Presentation Demo Metal 2012 (english)


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Presentation Demo Metal 2012 (english)

  2. 2. Demo Metal – a unique concept1. Demo Area2.2 Efficient sectorization3. Know-How Transfer Forum4. Extra Hours5. C Communication mix A unique concept 30th of May– 2nd of June 2012 | Bucharest
  3. 3. 1. Demo AreaPresentation: An area exclusively designedfor demonstrations performedon the exhibited machines.Arguments: The experience proved this to be the best way to convince a potential client. The machining process and the machines used for the demonstrations will be the yardstick for the visiting experts that would thus be able to further include them in the Recommended applications:   manufacturing li f i line. auto, aero, energy A unique concept 30th of May– 2nd of June 2012 | Bucharest
  4. 4. 2. Efficient sectorization Presentation:Our intention is to present the productionflow line organisation using the exhibitedequipment. 5Levels: 1. Raw materials, semifinishedmaterials, components; St g handling; 2 t i l t Storage, h dli g 2. 4Supply, sawing, cuting 3. Metal cutting, sheetmetal machining: grinding, boring, milling, 3drilling, p g punching, finishing etc.; Other g gauxiliary production technologies; 4.Controlling, testing; 5. Designing, installing;Maintenance, service. 2 Argument: 1 A coherent demo space will stimulate the attention of the real public showing interest p g in each level. A unique concept 30th of May– 2nd of June 2012 | Bucharest
  5. 5. 3. Know-how Transfer ForumPresentation: An open space for presentations, provided to companies within the exhibiting room. hibitiArguments: You can benefit from the experts’ presence in order to deliver thematic conferences, trainings or presentations of new technologies and equipments, which can be directly related to the demonstrations in Demo Area. A unique concept 30th of May– 2nd of June 2012 | Bucharest
  6. 6. 4. “Extra Hours” at Demo Metal Presentation & A g P t ti Argument t  In order to facilitate networking among the industry players, exhibitors and visitors, we propose a new concept of socializing and networking: Extra Hours.  After a long day of business meetings, we create the environment for relaxed discussions with your business partners and for initiating new contacts. A unique concept 30th of May– 2nd of June 2012 | Bucharest
  7. 7. 5. Communication mixPresentation: Combining involvement of both exhibitors and visitors, through the organizers, in building an interactive communication relation.Argument: g In partnership with exhibitors we aim at ensuring a comprehensive and dynamic information flow about the event during event, the whole period prior to its launch, in order to further adapt it to the requirements of the participants. A unique concept 30th of May– 2nd of June 2012 | Bucharest
  8. 8. Main exhibitors at Demo MetalSuppliers:  Machine tools for metal cutting  Machinery, various equipment  Machine tools for sheet metal  Materials semifinished products Materials,  Water jet cutting machines  Accessories and auxiliary  Laser cutting machines materials  Cutting machines  Lubricants, coolants  Auxiliary equipments for the  Equipment, installations for production process surface treatment (thermo-  Control equipment (MMC, chemical treatments, sealants, measurement, measurement data acquisition and coatings, plating, painting) ti g l ti g i ti g) processing)  Equipment, repair technology,  Automation and drives reconditioning of surfaces  Robots  Consulting, financing solutions,  Specific software solutions (design, training modelling, machining: CAD / CAM /  Technical education institutions PDM / PLM / ERP) A unique concept 30th of May– 2nd of June 2012 | Bucharest
  9. 9. Other exhibitors at Demo Metal Suppliers of carriers, conveyors, furniture and other equipment for production lines, suppliers of various accessories for industrial space Suppliers of packaging solutions and transport services for industrial products (equipment and components), components) industrial air conditioning, conditioning industrial halls constructors, industrial parks lenders etc. P id Providers of consulting services ( h i l and f li i (technical d business) and training. Standardization and certification organisations g for quality assurance systems and products (ISO, TÜV etc.) Partners for investment in financing solutions solutions, insurance etc. A unique concept 30th of May– 2nd of June 2012 | Bucharest
  10. 10. Target audience – industries concernedManufacturing processing for: Automotive industry Mechanical engineering industry Energy industry Oil and gas industry Aerospace industry Precision mechanics Metallic manufacturing constructions manufacturing, Automation Packaging industry Electronics and electrical engineering and IT&C Measuring and control equipment Medical industry A unique concept 30th of May– 2nd of June 2012 | Bucharest
  11. 11. Demo Metal – Advantages Identifying and attracting relevant business partners through an interactive communication campaign, carefully targeted towards professionals in this sector. Attracting visitors’ attention by thematically assignation of the exhibition space, with the precise purpose of improving dialogue efficiency: • Exhibiting performing equipment: while the client is following the demonstration, you can describe the advantages of the machine, adapting the conversation to the client’s reactions and interests; • In Stand Area – by removing other sources of distraction – creating a formal atmosphere, favourable to initiating effective contacts aimed at establishing potential business partnerships. >>> A unique concept 30th of May– 2nd of June 2012 | Bucharest
  12. 12. Demo Metal – Advantages>>> Identifying the most prestigious brandsoperating on the Romanian metalworkingindustry market Exhibiting the newest products andpresenting the latest trends in metal processingindustry and, therefore, developing a betterreputation in this field, both for the equipment fieldand the company Establishing new contacts and strengtheningthe relations with the existing business partnersthrough the networking concept Extra Hours A unique concept 30th of May– 2nd of June 2012 | Bucharest
  13. 13. Promotion campaignSpecialized press:Print media:Radio:TV:Online: online advertisements and banners on specialized websites and portalsPR campaigns : news, advertorials, press releasesIndoor: boards, posters, brochures, customized displays, flyersOutdoor: banners, mobile billboards, mashes in central locationsDirect mailing campaigns: to a 6,000 e-mails database. A unique concept 30th of May– 2nd of June 2012 | Bucharest
  14. 14. We are looking forward to meeting you at DEMO METAL 2012! www.demometal.roContact: Anca Dinu Demo Metal Project Manager M: 0040 734 660 673, T: 0040 21 409 18 55, F: 0040 21 409 18 54 Garlei street, no 1B, INTACT Media Center Building street 1B Building, 2nd floor, 013721, Bucharest, Romania A unique concept 30th of May– 2nd of June 2012 | Bucharest