WIA Bootcamp - Governance - Boards Only


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Just in time for another round on reauthorization, here is a bootcamp rundown on state and local governance under WIA with a focus on state and local boards.

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WIA Bootcamp - Governance - Boards Only

  1. 1. Workforce Investment Act 101Workforce Investment ActBoot CampBoard GovernancePublic Law 105-220August 7, 19981
  2. 2. Workforce Investment Act 101State Workforce Investment Boards(aka: SWIB)Membership & Functions2
  3. 3. Workforce Investment Act 101Section 111: State Workforce Boards Membership The Governor 2 members of each chamber of the StateLegislature Governor Appointees who are owners ofbusinesses, CEOs, and executives withoptimum policy making authority,represent employment opportunities inthe state and are nominated by TradeOrganizations3
  4. 4. Workforce Investment Act 101SWIB Membership (continued) Representatives from Labor Organizationsnominated by Labor Federations Representatives of individuals andorganizations that have experience with youth Individuals with experience in workforceinvestment activities (CBO’s and CC) Lead State agency officials with responsibilityfor activities in Section 121(b) [partners]4
  5. 5. Workforce Investment Act 101SWIB Membership (continued) Members of the board shall be individuals withoptimum policymaking authority with theorganization they represent. The members of the board shall representdiverse regions of the State, including urban,rural and suburban. A majority of the members must be private The Governor chooses the chair fromprivate sector membership5
  6. 6. Workforce Investment Act 101Functions of the State Workforce BoardAssist the Governor in: Development of the State Plan Development and continuousimprovement of the statewide system ofactivities funded under this subtitle orcarried out through a One-Stop system Development of linkages to assurecoordination Review of local plans6
  7. 7. Workforce Investment Act 101SWIB Functions (Continued) Commenting, at least once annually, on theCarl D Perkins and Applied TechnologyEducation Act Designation of local areas Development of allocation formulas for thedistribution of funds to local areas Development and continuous improvement ofState performance measures Preparation of an annual report to theSecretary7
  8. 8. Workforce Investment Act 101SWIB Functions (Continued) Development of the statewideemployment statistics system Development of an application forincentive grants8
  9. 9. Workforce Investment Act 101Alternative Entity State may use any entity: 1. in existence on 12-31-97 A. Established as part of JTPA; or B. Is substantially similar to the WIA boardAND 2. Includes representatives of businessin the state and representatives of labororganizations in the state.aka: Grandfathering9
  10. 10. Workforce Investment Act 101Conflict of Interest Members of the state board cannotvote on any matter underconsideration by the state board— Regarding the services of such a member That would provide direct financial benefitto such a member or their family10
  11. 11. Workforce Investment Act 101Sunshine Provision The board shall make available to thepublic, on a regular basis throughopen meetings, information regardingthe activities of the state board,including information regarding thestate plan, membership and minutes.11
  12. 12. Workforce Investment Act 101Section 116: Local WorkforceInvestment Areas12
  13. 13. Workforce Investment Act 101Local Workforce Investment Areas The Governor shall designate localworkforce areas within the state Must have consultation with the stateboard Must have consultation with chief electedofficials Must have consideration of publiccomment13
  14. 14. Workforce Investment Act 101Local Area Designation Considerations Geographic areas served by localeducational agencies Geographic areas served bypostsecondary education The extent to which such local areas areconsistent with labor market areas The distance that individuals will have totravel to receive services The resources of such local areas14
  15. 15. Workforce Investment Act 101Regional Planning & Cooperation State can require regional planning State may require informationsharing among local areas States may require a coordination ofservices across boundaries Two or more states that contain alabor market or ED region, maydesignate the area as a designatedregion for the purpose of this15
  16. 16. Workforce Investment Act 101Section 117: Local WorkforceInvestment Boards16
  17. 17. Workforce Investment Act 101Local Workforce Investment Boards Established in each local area andCertified by the Governor Membership—Governor in partnershipwith the State Board establishescriteria for use by the CEO Chair – Private sector representativeelected by the membership17
  18. 18. Workforce Investment Act 101Local Boards Chief Elected Official in Local Area is authorizedto appoint members of local board Composition Majority Private Owners and CEOs of business, CEOs and otherbusiness executives with Optimum Policy MakingAuthority Represent businesses with employmentopportunities Are appointed from among individuals nominatedby local business organizations18
  19. 19. Workforce Investment Act 101Local Board Composition Representatives from Local Education Entities Labor organizations Community Based Organizations Economic Development Each One Stop (American Job Center)Partner19
  20. 20. Workforce Investment Act 101Local Board Functions Selection of One-Stop Operators with theagreement of the Chief Elected official Selection of Youth providers by awarding grantsor contracts on a competitive basis based onthe recommendation of the Youth Council Identification of Eligible Training Providers fortraining services Identification of eligible providers of one stopservices Development of a local budget20
  21. 21. Workforce Investment Act 101Local Board Functions Program Oversight Negotiation of local performancemeasures Coordinating WIA and ensuringlinkages with Economic Developmentand Employers Connecting, Brokering, Coaching21
  22. 22. Workforce Investment Act 101Sunshine Provisions Local board shall make available to thepublic on a regular basis through openmeetings information on the activities of thelocal board, including the plan, one stopoperation, and grant awards and minutes.22
  23. 23. Workforce Investment Act 101Chief Elected Official Function The Chief Elected Official (CEO) in thelocal area: serves as the local grant recipient; and is liable for any misuse of funds.Note: Being the fiscal agent is not a localboard function.23
  24. 24. Workforce Investment Act 101Limitations No local board can provide trainingservices unless a waiver is approvedby the Governor The waiver must include: Evidence that there is an insufficientnumber of eligible providers for training The board meets requirements of aneligible provider The training program is in local demand24
  25. 25. Workforce Investment Act 101Limitations A Board may not provide coreservices unless there is agreement ofthe CEO and the Governor Local Boards cannot mandatecurricula for schools.25
  26. 26. Workforce Investment Act 101Local Youth Council There shall be established a group within thelocal board—a youth council appointed by thelocal board in cooperation with the ChiefElected Official. Duties: Developing the youth portions of the local plan Recommending eligible youth providers Conducting oversight with respect to the eligibleproviders Coordinating youth activities Other Duties determined by the Chairperson26
  27. 27. Workforce Investment Act 101Local Areas With Multiple Unitsof Local Government27
  28. 28. Workforce Investment Act 101Agreements to Cover Appointment process for LWIB Local plan development and approval Local budget development andapproval Liability on misuse of funds Designation of fiscal agent28
  29. 29. Workforce Investment Act 101More Info… www.workforce3one.org www.doleta.gov www.nawb.orgTim Thebergetheberge.timothy@dol.govETA Region 129