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    Kerajinan tangan Kerajinan tangan Document Transcript

    • Recount TextEnglishNama : Siti Ihza ArsellaKelas : VIII H
    • Carea membuat tempat pensil 1. Siapkan benda-benda menurut gambar di bawah iniKali ini saya akan membuat tempat pensil yang warna hijau. Makanya kupilih kain flanel berwarna hijau tua dan muda. >,<2. kalo sudah, ambil kain flanel dan gulungan tisu tadi. Bungkus gulungan itu dengan kain flanel, gunakan lem fox. Liat gambar
    • 3. Setelah itu waktunya membuat kotak kecil untuk message yang disampingnya..Ukur dan garis dos bekas dengan ukuran panjang berturut.. 4 1/2 cm, 8 1/2 cm, 4 1/2 cm, 8 1/2 cm.. kalo tingginya terserah kalian kawan2.. Nah.. perhatikan gambar saja yah 4. Nah, potong deh dusnya. Begini jadinya..
    • 5. Lipat dus tadi sesuai garis yang telah dibuat. Dan rekatkan dengan selotip.6. Buat garis di sisi kotak tadi..untuk sisi kiri dan kanan agak dimiringkan (lihat gambar)
    • Beginilah jadinya7. Kotak yang tadi dibungkus bagian luarnya dengan kain flanel hijau muda. bagian dalamnya flanel hijau tua.
    • Hasilnya kayak gambar di atas. 8. Nah, melangkah ke bagian alasnya.Potong dus dengan ukuran yang sesuai dengan tempat pensil dan kotak message yang tadi.. Setelah itu gunting. Lem permukaan dus dengan lem fox. Tempelkan ke kain flanel hijau tua.. Dan gunting sesuai dengan gambar.
    • 9. Hasilnya kayak gini nih... 10. Beri lem di ujung kain.. Rekatkan lipatan ke dalam.. Hingga seperti gambar.11. Setelah selesai alas.. Tempelkan stand tempat pensil tadi dan juga kotaknya seperti gambar.. Gunakan lem lilin untuk merekatkan..
    • 12. Beri tali kur pada bagian atas stand tempat pensil dan kotak tadi. Kayak gini nih Nah begini jadinya..
    • 13. Setelah itu hias sesuka hati.. Kalo saya hias seperti ini.. Tedengggg... Ginilah jadinya.. Alhamdulillah :)Tak lama, Raden Saleh menunjukkan bakatnya dalam seni lukis. Acara Lukisan-Nya kagum pemerintahBelanda. Kemudian, mereka mengirim dia untuk belajar seni di EropaSelama tinggal di Eropa, ia melakukan perjalanan ke kota-kota mana dan belajar hal baru. Di Algiers,Raden Salhe menghabiskan waktunya untuk belajar singa. Memang, studi pada singa dan binatang liar,membuat koleksi lukisannyaRaden Saleh kembali ke Indonesia pada tahun 1851. Ia kemudian menghasilkan lukisan banyak potretdan lanskap. ia meninggal pada tahun 1880
    • Raden Saleh adalah artis Indonesia pertama yang melukis dengan gaya Barat. Di Eropa iamengembangkan keterampilan sebagai seorang seniman potret dari Krusemen, sementara Schelfhoutmengajarinya lukisan lanskapSalah satu lukisan terkenalnya menggambarkan sebuah pesta berburu. Lukisan menunjukkan beberapapemburu Jawa yang tiba-tiba diserang oleh seekor harimau di tengah-tengah kegiatan berburu merekaRaden Saleh, pada kenyataannya, berasal dari sebuah keluarga bangsawan di Mataram-Jawa. Karenabangsawan, ia memiliki banyak kesempatan untuk fasilitas yang ditawarkan oleh pemerintah Belanda.Salah satu peluang adalah untuk mempelajari seni. Itu A.J. Payen, seorang seniman Belgia yangmemperkenalkannya kepada gaya lukisan Eropa kemudian
    • EXPOSITION TEXT What is an exposition?An exposition is a piece of text that presents one side of an issue. The purpose of the exposition is topersuade the reader or listener by presenting one side of an argument, that is , the case or the caseagainst.Exposition texts can be in the form of :1. advertisements2. spoken arguments3. editorialsFeatures of an expositionCONSTRUCTING AN EXPOSITIONAn exposition text usually has three sections. The first section introduces the author’s point of view and canpreview arguments that may follow in the text. Next comes a series of arguments that aim to convince theaudience. The final section is a conclusion that sum up the arguments and reinforces the author’s point of view.THE ARRANGEMENT of EXPOSITION1. An introductory statement1.1.The author’s point of view is called the thesis of the argument and this is given in the introduction.1.2. The introduction can include a previews of the arguments that will follow in the next section of the text.1.3. A question or emotional statement can be used to capture the audience’’ attention.
    • Firstly,our country is made up of many lands. We are surrounded by water. It is not surprising that many people have growm to love the sea. In order to be able to spend more timenear the sea, they decide to work on it. Many of them spend their whole lives on the water.Secondly, the many school dropouts in the country as well as those young men who have just finished theireducation in school are looking for jobs at the same time. Competition for jobs is therefore great. Many fail toget work in offce or factories, so these people turn to the sea as a last resort.Thirdly, some young men face problem at home. They want to get as far away from these problems aspossible. The sea becomes a popular means of escape.Finally, young people are naturally advantageous. They love to explore new places. They enjoy the excitementthat comes with this. By working on a ship, they are able to travel far and wide. Besides, food and lodging onboard the ship are free. Thus , many young men are attracted to maritime profession.EXAMPLE 2:Television is the most popular form of entertainment in any household. But I think Television tends tohave a tremendous influence on its viewers.Firstly, based on the recent research, people of all ages use this medium to entertain themselves for anaverage of five hours a day. Of course, constant exposure of TV will influence the viewers’ thinking andattitude. This can be seen from the fact that many criminals are inspired from the scene on TV.Secondly, people can be affected by constant watching television. This is due to the fact that they less inphysical activities, spend less time reading and working and see a work of violence that can affect theirown feelings of security.Finally, comercial advertisement on TV can be a brain washing. Psychologically, constant show ofadvertisement will shape one’s image about one product. No wonder people are easier to remember themotto or slogan of one advertisement than to retrieve information that they have learned.In short, TV will be a kind of monster can conquer one’s mind and attitude.EXAMPLE 3Cigarette smokers are said to have chance of getting various fatal diseases.But I think that otherpeople’s tobacco smoke seems to increase the chances of non-smokers getting a wide range of cancers.
    • First , although passive smokers inhale less tobacco smoke, the researchers point out that the smoke theybreathe in is richer in many toxic chemicals. There is an example, three times as much as benzo-apyrene, six times as much loluene and more than 50 times as much dimenthyl nitrosamine. Of coursethese substances will harm our body in the long run.Second , the recent research reported that the risk of getting cancers not normally associated withsmoking also rose among passive smokers. The risk of leukaemia rose 6 – 8 times and the risk ofcervical cancer increased 3 – 4 times.Third , past studies have found that by product of cigarette smoke such as coinine and thiocynate, turnup in the blood, urine and saliva of non –smoking adults, children and fetuses that have been exposed tosmokers. These substances are the main causes of various cancers.In short , the effects of exposure to the cigarette smoking of others are greater than has been previouslysuspected. That is why passive smokers have more chances of contracting cancer than people with no suchexpose.Examples of ExpositionExposition can be seen in music, films, television shows, plays, and written text. It is the writersopportunity to give background information to the reader or listener about the setting, establish the themeand introduce the characters.In music, the exposition is the first part in the sonata form which introduces the themes used in thecomposition or the opening section of a fugue.In a play, film or television show, exposition would be used anywhere in the work to give backgroundinformation on characters and other parts of the work.Exposition in written texts also gives background and character information; but, it can be more difficultto understand as a literary tool than exposition in music, plays or other visual entertainment since thereare so many ways to present the information in written text.Ways to Present ExpositionThe word “exposition” comes from the Latin and means “to place.” It informs, describes, and explains.Regardless of the type of exposition you write, the writing needs to be concise and easy to understand.There are several types of exposition:Description exposition - The writer explains the characteristics of a topic, shows examples, and describesfeatures.
    • Example: The U.S. flag consists of thirteen alternating stripes of red and blue, representing the 13 originalstates. In the top left of the flag there is a field of blue with fifty stars, one for each state.Comparison exposition - The writer shows how two topics are alike or different.Example: The alligator has a u-shaped, round snout and tends to live in freshwater swamps and streams.The crocodile has a long, v-shaped nose and can live in saltier waters as well as freshwater habitats.Cause and effect exposition - The writer explains the cause of an event and thoroughly investigates theeffects.Example: The Civil War was caused because of conflicts between states on the subjects of states rightsand slavery. Before the war the southern states relied on slaves to plant and harvest the crops. Thesesouthern states wanted to make decisions separate from the northern states and banded together as "TheConfederates," threatening to leave the U.S. The northern soldiers were victories in the Civil War,reestablishing that states in the south had to confirm to U.S. laws, including the abolishment of slavery.Problem and solution exposition - The author sets forth a problem, and then explains possible solutions toit.Example: This family was a victim of a problem they could have avoided-a problem that, according toFlorida park rangers, hundreds of visitors suffer each year. "Several times a month," ranger Rod Torres ofOLeno State Park said, "people get scared and leave the park in the middle of the night." Those peoplepicked the wrong kind of park to visit. Not that there was anything wrong with the park: The hikerscamped next to them loved the wild isolation of it. But it just wasnt the kind of place the couple fromNew Jersey had in mind when they decided to camp out on this trip through Florida. If they had knownabout the different kinds of parks in Florida, they might have stayed in a place they loved.”Sequence exposition - The writer shows events in either chronological or numbered order.Example: The timeline of the Civil War included these key timeframes:1600s - States begin to adopt laws regarding slavery that are appropriate for their individual states.1700s - Some states are beginning to express thoughts that slavery should be abolished.1800s - Rebellion starts against slavery with seven states threatening to secede from the U.S. Lincoln wasinaugurated. The Civil War began which the north eventually won.Exposition: The Way to Step into the StoryExposition gives the reader or listener the full spectrum of the story. By adding more details the writercan open the door and let the reader fully step into the story or the music.
    • Ketahuilah, bahwa sesungguhnya kehidupan dunia ini hanyalah permainan dan suatu yangmelalaikan, perhiasan dan bermegah- megah antara kamu serta berbangga-banggaan tentangbanyaknya harta dan anak, seperti hujan yang tanam-tanamannya mengagumkan para petani;kemudian tanaman itu menjadi kering dan kamu lihat warnanya kuning kemudian menjadihancur. dan di akhirat (nanti) ada azab yang keras dan ampunan dari Allah serta keridhaan-Nya,dan kehidupan dunia ini tidak lain hanyalah kesenangan yang menipu (QS. Al-Hadid:20).