Telling Your Story With Interactive Marketing


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Troy Thompson, of Travel 2.0 Consulting, takes you beyond the social, mobile and new media hype to show every destination marketer how to create an integrated marketing strategy.

Presented at the 2010 Wisconsin Fall Tourism Conference, Telling Your Story With Interactive Marketing, is the perfect resource for learning how to excel on any interactive medium via the power of story.

For more, please contact Troy at

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  • For a look at how this presentation was built, check out my blog post: Building a Great Travel Conference Presentation / Travel 2.0.

    And thanks for all of the views and downloads so far.

    - Troy
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  • Telling Your Story With Interactive Marketing
  • You don't need a social media strategy, or a mobile strategy or a website strategy.
    I need you to clear you mind and take a step back in the planning process.  Let's chaange our perspective on what is our interactive strategy, so that you can walk back into your office on Monday morning and say 'I got it.'
  • Story time.
  • So, how did this happen to us? How did we go from a brochure, radio ad and perhaps a billboard to spending every waking moment worried about Facebook, mobile phones and GroupOn?
    And more importanntly, how can you, the destination recapture your rightful place in the travel planning process?
  • It is tough and difficult.  Agencies don't have a good grasp on your needs.
  •  A new social site launches everyday.  Facebook continues to evolve...
  • You have little to no staff or budget to get this done and you are already working 12 hour days.  Honestly, how the hell is anyone spending 8 hours a day on Facebook?
  • There is an answer...and you already know it.
    First, we need to understand 3 key impacts on our interactive marketing strategy.
  • First things, first...there is no going back. Fragmentation is here to stay.  Social media, YouTube, Twitter.  That box cannot be closed. Stop waiting for one of these mediums to fail, they won't, accept it.
  • Second, atticipate the consumers need at each step. Right message, right place, right person, right medium. Period.
  • Third, focus on the message, not the medium. You don't need a social media strategy.  You don't need a mobile strategy.  
    You need an engagement strategy.  An activation strategy. A consumer-focused, upfront, honest, tell me the damn story strategy.
    You don't need a social strategy.
  • So, what is the common thread?  How do you create interest across any of these mediums, regardless of social site or app?
  • With a strong story, including an emotional appeal, integrated (planned!) across all mediums.
  • What is your story?  What is your destination good at? Why should I visit?
    Change your focus to answer the question why first, instead of how? 
  • One final thought on the changing media landscape and why you need to change your thinking.
    In 2 years, the majority of consumers will encounter your website by mobile device 1st. Before a PC. 
    5 years from now, you won't be planning your website, you will be planning your content strategy and then building mediums around it.
    The website of 2010 is quickly becoming the brochure of 1999.  Antiqquated, outdated and reduced usefullness due to new methonds of delivery. 
    The meddium will end.  The story lives on forever.
  • Change your thinking.
    The new normal is difficult.
    There is no going back.
    Message, not medium.
    Anticipate the consumer.
    Find your emotional appeal via a strong story.
  • Thanks.
    Troy Thompson
    Travel 2.0 Consulting
    Destination Marketing Strattegy for DMOs, CVBs + Agencies.
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