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Qco nro #1

  1. 1. Quality Care Options <br />NRO #1<br />v.2 – 9.14.11<br />Headline:<br />9 Key Criteria For Finding The Best Nurses <br />Copy:<br />In any medical facility, providing patients with the best possible personalized care and attention is the number one priority. Whether it’s long-term or emergency care that’s required, your nurses and medical support personnel must be able to manage and treat their patients according to each unique patient need or condition. That’s why it’s important to have compassionate, fully credentialed staff on hand at all times. <br />When it comes to hiring the best, most qualified professionals for your medical facility staff, it is imperative to make sure their qualifications go beyond just a resume and an interview. The following list of key credentials and criteria has been compiled to provide you with a guide for finding the ideal nursing and medical support professionals for your facility.<br />Licenses and Certifications – There are over 100 different certifications available to nurses, most of which cater specifically to a particular area or specialty. However, in general, nurses must possess a nursing license (RN), nursing certification (CCRN) and/or an academic degree in nursing (MSN).<br />Extensive Educational Background – In addition to degrees and certification levels, it is important to know the extent of your nursing staff’s educational background. This background is important in order for the employer to rest assured that the candidate has a solid understanding of how they are expected to carry out his or her duties.<br />Comprehensive Work Experience – While a strong educational background is helpful, it is not easy to be thrown into a situation you have never experienced before. When searching for that perfect candidate, it is essential to ask about their experience and how it relates to the duties they will be asked to perform.<br />Reputable Clinical References – To prove that the candidate is experienced in specific areas and able to execute the necessary tasks of the job, references from past employers or coworkers provide a clearer picture of on-the-job performance. While a positive reference can impress you, a negative one can also raise a red flag.<br />Clear Criminal History – Nurses and other medical support personnel are held to a high standard of ethical conduct because they are responsible for other people’s lives. For this reason, if a candidate’s record shows any history of criminal activity, it reflects poorly on their ability to uphold that responsibility. Be sure to investigate every situation on a case-by-case basis and, if the record is in any way unclear, ask the candidate directly about past incidents or infractions. <br />Completely Drug Free – Like having a clear criminal record, it is equally important for a nursing professional to be completely drug free. Given that nurses and other medical support professionals work with a large number of prescription drugs on a daily basis, a proven history of substance abuse is a major red flag and represents a significant liability on the part of any employer.<br />Appropriate Physical Requirements – Before beginning a new job, a complete physical exam should be requested. This exam certifies that the candidate is in good physical and mental health, free from communicable disease and able to function according to the needs of his or her position without limitation. If any of these criteria are not met, replacement candidates should be sought.<br />Excellent Communication Skills – Nurses deal with trauma on a daily basis. In stressful situations where patients and their families might naturally panic, a quality nursing professional must possess the communication skills necessary to put patients at ease and understand how they are feeling in order to provide appropriate care. Moreover, communication between nurses, medical support personnel and doctors must be clear and efficient to ensure that all duties are carried out effectively.<br />Problem Solving Skills – In addition to possessing clear communication skills, strong problem solving abilities are essential to maintaining appropriate levels of patient care. Because nursing professionals work in what may be rather hectic environments, they are often forced to think quickly and implement strong, effective solutions to every issue at a moment’s notice.<br />The quality of your medical staff affects the quality of patient care that your facility provides. By not taking the proper credentials and criteria into account when hiring staff members, you run the risk of earning a lasting negative reputation for your facility. <br />For help finding the best, most qualified nurses and medical support professionals for your facility, visit qcostaffing.com or call 215-491-5900.<br />About Quality Care Options:<br />Quality Care Options (QCO) is a Joint Commission Certified healthcare staffing agency dedicated to fulfilling the needs of the region’s medical facilities with fully credentialed nursing and healthcare professionals. Whether you require temporary or long-term staffing assistance, QCO provides qualified and compassionate candidates to meet your needs at a moment’s notice.<br />