of some foreign shipyards and design offices will be estimated tointend the PLM solution application.KeywordsPLM solution, CAD/CAM/CAE solution, yacht, shipbuilding, Vietnam
  • 4. NGUYEN ANH TUAN, Passionate about yacht – October 19, 2011 I. Introduction As Vietnam becomes a member of WTO, Vietnam’s government has built the generaleconomic development policies since 2007. In 2009 the Prime Minister particularly enforced theDecision No. 1601/QĐ-TTg of the Government of approving the planning for Vietnam seatransportation development until 2020 with a vision until 2030 (ECORYS, 2010). According to Central Page | 3Intelligence Agency, foreign investment budget estimates nearly US$ 8 billion in 2011. GDP(purchasing power parity) of Vietnam obtained approximately US$ 276.6 billion and GDP (real growthrate) is 6.8% in 2010 (CIA, 2011). Vietnam’s labor force ranks the 12th in the world and estimates over47 million with median age 27 years (CIA, 2011). Furthermore Vietnam owns long coastline over 3,400km excluding beautiful islands (CIA, 2011). Vietnam is also located at important routes of theinternational sea enterprise. Additionally, the potential of tourism can be proved by wonderfulbeaches, a lot of suitable islands for sailing or cruising, low costs, especially in traditional culture, goodclimate, and friendly citizens. Besides that many luxury real estate projects, for instance DiamondIsland project, and Ocenami project, encourage building marinas for developing luxury yacht andcruising boat building industry for charter or private owner. Especially in Cat Ba Island in HaiPhongCity, VINACONEX Investment and Tourism Development Joint-Stock Company was consulted byCB Richard Ellis Vietnam to plan Cat Ba Amatina Project in 2009 (VITC’s brochure, 2011). This projectwill open a wide complex pleasant area including residential area, commercial zone, Recreation Park,marina, many hotels and restaurants. The total investment budget is estimated approximately US$ 1billion (VINACONEX, 2011). This information clearly indicates that Vietnam has good conditions forshipbuilding industry and maritime economic development besides Vietnam government’s specialpromotion. Particularly, great market potential has shined in yacht market, offshore market, and navalmarket in recent years. Perspective view of Cat Ba Amatina project (Screen shot from VITC’s brochure 2011) Vietnam’s investment environment attracts many concerns from Norway, France, Denmark,Dutch, Belgium, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and USA. There are manyexamples, seven French firms surveyed market potential in Vietnam’s shipbuilding and maritimesector in June 2011 (Government Web Portal, 2011). Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation(NORAD) also carried out research of shipbuilding and maritime industry of Vietnam market in June
  • 5. NGUYEN ANH TUAN, Passionate about yacht – October 19, 20112010 (ECORYS, 2010). Not only STX Europe Corporation of Norway but also Strategic Marine ofAustralia set up their shipyards in Dong Xuyen industrial zone in Vung Tau city. Moreover, in Ho ChiMinh City Sai Gon Shipyard ltd. (SSY) is directly invested by EMAS Corporation of Singapore. Page | 4Left to right: Curtis, Tuan and Gilbert (President of Alabama Roll Production –USA is subcontractor for building Jacking System of Jack-Up Series Project) in Sai Gon Shipyard in June 2009 South East Asia Shipyard owned by Piriou Group of France concentrates on building aluminumfishing vessels located in Long An province. Since 2007, Corsair Marine yacht builder has moved theirshipyard from California in USA to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam (International Boat Industry News,2009). In Vietnam’s domestic yacht market, since 2000 Vuot Song Shipyard was operated by French isone of leading yards applied epoxy composite with cold mould technology. They have launched someluxurious cruising boat for charter and tourism business as Indochine, L’Amant, and Toum Tiou II. In2007, Shinsei Giken Group of Japan chose Vietnam to open an international design office namingShinsei Vietnam Co. Ltd. using AVEVA PDMS 3D plant design software (Shinsei Vietnam, 2011). JointVenture between Kitada Ship Design Co.Ltd and VINASHIN have established since 2003. In addition,Rolls-Royce, Jotun Paints, DNV Vietnam and NORAD also supports some academy courses in marinetechnologies, for instance, inspection course of painting and coating in shipbuilding process. In annualyears, Ho Chi Minh University of Technology (under Vietnam National University HCMC) cooperateswith University of Liege and Australian Maritime College in sponsoring scholarship of post-graduatedprograms. Inspection Course of Coating and Painting Processes in Shipbuilding in HCM City in December 2009 (sponsored by DNV Vietnam - Norway) (Photo is provided by Nguyen Cong Thuan – Business Support Manager, Jotun Paints (Vietnam) Co. Ltd.) Especially in March 2011, Maritime Vietnam was organized successfully the 3rd InternationalExhibition and Conference for Vietnam’s Bouyant Maritime Industry with 350 exhibitors of over 20countries including Norway, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, UAE, USA,UK, China, Singapore, Panama, Japan, and Korea (Maritime Vietnam, 2011). Many international
  • 6. NGUYEN ANH TUAN, Passionate about yacht – October 19, 2011registers, societies, shipbuilders and marine suppliers are spotlights in this expo such as ClassNKregister (Japan), Germanischer Lloyd register (Germany), Phu Thai CAT (dealer of Caterpillar marineengine), Voith Turbo Pte.Ltd., European Diesel Services Ltd., Duramax Marine LLC, NorwegianMaritime Exporters, Holland Marine House Vietnam, and International Maritime Organization (IMO)(Maritime Vietnam, 2011). Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Singapore (SNAMES) isalso welcomed to this exhibition. Page | 5 To estimate the potential of PLM solution application of shipbuilders and ship design offices inVietnam, there will show the analysis of shipbuilding market, capability of shipyards and design officesin next parts. II. Analysis of Current Shipbuilding Situation in Vietnam Vietnamese government’s intention concentrates on maritime economic development forencouraging pushing the growth of other industrial areas. As result, it is an essential concern ofgovernment. Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has strong management opinions. Besides the bankand real estate sectors, he looks maritime economy as the key in the development strategy ofVietnam. That main reason, Vietnam Shipbuilding Industry Group (VINASHIN) has to report directly toPrime Minister’s government office (ECORYS, 2010). According to final report of NORAD (Norway) inJune 2010, Vietnam is one of emerging shipbuilding nations including India, the Philippines, and Brazil.This report also indicates that Vietnam had ranked the fourth largest shipbuilder after South Korea,China, and Japan before worldwide economic crisis appeared in Q4 of 2008. In Asia, Vietnam wascurrently the fifth nation in term of orderbook after China, South Korea, Japan, and the Philippines(EROYS, 2010). These impulses push NORAD to carry out the study of Vietnam’s shipbuilding industry.However Vietnam faces with challenges in investment management, full-skilled manpower, lowproductivity and major knowledge. These reasons keep Vietnam is the tenth rank in output (EROYS,2010). The world’s economic crisis affected not only the worldwide shipbuilding market but alsoVietnam’s shipbuilding in the end of 2008. Although VINASHIN Group is invested US$ 750 million fromgovernment guaranteed international bonds, nearly US$500 million from domestic bonds and getextra loans of US$ 600 million to set up new shipyards and strengthen the shipbuilding capacity, theystill face some problems including low page of new construction because of low productivity, weakcash flow management, and wrong strategies due to bulk carrier market overestimate (ECORYS, 2010).However, the government has restructured VINASHIN group since 2010 (Bloomberg, 2010). There aresome positive results from its restructuring plan, for instance, Ha Long shipyard company (UnderVINASHIN) handed over the 4,900 unit car carrier No.2 namely Violet Ace to Ray Shipping Groupbased in Israel in March 2011 (Ray Shipping Group, 2011) (Viet Stock, 2011). One of member ofVINASHIN Group is Sai Gon Shipyard Industry Company Ltd (SSIC) that lightly shifts from building cargoship to building cruising vessel. In September 2011, SSIC also handed over the luxury cruising vessel92m in length and accommodate 136 passengers with staff up to 60 people naming RV AMALOTUS toIndochina Waterways Joint Stock Company (SSIC, 2011). Since 2008, SSIC has also implementedsuccessfully Unigraphic NX5 in their new ship building projects. In 26 August 2010, Damen ShipyardsGroup (The Netherlands) cooperated with Song Cam Shipyard (one of essential shipyards underVINASHIN) to build Damen-Vinashin shipyard with initial strategy in outfitting service segment(Marinelog, 2010).
  • 7. NGUYEN ANH TUAN, Passionate about yacht – October 19, 2011 Page | 6 RV AMALOTUS’s interior with high-class standard (Screen shoot from: On opposite sites, foreign-invested shipyards still run smoothly their business in Vietnam,because foreign shipyards give directly effective guidance from mother company. South East AsiaShipyard, Sai Gon Shipyard, STX Vietnam and Strategic Marine Vietnam are one of successful symbolsin foreign direct investment. These shipyards just concentrate on substantial contracts in high valueoffshore vessels building segment. In addition, Joint Ventures between VINASHIN and foreign partnersare effectively managed to overcome the challenges in period of worldwide economic crisis. AsHUYNDAI- VINASHIN shipyard, Alborg Boiler, SEIJIN – VINASHIN Marine Accommodation and Vinakita(Japan’s ship design) still develop with investment encouragement of Vietnam’s government (ECORYS,2010). In the shipbuilding involved oil and gas industry, Petroleum Technical Services Corp. (PTSC)under Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (Petrol Vietnam) is another successful story in Vietnamese state-owned corporations. PTSC has also finished many contracts worth of over hundreds of millions dollarsas Chim Sao project worth of US$ 243 million in June 2010 despite the world’s economic crisis. The above successful stories prove that vision of Vietnam’s government encourages theforeign investment and potential sectors in shipbuilding industry and maritime economy with stronggovernment backing. 2.1. Analysis of Yacht Market in Vietnam Cruising Catamaran anchors at Sai Gon Port (Photo by Nguyen Anh Tuan) In the 2000s, Vietnam becomes one of expected destinations of supercar manufacturers asLamborghini, Rolls Royce, Benley, and Aston Martin. Roys Royce Phantom opens the trend of owningluxury car in Sai Gon (VNExpress, February 2011). Then Maybech 62s Zeppelin, Lamborghini
  • 8. NGUYEN ANH TUAN, Passionate about yacht – October 19, 2011Murcielago LP670-4SV, and SLS AMG Mercedes have all appeared in Vietnam’s roads (VNExpress). IanTimberlake, APF’s press reporter, realized that Vietnam’s luxury car market is evaluated very potentialand grew quickly despite economic crisis and currency inflation (BBC Vietnamese, July 2011) (TuoitreNews, July 2011). Nowadays, luxury yacht is also owned by Vietnamese millionaires besides hugevillas, and private resorts. Not only famous Sunseeker brand but also Princess yacht brand hasappeared in Vietnam. Sai Gon Marina Co. Ltd becomes an exclusive agency of Sunseeker in Vietnam. Page | 7One more signal, 4yachting is one of famous web portal of yacht activities with many representativeoffices over the world. It also implements Vietnamese portal with its office in Ho Chi Minh City. Thesereason make Mr. Mike Derrett, is a specialist in luxurious leisure boats in Asia, appreciated Vietnam asanother spotlight of yacht market in region like Phuket of Thailand (SEAYachting, June 2010). Vietnamese portal of 4yachting (Screen shoot from According to Mr. Le Hoang Chau, Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Real Estate Associate (HoREA),the blooming real estate projects involved luxury yacht marinas is a new trend in the modern urbaninside Vietnam (VNExpress, June 2010). The evidence is many real estate projects build marinas forluxury yachts, and cruising boat along Sai Gon river. The Diamond Island is one of big real estateprojects invested US$ 300 million by Binh Thien An Corporation in Ho Chi Minh city (VNExpress, June2010). Its expectation will become the Manhattan of Vietnam. Binh Thien An Corporation has boughtPrincess 58 Yacht for marketing strategy. Another project, Sai Gon Pearl is invested approximatelyVND$ 400 billion (~ US$ 20.0 million) to build its marinas for over 130 yachts (VNExpress, June 2010).Kenton Residences project of Tai Nguyen Corporation also owns their marinas. Perspective view of Diamond Island Project (Image source:
  • 9. NGUYEN ANH TUAN, Passionate about yacht – October 19, 2011 To promote the yacht market, many yacht clubs are established, for instance, Sai Gon YachtClub, Sailing Club, and Vung Tau Yacht Club. Furthermore, international events are also held asInternational Festival of Sailing Boats in Ham Tien Mui Ne beach, Binh Thuan province to promote theyachting activities (Vietnam Tourism Associate, January 2011). Besides, the above advantages, thegovernment has also shortened procedure of yacht operation license approval in Vietnam to promoteprivate-owned yacht market (Phap Luat HCMC, October 2007). Page | 8 Especially in Ho Chi Minh City, the length of Sai Gon River is approximately 1,000km(VNExpress, June 2010). River transportation rate of Ho Chi Minh City is higher than 38 times Thailand,10.3 times China, and 3.6 times whole of Vietnam (VNExpress, June 2010). In addition, trafficinfrastructure of Ho Chi Minh City is always overloaded. Traffic jams usually are everywherethroughout the city at rush hours. One of available solutions, People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh Citystrongly encourages enterprise invest to build river transportation routes. Nowadays, Sai Gon’scitizens can use “taxi boats” of Daily Co. Ltd. to go to their office (VNEpress, October 2011). Accordingto Department of Transportation, plan for development of waterway transportation spends more VND12,000 billion (~ US$ 600 million) for dredging river, building embankments, and build new ports infuture (VNExpress, February 2010). In near future, there will be one of attractive segments forcomposite river boat builders. Taxi Boats put foreigners ashore at Bach Dang wharf (Image source: Taxi bus on Sai Gon river (Image source: Other positive aspects, some sailing yachts are designed by well-known Thompson YachtDesign including Stomp38, and T450 also built in Vietnam (Tboat, viewed 2011). Brunswick Asia alsocooperated with local shipbuilder Tan Vien Dong, well-known composite boat building company(SEAYachting, June 2010). Furthermore, many local builders can provide high-quality composite boatsto serve Vietnam’s tourism industry such as Hai Long Technology Joint Stock Company, Century Co.Ltd, and ANA Joint Stock Co. The tourism blooming in Vietnam opens clearly potential market ofpleasure fleets development. One of evidences is that luxury cruising fleets are invested by Indochina
  • 10. NGUYEN ANH TUAN, Passionate about yacht – October 19, 2011Junk Co. Ltd such as Indochina 25, Indochina 26, and Indochina 27 (Indochina Junk, viewed September2011). The King Yacht of Hai Au Nha Trang Co. Ltd is designed and built by Institute for Shipbuildingand Marine Research (Under Nha Trang University is one of five essential universities in marineengineering and naval architecture in Vietnam). There will create substantial demands in yacht design approved by strict standards of Page | 9international register as American Bureau of Shipping, Det Norske Veritas and Germanischer Lloyd.Vietnam will be the great potential market for both of foreign yacht builders and local yacht buildersin tourism boat market. Demand of improving CAD/CAM/CAE systems will be appreciatedcorresponding ship design development trends inside Vietnam. 2.2. Brief descriptions of some essential companies relating shipbuilding and ship design sector in South of Vietnam 2.2.1. Corsair Marine International ( or office and shipyard: 7 Go O Moi Street, Phu Thuan Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Corsair Marine International is the leader of trailerable sailing trimaran in the world.According to Corsair Marine’s official portal, Corsair’s trimarans are currently worth from US$51,000to over US$ 300,000. Nowadays, over 1,600 trimarans of Corsair are pleasantly operated in the wholeworld (Corsair Marine, 2011). Recently, they have also built catamaran yachts which are estimatedUS$ 1 million price per one (Corsair Catamaran, 2011). In next steps, they will upgrade CAD systems to3D CAD/CAM/CAE innovative systems for expanding their design capacity, productivity and improvingalso management processes.Left to right: Tuan and Kevin (Interior Manager of Catamaran Projects) in Corsair Marine’s shipyard on 29 September 2011 2.2.2. Vuot Song shipyard ( or office: 20/16 Nguyen Truong To, floor 6th, Ward 12, District 4, HCMC, Vietnam Vuot Song Shipyard was established in 2000. Nowadays, the shipyard is operated by 100%French investment. Otherwise, they contribute to establish the Sai Gon Yacht Club for yacht marketdevelopment. They concentrate on building cruising boats for tourism industry. According to VuotSong Shipyard Catalogue 2012, this builder has successfully handed over “Indochine” cruising boat50m in length to Compagnie Fluviable du Mekong. Vuot Song also owns an innovative design teamsimilar to popular marine CAD/CAM/CAE systems in Vietnam as 3DS Max, AutoCAD, Maxsurf, andShipConstructor (Vuot Song Shipyard’s brochure, 2011).
  • 11. NGUYEN ANH TUAN, Passionate about yacht – October 19, 2011 Page | 10 Indochine cruising boat built by Vuot Song Shipyard (Image snapshot from Vuot Song Catalogue 2012) 2.2.3. Sai Gon Shipyard ( office: 99 Quarter 3, Thanh My Loi Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamShipyards:99 Quarter 3, Thanh My Loi Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamDong Xuyen Industrial Park, Rach Dua Ward, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province, Vietnam Sai Gon shipyard is one of successful foreign investment stories in Vietnam’s shipbuildingindustry. The shipyard is totally supported by EMAS Group (Singapore). They focus recently onpotential offshore market. Since 2008, they have built the largest self-propelled jack up rigs(liftboats) in the world. In last decade, they also build some luxury yachts, for instance, the Song SaiGon yacht is worth about over US$1.5 million. To enhance design capacity, Sai Gon Shipyard willinvest ShipConstructor software to merge with shipyard’s current CAD/CAM system in near future. Preparation for launching lift boat in Sai Gon Shipyard (Image source: Aluminum superyacht built by Sai Gon Shipyard (Screen shot from:
  • 12. NGUYEN ANH TUAN, Passionate about yacht – October 19, 2011 2.2.4. STX Vietnam Offshore Ltd. ( office and shipyard in Vietnam: Dong Xuyen Industrial Park, Rach Dua Ward, Vung Tau City, BaRia – Vung Tau Province, Vietnam According to Study on Competitiveness of the Europe Shipbuilding Industry (Norway), STXShipbuilding Group is the fourth of leading shipyards in the world. On 28 April 2010, the new shipyard Page | 11of STX Group was welcomed by Vietnam’s government (STX Europe, 2010). STX Europe has spent US$16 million in STX Vietnam’s shipyard investment (Embassy of Denmark, 2011). In Vietnam, theshipyard’s strategy builds special vessels to serve its international offshore customer in near regions.Korea’s STX Shipbuilding has deployed ENOVIA solution for long time (Dassautl Systemes, viewed2011). This indicated that STX Vietnam will also require their current design team controls morecomplex issues inside offshore vessel project via PLM solutions in next pace. Background of STX Shipyard in Vung Tau city (Screen shoot from HSE report of STX OVS) 2.2.5. Strategic Marine (V) Co. Ltd. ( office: Unit 1103, 11th Floor Me Linh Point Tower, No.2 Ngo Duc Ke Street, District 1, Ho Chi MinhCity, VietnamShipyard: 12 Dong Xuyen Industrial Zone, Rach Dua Ward, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria-Vung Tau, Vietnam Strategic Marine Australia is one of leading aluminum shipbuilder in Australia. In 2007 theyrealized an essential decision to invest a shipyard with over 127,000 m2 area in Dong Xuyen IndustrialZone in Vietnam. Nowadays, the shipyard employs more than 1,070 employers with full equipment toserve offshore vessel refitting segment in neighboring regions. In May 2010, Strategic Marine VietnamShipyard successfully launched out the dive support vessel of 6,800 tons via new launchingtechnology supported by airbags (Marinelink, May 2010). In present time, Strategic Marine has manycontracts worth of over US$ 120 million in term of orderbook (Pert now, March 2011). Erection area in Strategic Marine Vietnam Shipyard (Image source:
  • 13. NGUYEN ANH TUAN, Passionate about yacht – October 19, 2011 2.2.6. South East Asia Shipyard (SEAS) ( office: Thuan Dao Hamlet, Ben Luc Suburban District, Long An Province, VietnamShipyards:Thuan Dao Hamlet, Ben Luc Suburban District, Long An Province, Vietnam1042 Huynh Tan Phat, Phu Xuan Ward, Nha Be Suburban District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Page | 12 According to the SEAS’s official website, the shipyard operates 4,800 sq.m production areasinside 23,000 sq.m industrial land in Long An Province. SEAS shipyard is directly invested by the PirourGroup of France. They have special experience in building aluminum and steel fishing boats up to100m in length (Piriou, viewed 2011). Erection Workshop at SEAS (Image source: 2.2.7. Joint Venture Vietsovpetro ( office: 105 Le Loi Street, Ward 6, Vung Tau City, Vietnam Vietsovpetro smoothly operates many subsidiary companies. Vietsovpetro is an essential role inoil and gas industry of Vietnam. Many kinds of platforms, jack-ups, and tankers are built and operatedby Vietsovpetro. In September 2011, Vietsovpetro successfully launched Moc Tich (Jupiter) stationarystruss that is the largest stationary platform built by domestic contractors in up to present (PVNC,2011). Nowadays, Vietsovpetro dominates 80% of Vietnam’s products from oil and gas. Vietnambecomes the 3th ranking in oil production and export in South East Asia (Vietsovpetro, 2011). In the28th Anniversary Celebration of Joint Venture, Vietsopetro announced that is 22-25% state income ofVietnam comes from Vietsopetro’s crude-oil corresponding US$ 20.2 billion. Besides that seniorexperts and technicians from Russian Federation have transferred major knowledge of oil and gasexploration via international conferences and workshops. 2.2.8. Petroleum Technical Services Corp. (PTSC) ( office: Floor 5th, No. 1-5 Le Duan, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamShipyard of PTSC Marine (under PTSC): 73, 30/4 Street, Vung Tau City, VietnamPTSC is a spotlight in Vietnam’s shipbuilding industry. They have loaded out many successful projects.In current time, they have carried out Bien Dong 1 project worth of US$800 million. Especially inSeptember 2011, PTSC handed out the first 90m jack-up drilling rig that is biggest and most moderndrilling rig supervised by American Bureau of Shipping inside Vietnam. CAD system of PTSC applies onNupas Cadmatic proved by their recruitments require new hull design manager applying NupasCadmatic software (PTSC, 2011). Otherwise, NORAD still evaluates Vietnam that has low pace to catchthe oil and gas market demands (EROYS, 2010).
  • 14. NGUYEN ANH TUAN, Passionate about yacht – October 19, 2011 2.2.9. Shinsei Vietnam Engineering Co. Ltd ( stHead office: 1 Floor, H3 Building, 384 Hoang Dieu St., Dist.4, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.Shinsei Vietnam’s strength is plant simulation especially in complex piping systems design based in 3DCAD system of AVEVA PDMS software. Senior engineering experts of Shinsei can provide totalsolutions involve engineering, procurement/construction, operation & maintenance and project Page | 13management. III. SWOT analysisSWOT analysis will help the investor has effective decisions in investment strategies via the overallpicture of competitive environment in Vietnam’s shipbuilding industry. SWOT analysis is mostlyreferred from Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (ECORYS, 2010).Strengths  Vietnam owns long coastline and locates in center of international shipping routes  Huge, young and self-motivated labour force  Low investment cost due to low labour and management cost  Giving many investment incentive policies from Vietnam’s governmentWeaknesses  Poor management skills as inefficiently supply chain management and production planning  Knowledge gap between institutions and industry sufficiently  Low productivity besides limited ship design capacity  Low flexibility to become familiar to market challengesOpportunities  Set up international design office with low operation cost  Open training center of innovative ship design and marine technology to meet the huge demands from foreign builders inside Vietnam  Potential markets in ship repair and energy industry especially in offshore platform, support vessels, and FPSO  Blooming market of high-standard cruising boats for tourism and luxury real estate projects, and private-owned yacht  Set up marine equipment facilities to increase the local proportion up to 60%-70% in 2015 following Vietnam’s government ambitionThreats  Strictly competition market due to worldwide overcapacity in the fleet  Complicated import-export procedure  Inadequate knowledge in marine engineering and naval architecture
  • 15. NGUYEN ANH TUAN, Passionate about yacht – October 19, 2011 IV. Potential of PLM solution application in Vietnam The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation offers many potential fields to cooperatewith local enterprises or invest directly in Vietnam (ECORYS, June 2010). For instance, foreigninvestors can establish new shipyards in Vietnam like STX Europe, and Corsair Marine; set upproduction facilities in Vietnam to provide maritime equipment for Vietnam’s shipyards and export to Page | 14region market like Odim, and Karmsund Maritimes; open ship design office with Vietnam partners likeVietsopetro; cooperation in checking, testing and after service; and cooperate with Vietnam partnersin building up operation and management capacity. Particularly, ship design plays a very important role in shipbuilding development strategies.Innovation Norway in Hanoi points that material and equipment suppliers of Japan and Korea will berecommended by their national design offices (ECORYS, June 2010). Nowadays, trends of green designand Cooperate Social Responsibility (CSR) are really challenges faced by shipbuilders and shipdesigners. On the other hand, the modern ships contain complex systems besides obeyinginternational rules. To optimize the resources and also meet customer’s needs, the new project ofmodern ship design requires discipline collaboration of multiple design teams around the world.Hence, demands of worldwide collaboration in ship design processes increase more and more,especially in outsourcing trends due to input cost optimization. PLM solution is really an effectiveinnovation to help the shipbuilders and also ship designers accelerate the development trends inworldwide shipbuilding industry. Nowadays, there are some leading groups develop totally PLMsolution for shipbuilding as AVEVA (UK), SEIMENS (USA), and DASSAULT SYSTEMES (France). In present, many CAD/CAM/CAE solutions have been applied by shipyards inside Vietnam. Themost of shipyards’ CAD/CAM system have used AutoCAD 2D-3D (product of Autodesk, USA) as basesystem. CAE solutions involving AutoShip (Canada), Maxsurf (Product of Formation Design System PtyLtd, Australia), ANSYS (USA), and SAMCEF (Belgium) are just implemented by ship design offices,research institutes, and universities. Particularly, PLM solution is still unpopular recognition inVietnam’s shipbuilding. However, AVEVA Marine has recently been represented at HCMC Universityof Technology by Shinsei Vietnam’s support. In ship design software application courses, the studentsof Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (HCMUT) are currently encouraged usingAVEVA PDMS besides using Marsurf and SAMCEF. Since May 2009, Vietsovpetro has implemented SmartPlant 3D of Intergraph Corporation (USA) intheir plant design system (Integraph Corp., 2009) (Credent Technology Co, Ltd, 2009). As SmartPlant3D, AVEVA PDMS is well-known software in offshore engineer communities of Vietnam. According toAVEVA PIPELINE magazine Issue 1 - 2009, PTSC Mechanica & Construction (PTSC M&C under PTSC)implemented AVEVA PDMS in early 2007. PTSC M&C has deployed PDMS to build 3D virtual models ofoffshore platforms for Pearl field and Su Tu Den (Back Lion) Northeast field (AVEVA, 2009). In Vietnam, most of naval architects and marine engineers are similar to AutoCAD, AutoShip,Maxsurf, and Shipconstructor (Canada) because they are usually used in training courses ofuniversities and colleges. Rhinoceros (USA) and 3ds Max (product of Autodesk, USA) is also used todevelop new concept design and interior design. Examples of Shipconstructor’s users, Hong HaShipbuilding Company (or Z173 factory under the Ministry of Defence) has deployed ShipConstructorsoftware in their new battle ship building project (BBC Vietnamese, 2011) (Tuoi Tre New, 2011). Sai
  • 16. NGUYEN ANH TUAN, Passionate about yacht – October 19, 2011Gon Shipyard has also announced that they could merge ShipConstructor software into their currentCAD/CAM system (TuanShipLand, May 2011). Since 2008, design engineers of SSIC have applied Unigraphic NX5 (product of SEIMENS, USA) in3D design projects. Nowadays, SSIC provides services involving technology consultant and designbased in Unigraphic NX5 software, DEFCAR software (Spain) and LANTEK (Korea). In March 2010, the Page | 15staff of shipyard overcomes all challenges from the world’s economic crisis to hand over cargo ship11,000DWT to the shipowner Franbo Lines of Taiwan. In this cargo ship project, SSIC bases in 3Dsolutions of Unigraphic NX5 to export production drawings in arrangement and equipmentinstallation, electric system, and piping system besides (SSIC, 2010). Ship engine room model based 3D-simulation via Nupas-Cadmatic (Image soure: Nupas-Cadmatic (Finland) has been applied in Vietnam for long time (Cadmatic, 2008). As DamenVinashin Joint Venture’s recruitment information requires new marine engineering manager has full-skilled Nupas Cadmatic software application (Vietnamworks, 2011). Sai Gon Shipmarine has alsopurchased Nupas-Cadmatic with EUR 310,000 for license (Saigon Shipmarine, viewed 2011). Although many CAD/CAM/CAE solutions besides PLM technology are recently represented andapplied in Vietnam, Vietnamese shipbuilding productivity is evaluated low capacity by NORAD’s study(ECORYS). The first reason, naval architects, marine engineers, offshore engineers and evenproduction managers have the lack of knowledge of PLM technologies, because the universities don’tupdate PLM software knowledge for students. Almost, the builders and the ship designers are justcare about the CAD/CAM/CAE software. They don’t have extremely overview of PLM advantages. PLMcan enhance shipyard’s competitive capacity via shortening ship delivery time, effectively supply chainoperation, production cost reduction, and especially in real-time collaboration. Hence, they don’tinvest totally the PLM technology from one PLM service provider. Secondly, Vietnam just hasuniversities in training marine engineering and naval architecture, but there are not any communitiesof PLM software application in marine and offshore sectors. Thirdly, cost of total PLM solution is soexpensive. If users don’t see practical advantages of PLM, the investment cost will be a big barrier.This reason also prevents universities invest PLM solutions for training. Fourthly, there is lack of thetraining courses of PLM solution application. Particularly in yacht design, Vietnam has not theinternational ship design centers for training professional yacht design courses using hi-end softwarein 3D solution and PLM technology. In conclusion, before PLM solution application, key managersshould plan the detail strategies suitable to company’s development strategy besides upgrade versionand also remaining license.
  • 17. NGUYEN ANH TUAN, Passionate about yacht – October 19, 2011 V. Conclusion The analysis proves strongly that Vietnam has many incentive factors to develop strong maritimeeconomic especially in luxury cruising boats and offshore relative segments. There is a uniquecombination of encouragement conditions including low costs, advantage physical geography, foreign-invested incentive policies, and high adaptable labor force. Vietnam is really one of promising markets Page | 16for shipbuilding and technology transfer without economic crisis (Embassy of Denmark, August 2011).Through the substantial development of DNV, Jotun, STX Shipyard, Rolls Royce Marine, GoltensVietnam and Marinacc, hence NORAD has still evaluated Vietnam is an attractive place ofdevelopment opportunities for Norwegian maritime companies in their final study of the Vietnameseshipbuilding industry and maritime sector (ECORYS, 2010). Otherwise, to obtain effectively substantial development objects in shipbuilding industry,Vietname has to enhance immediately management processes as cash flow management, humanresource, and production processes especially in design capacity approved by international registersbesides effective supply chain management. In addition, Vietnam should concentrate on developingthe advanced knowledge and technologies especially in PLM solution for shipbuilding and ship designin next master strategies.
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