TDUB Agency Presentation (English)


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TDUB Kommunikationsberatung is a communication consultancy, specialized in Strategy, PR and Social Media, located in the heart of Hamburg's new booming "HafenCity".

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TDUB Agency Presentation (English)

  1. 1. TDUB Communications Consultancy. Get your message across. Strategy, PR and Social Media
  2. 2. Our Offer People •  A creative agency from Germany‘s media capital Hamburg •  Passionate consultants with extensive experience Knowledge •  Tools and activities deduced from the target group •  Specialist know how in strategy, market launches, app marketing and blogger relations •  Focussed on technical topics (IT, CE, Automotive) Service •  Opening up all channels of communication •  Consultancy and realisation within an ample network 29-Jan-14
  3. 3. Facts & Figures •  Start: Mid 2009 •  Team: 3 senior consultants, 4 consultants, assistent •  Agency „TDUB“, creative unit „Tsching, Derassa & Bum“ •  Office shared with multimedia agency disc:us, software developer Skalio, social automotive start-up Motory, designer Bureau Bald •  Arisen from the hightech- and social media team of achtung!, one of the fastest growing communications agencies in Germany
  4. 4. Disciplines Communications strategy and concept Classical PR •  Editorial services / corporate publishing •  Journalist workshops, road shows •  Media cooperations •  Trade fair media service •  Planning and realization of events •  Crisis communications Concept and realisation of social media activities •  Consulting, training, trends •  Creation of content, community dialogue, channel maintenance •  Raffles, big campaigns, ad management App communications •  Marketing, usability & appstore optimisation, blogger relations 49-Jan-14
  5. 5. Management Team Karsten Hoppe Managing Director since 2009 Before: •  M.A. media science •  2 years as event manager •  3 years as consultant in 
 online marketing •  5 years as consultant in 
 strategy and communications 9-Jan-14 5
  6. 6. Management Team Tanja Lembcke Managing Director since 2011 Before: •  Diploma Economics (Marketing 
 & Entrepreneurship) •  7 years as PR consultant and 
 team leader in several business
 areas (finance, food & 
 beverages, living) •  2 years as managing 
 director in PR agency 9-Jan-14 6
  7. 7. Management Team Tilo Timmermann Managing Director since 2010 Before: •  Final exam for teaching 
 profession (German, History) •  4 years as communications 
 manager at internet companies •  8 years as senior consultant 
 and team leader at achtung! 9-Jan-14 7
  8. 8. Credentials: E-Commerce, Software, Finance
  9. 9. Credentials: Automotive, Transport, Telecom
  10. 10. Credentials: Consumer Electronics, Food, Lifestyle
  11. 11. Credentials: Other industry sectors
  12. 12. Credentials: App-Business Navigation, GPS & LBS Services & more Photo & HiFi Entertainment, games & children
  13. 13. References & Projects
  14. 14. Bowers & Wilkins: Premium-Lifestyle-PR B&W is a legendary producer of sound systems and speakers, equiping about 80% of all 
 professional sound studios worldwide. Task •  „New Media Range“ for iPhone designed to conquer mass market ! PR as sales support Activities •  Consumer- / product PR, events, trade fairs... •  Test device placement and management •  Intensive presence in lifestyle-, computer media, 
 daily newspapers, magazines, design-, music-, 
 interieur media 9-Jan-14 14
  15. 15. German Pop Star presents B&W Zeppelin 9-Jan-14
  16. 16. KEF: Luxury PR paying off for CE range KEF is one of the world’s leading
 makers of high-end audio systems Task •  Promote Muon, KEF’s new luxury loudspeaker at a price of € 100.000 a pair Realisation •  KEF positioned as high-end-manufacturer with media spillover effect for standard range •  Preview at the Munich High-End hi-fi fair, press events, individual approaches to women’s, men’s and design media, as well as customer magazines 9-Jan-14 17
  17. 17. TomTom HD Traffic: Facebook and PR Projects TomTom HD Traffic is the best german live traffic service for navigation and automotive industry (B2C, B2B) Agenda using: Technical topics provided with attractive hooks for consumer‘s daily life (traffic jams, holidays...) Tasks: •  Rise publicity, explain technology •  Build up and maintain a community of interested users •  Daily creation of content, dialogue, raffles, cooperations etc. •  Special PR activities for visualisation and exploitation of traffic data („big data“) 9-Jan-14
  18. 18. Facebook for a special interest group •  Strategic planning, editorial guidelines, design •  Autonomous Maintenance and user dialogues •  Direct contact to product management for fast briefings •  Coordination with other disciplines (PR etc.) •  Creation and realisation of raffles and campaigns •  Supporting Facebook media management: Ads, sponsored posts etc. •  Monitoring, evaluation, ongoing finetuning
  19. 19. Bild am Sonntag: „Big Traffic Jam Report“ •  Situation: Attractive data material from TomTom‘s traffic research may be used for PR •  Placement on 4 pages of Germany‘s leading weekly newspaper „BILD am Sonntag“ as a result of ongoing contact management with journalists 9-Jan-14 22
  20. 20. •  „Article seeding“ at the editor, co-design of concept •  Intermediation between the interests of newspaper and customer 9-Jan-14 23 Bild am Sonntag: „Big Traffic Jam Report“
  21. 21. 9-Jan-14 24 Bild am Sonntag: „Big Traffic Jam Report“
  22. 22. 9-Jan-14 Bild am Sonntag: „Big Traffic Jam Report“
  23. 23. Extensive and positive mentioning of TomTom‘s „traffic experts“ = extraordinary valuable brand building 9-Jan-14 26 Bild am Sonntag: „Big Traffic Jam Report“
  24. 24. Navteq / TMCpro: Hightech Product Launch NAVTEQ Services (Former T-Systems Traffic) provides traffic information for navigation devices, TMCpro. Task •  Build up brand “TMCpro” and create high profile •  Explain USPs, provide arguments why to use product Realisation •  Communications concept •  Classical PR tools like journalist‘s events, trade fair activities •  Using tools of „Science PR“: Visualisation, Workshops... •  Networking and crosslinking in order to reach technophile multipliers: implementation of a social media newsroom, creation of an attractive explicatory movie for YouTube 9-Jan-14 27
  25. 25. Navteq / TMCpro: Making complex things easy 9-Jan-14 28
  26. 26. Navteq / TMCpro: Journalist‘s Workshop 9-Jan-14
  27. 27. Agenda Setting & Classical PR 9-Jan-14
  28. 28. Maps 3D: Appstore Optimisation First Outdoor app featuring 
 OpenStreetMap in 3D! Task: •  Increase number of downloads Activities: •  Elaboration of key messages and brand positioning •  Consultancy in feature- and GUI development •  Optimisation of app name, logo appearance, app store texts, 
 keywords etc. •  Intense blogger and media relations •  Implementation of international blogger and media relations according to appstore presence 9-Jan-14
  29. 29. •  New name and logo according to wider target group definition and appstore attraction mechanisms •  Usage of visual opportunities in appstore display GeoGuide Maps 3D 9-Jan-14 Maps 3D: Appstore Optimisation
  30. 30. Maps 3D: Results •  Increase of downloads after relaunch by factor 8! •  International reviews and media-/blog reports •  App brand established as state-of-the-art in outdoor apps
  31. 31. Das Deutschlandauto is the biggest German online vehicle marketplace Task •  Create a big media hype for •  At the same time illustrate portal functions for readers •  Message: All German cars can be found at Realisation •  Construction of the unique, roadworthy „Average German Car“ from a BMW 3 and a VW Golf after evaluating more than 30 million search requests regarding make, model, vehicle characteristics and interior •  Our part: Concept, first realisation in 2009 •  Campaign established and continued by other team in 2010 Winning campaign „PR-Report Award 2009“ 9-Jan-14
  32. 32. Thank you! Any questions left? Please ask!