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  • 1. GREENTECH 2012 * CKM-15 ON BUILDING 3D SUPPORT SYSTEM IN THE SHIPBUILDING PROCESS IN VIET NAM Vo Trong Cang1, Nguyen Anh Tuan 2, Vo Anh Dung 3 1 Ho Chi Minh city University of Technology (HCMUT) , CATIA for OFFSHORE FPSO** – External turret design VNU-HCM. ( 2 Institute of Computational Science and Technology, Dept. of Science and Technology HCMC. ( – 3 HoanMy Engineering Co.Ltd., HCM city, Viet Nam. * GTSD2012 International Conference on Program Comprehension Note: The presentation is prepared based on acepted paper in Greentech 2012, and is just for academic purposes.Source: Dassault Systemes ** Floating Production, Storage and Offloading
  • 2. 2ABSTRACT: From concept to deployment, the ship production process requires increase efficiency, lower costs, andinnovative solutions that willprovide support throughout the life cycle of the ship. WorldShipyards experience with new ship construction and production help us tomeet challenging requirements. The ship production service offeringsinclude: ship design and assembly, materials planning and procurement,information management, etc.This paper will explain how to build the 3D support system for shipbuildingprocess in the small to medium sized shipyards in Viet Nam.Keywords: 3D modeling; Support system; Digital shipbuilding; Shipyard;Product Lifecycle Management (PLM); Virtial Product Management
  • 3. 3 Research BackgroundThe analysis is one of series in project “Research and build digitalsimulation-based support system for shipbuilding industry” to assistmarine and offshore builders of Vietnam comprehend the advantages ofSBD and CIM especially in new PLM solution application.Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering in Ho Chi Minhcity University of Technogy in cooperation with National Key Laboratory ofDigital Control and System Engineering (DCSE-LAB) / Vietnam NationalUniversity HoChiMinh city (VNU-HCM) can build and test modules ofsimulation and accuracy control for Vietnam’s shipyards [28, 29].The paper is one of report series of project “Research and build the digitalsimulation system in shipbuilding”. The project is funded by VietnamNational University HCM city under grant number B-2012-20-15 and alsosupported by DCSE-LAB.
  • 4. 4Summary S1. Progressive Trend of Digiatal Simulation Application 1 in Shipbuilding2. 3D Simulation-Based Support Systems in PLM Solution 23. Case Studies 3a a) Yantai CIMC Raffles Offshore Ltd. China b) Samsung Heavy Industries 3b South Korea4. Intelligent PLM applications of CAD/CAM/CAE system 4Conclusion CReferences R
  • 6. 6 In South Korea, Seoul National University, S Samsung Heavy and some national institutes are funded to carry out the 1 project “Integrated Digital Shipbuilding Technology for Development of High 2 Value-added Ship” since 2001 [2] 3a Samsung Heavy Industries is an essential shipbuilder in South Korea has adopted DEMILIA solution to develop the 3b3D simulation-based machinery next-generation simulation shipbuildingarrangement in Hyundai SY [5] system since January of 2003 [4] 4Hyundai Heavy Industries has In May of 2010, Dassault Systemes Capplied advanced 3D simulation- cooperated with the government of Southbased solutions as AVEVA Korea, and Keimyung University in settingMarine, NAPA, Nastran, and R up their Shipbuilding R&D Center atTeamcenter, Teachnomatix [5] Keimyung University in Daegu [3]
  • 7. Overview of 3D simulation application in Vietnam 7 The PTSC Mechanical and Construction S (PTSC M&C) under the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group has used AVEVA PDMS 1 to design and simulate 3D model of 600 meter well head riser topside for the Pearl 2 field since 2008 [8]. 3a Many 3D CAD/CAM/CAE solutions for shipbuilding industry are represented in 3b Vietnam involving Maxsurf, AutoShip, Ship Constructor, AVEVA PDMS, Smart Marine 4 3D, Nupas-Cadmatic, Unigraphic NX, and CATIA [18, 19] C600-meter wellhead riser topsideis simulated via AVEVA PDMS Rby PTSC M&C [1]
  • 8. 8 S 1 2 3a 3bHong Ha Shipbuilding Company (or Z173 factory under 4Ministry of Defense) implemented successfully ShipConstructor to design the new naval artillery ship [18,19]. C R
  • 9. 9 S 90 meters jack-up drilling rig in PV Shipyard 1 (Source: PV Shipyard) 2 3a 3b 4 Intergraph solutions as Smart Marine 3D and Smart Complex structure of Plant 3D are also effectively applied by C 90- meters Jack-up VIETSOVPETRO and PV Shipyard to build complexDrilling Rig is designed offshore structures in 3D visual environment [23,24]. by PV Shipyard R (Source: Intergraph)
  • 10. 10Saigon Shipbuilding Industry Co. Ltd used Unigraphic NX5 of SSiemens to build 3D simulation-based models of piping andelectric systems [20]. 1On the other software, Nupas-Cadmatic is used by Saigon 2Shipmarine ship yard to move forward 3D simulation-baseddesign [21]. 3aIn offshore market, STX OSV shipyard and PTSC M&C haveadopted AVEVA solution to maintain their competitive 3badvantages with modern SBD and CIM systems [8, 22]. 4 C R
  • 12. Accuracy Control System (ACS)• Check the block design (block is fabricated by a lot of objects as steel plate, pipe systems, and etc) and compared with 12 design model based on 3D CAD systems;• Review the block assembly process based on 3D simulation, then analysis and operation; SErection Forecasting Simulation System (EFSS): 13D simulation-bassed production provides the analysis andprediction tools of production condition before block erection, and 2thus to save erection time and increase shipbuilding capacity. 3a Erection 3b simulationapplication of SAMIN* [30] 4 * One of popular vendors is SAMIN Information System C Co. (SAMIN) in Korea. According to estimation of SAMIN, the company covers 25 - 30% share of EFSS market and 13-14% share of ACS [30] R
  • 13. 13Plant simulation is virtual tool for simulatingshipyard activities. The innovative technologies helpproduction management board can answer manyquestions as how can optimize the time, work space, Shuman power in manufacture processes.Nowadays, plant simualtion is openly used from 1super yacht building project to huge commercialvessels, and even naval ships as submarine. 2Advantages of plant simulation deployment [31]: 3a• Optimize the shipyard space and enterprise Production based on virtual resources; simulation in Tecnomatrix ® Plant 3b• Expend erection schedule, avoide the unforeseen Simulation of Siemens [31] errors in erection;• Streamline the accuracy and safety in planning; 4• Steamline the complex material management and coordination; C• Exactly time prediction of ship delivery;• Manufacture cost estimation capacity enhancement. R
  • 14. Shipbuilding Process * 14 S 1 2 3a 3b 4 C R* Source: AVEVA, AVEVA Integrated Shipbuilding, 2010
  • 15. 15Project coordination in ship production process [9] S 1 2 3a 3b 4 C R
  • 16. The shipbuilding process 16using block erection technology [10] S 1 2 3a 3b 4 C R
  • 17. 17 S 1 2 Pre-Processing Part Fabrication Part Assembly 3a 3b 4 C Piping Outfitting Block Assembly Onboard Outfitting RSource: TuanShipLand.comAt TRIYARD SSY’s Shipyard (Under EMAS Group, Singapore)
  • 18. 18 Yantai CIMC Raffles Offshore Ltd has three shipyards are located in Yantai, Haiyang, and S Longkou in Shandong province, China. It is known that is the largest rig builder with nearly 4,000 1 employees and 8,000 sub-contracted workers in China. The shipyard in Yantai is also called Yantai 2 Raffles shipyard (YRS) can positively design and build the Jack-ups with leg’s length over 120 m 3a besides semi-submersible drilling rigs, and heavy derrick pipe-lay vessels. 3bCase study: 4Yantai CIMC Raffles Offshore Ltd. CChina R
  • 19. 19 With increasing development and high competitive pressure, YRS has to S transform the original 2D CAD systems into the innovative 3D simulation-based 1 support systems to streamline their design and production capacity. 2 Since 2008, DS PLM solutions including 3a CATIA, SIMULIA, DELMIA, and ENOVIA VPLM have usefully been implemented3D Simulation-based model of 3b by YRS. [11, 12] Jack-up of Yantai Raffles Shipyard [7] 4 C R
  • 20. 3D simulation-based FEA in CATIA [12] 20 S 1 2 3a 3b 4 C R
  • 21. 21 S 1 Complex systems of 2semi-submersible platform simulated by CATIA [12] 3a 3b 4 C R
  • 22. 22 S 1 23D simulation-basedship structure block 3a erection process control [12] 3b 4 C R
  • 23. 23The new innovative 3D simulation-basedsupport systems of DS PLM solution enable SYRS to: 1• shorten the production process as much as 2 70% faster• improve effectively the design capacity as 3a much as 30%• optimizes their investment budget 3b• increases the profitable income• decreasing over two million man hours in 4 building the semi-submersible platform. C R
  • 24. 24 In 2001, Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) was a member of the key national project in building a S simulation-based digital shipyard. The essential goal of this project is to improve national 1 shipbuilders’ competitive advantages. Since 2003 Samsung’s shipyard has effectively launched 2 DELMIA digital manufacturing technology of Dassault Systemes to build their simulation-based digital shipyard. 3a SHI with around 13,000 employees can deliver more than 70 vessels every year. 3bCase study: 4Samsung Heavy Industries CSouth Korea R
  • 25. 25 Recently, SHI has carried out the new projects of field development ship S (FDS) design. The structure of FDS is such a complicated design that SHI 1 has coped with difficult situations in design stage. Smart Marine 3D 2 provides state of the art digital solution to support marine engineers design the 3a complex structures as bulbous bow design and systems as HVAC, piping, and electrical. SHI owns advanced 3b method of mega-block erection processDrilling platform is built to minimize the fabricated blocks and 4by Geoje shipyard [13] thus to shorten delivery time. SHI has to fabricate such complex mega-blocks C and install marine equipment in pre- assembly stage. Material procurement R planning plays a very essential role to secure the project schedule.
  • 26. 26 S 1As positive results, Geoje shipyard of SHI 2applied usefully DELMIA to optimize blockerection procedures and also enhance the 3amaintenance processes. The new technology is 3bexpected to save US$7.3 million a year bysimulating all aspects of ship production 4processes in visual environment. C R
  • 27. 27Up to now, many vendors consult and provide the PLMsolutions from open source as Aras Innovator of ArasCorp. to commercial software as Enovia SmarTeam of SDassault Systemes [32]. In marine and offshoreindustry, there are four famous companies in total 1solution development for ship lifecycle managementincluding Dassault Systemes (France), Siemens (USA),AVEVA (UK) and Intergraph (USA). In the limited paper, 2the authors briefly represent SBD and CIM integratedinto PLM solution of Dassault Systemes and Intergraph. 3a 3bNext generation 4Intelligent PLM applications ofCAD/CAM/CAE systems C R
  • 28. 28 S 1 2 3a 3b 4 C3D Experience platform of Dassault R Systemes for ship lifecycle management [27]
  • 29. 29 3D-basedsimulation of engine S room [9] 1 2 3a 3b 4 3D-based simulation of C piping system in CATIA [9] R
  • 30. 30 S 1 Catamaran Yacht Structure Optimization via CATIA 2 (Source: Linea Concept) 3a 3b 4 C RProduction Simulation of Composite Resin of Sailing Yacht Via CATIA (Source: AITAC)
  • 31. PLM platform of SmartMarine Enterprise of Intergraph [17] 31 S 1 2 3a 3b 4 C The whole offshore lifecycle data is built, shared and managed based on 3D simulation in real time. All concerns from engineering, design through R production to warehouse operation, cost control, and production planning will be integrated into one platform of SmartMarine Enterprise.
  • 32. 32Piping routing based on 3D simulation in SSmart Marine 3D [17] 1 2 3a 3b 4 3D simulation-based C bulbous bow structure in Smart Marine 3D [17] R
  • 33. 33 Conclusion SThe advantages of the digital shipbuilding database management and 3Dsimulation-based technologies, 1(1) save man hours, and manufacturing cost,(2) optimize ROI rate, 2(3) decision making assistant,(4) improve design, production, operation and maintenance capability. 3aUp to now, Vietnam has lack of research and analysis of intelligent PLMplatform although 3D simulation-based design (SBD) and computer 3bintegrated manufacturing (CIM) has recently appeared in foreign-investedshipyards and government-owned groups. 4Marine and offshore builders in Vietnam should consider clearly new PLM Csolutions based on project budget, shipyard’s size, and employee ability.Hence, shipyard can choose the suitable PLM package to optimize ROI and Radvance the competitiveness.
  • 34. 34 Conclusion SThese will encourage universities catch the new technology trends in 1joint-venture shipyards in Vietnam, and also provide high qualityengineers for labour market in marine and offshore field. As result, the 2shipyards will not waste time and money to train the junior engineers,and vendors can also diffuse the new intelligent simulation solutions. Toobtain the objects, universities need to strong supports and education 3acooperation policies from 3D simulation solution vendors. 3bIn order to do so, Intergraph and HCMUT will cooperate to build up acooperation model to study Intergraph software solutions applied in 4engineering, operation, maintenance, marine and offshore. So, HCMUTmay exploit the Intergraph’s Educational Grant Program for that initative. CThis cooperation could be potential to train students because the gapbetween academic training and industrial design and production Rproblems can be reduced significantly.
  • 35. Next Steps 35 S3D CAD Solutions Production Production Environment Planning 1 3D Models 2 Popular Interactive SBD – CIM Systems Programming 3a Languages 3bSimulation – Analysis – Prediction – Statistics – Bill of Materials (BOM) 4 Project Management C Ship Lifecycle Management Production Process Control and Evaluation R
  • 36. References 361. ECORYS Netherland BV. Final Report for Directorate-General Enterprise & Industry: Study on Competitiveness of European Shipbuilding Industry. Rotterdam. The Netherlands (2009)2. Young J.S., Jong H. W., and Jong G. S. Research on a simulation-based ship production support system for middle- S sized shipbuilding companies. International Journal of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Korea (2009)3. DassaultSystemes. Dassault Systèmes to Open R&D Center in Korea in April. Seoul. South Korea. DOI= 1 korea-in-april/single/2627/?cHash= b1aa658582b679f1a264f08ec0a074ff (2010)4. DassaultSystemes. Samsung Heavy Industries Co. Transforms to Digital Shipyard with DELMIA. Seoul. South Korea. DOI= company/news-media/press-releases-detail/release//single/121/?no_cache=1 (2003) 25. Hyundai Heavy Industries Co.Ltd. Shipbuilding. Ulsan. Korea. (2011)6. Dassault Systèmes. DS PLM Success Story: Yantai Raffles Shipyard Limited – Enhancing Efficiency and Productivity with DS PLM Solution. France (2008).7. Dassault Systèmes. Contact mag: Special Energy Edition. France. p.19 (2009) 3a8. AVEVA Pipeline. 2009. Design precision beats rising costs in Vietnam. Iss 1. p. 21 (2009).9. Dassault Systèmes. PLM Solution in Shipbuilding. France. DOI= (2007) 3b10. Hongtae Kim, Jong-Kap Lee, Jin-Hyoung Park, Beom-Jin Park, Dong-Sik Jang. Applying digital manufacturing technology to ship production and the maritime environment. Seoul. Korea. P. 295-305 (2002)11. Dassault Systèmes. DS PLM Success Story: Yantai Raffles Shipyard Limited – Charting the future of offshore and 4 marine industry with DS PLM Solution. France (2008)12. CIMC Raffles. Innovative Proven. DOI= enterprise/raffles/ability/research/ (2012)13. Samsung Heavy Industries. Geoje Shipyard. DOI= (2012)14. DassaultSystemes. Samsung Heavy Industries uses Delmia Digital Technology for futuristic Digital Shipbuilding Plant. C DOI= web/news/en_GB/shi/_files/75940481044320367/default/DELMIA-SHI-162006.pdf (2006)15. Intergraph. Case Study: Samsung Heavy Industries, Korea. DOI= (2011) R16. Samsung Heavy Industries. New technologies: Mega-block Construction Method. DOI= (2012)
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