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XFT Product Training

  1. 1. SAVE green. EARN green. BE green.
  2. 2. History • Problem – Diesel back-up generators! • Solution – Patented product with numerous product updates – Last 15 years marketed exclusively to large industrial applications around the world. i.e. mining, bus, electrical generating plants, trucking, excavating, etc. • 2008 available to you
  3. 3. The Science Behind it Space rockets were exploding because fuel would not burn evenly.
  4. 4. History of Use 7,000 horsepower electric generator
  5. 5. History or Use: PT PAMA The worlds largest mining contractor
  6. 6. History of Use
  7. 7. How XFT Works Without Xtreme Fuel Treatment Before Large fuel droplets With Xtreme Fuel Treatment Partial Fuel Burn Reduced ignition time with better combustion The fuel droplets are more like a mist or a fog After Quicker and more Complete Fuel Burn This: Improves fuel efficiency, horsepower, engine life, and decreases emissions!
  8. 8. How XFT Works • Shortens carbon chains which allows for a more complete burn of carbon • Burns off existing carbon deposits which results in a more efficient combustion These pistons come from large mining trucks and have approximately 15 thousand hours of use. Notice the absence of carbon deposits.
  9. 9. Organo-metallic Burn Rate Modifier • Significantly reduces ignition delay which helps reduce internal engine combustion temperature of both gasoline and diesel engines. • Thermal combustion temperatures are reduced with the implementation.
  10. 10. Corrosion Inhibitors--Rust Removal
  11. 11. Detergents--Clean and Maintain
  12. 12. Stabilizer--Prolongs life of fuel
  13. 13. Lubricant--Pumps and Injectors
  14. 14. Demulsifies--Separate water from fuel
  15. 15. Polymerization Retardants Reduce Solid Formation
  16. 16. Additional Product Benefits • • • • • • • • Extends engine life (PT PAMA example) Carbon inhibitor Rust and corrosion inhibitor Fuel Stabilizer Polymerization retardant Demulsifier (separates water from fuel) Reduces high octane fuel requirements Lubricants (great for pumps, injectors, and engines) • No alcohol, acetone or lacquer which are often used as combustion additives but have harmful side effects
  17. 17. What it Works In
  18. 18. • What makes our product different? Concentration of product and other ingredients. • $60.00 VS. ¼ OZ. $3.50
  19. 19. Other leading retail brands: – – – – – – – – – “Red Line” Fuel Catalyst • 12 oz. treats 20 gallons of fuel Retail cost: “Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner • 12 oz. treats 12 gallons of fuel Retail cost: zMax Micro-Lubricant Fuel Formula • 12 oz. treats 20 gallons of fuel Retail cost: Sta-Bil Fuel Stabilizer • 8 oz. treats 20 gallons of fuel Retail cost: Diesel Power Anti-Gel Fuel Treatment • 12 oz. treats 35 gallons of fuel Retail cost: Gum out Gasoline Treatment • 12 oz. treats 21 gallons of fuel Retail cost: HEET water Demulsifier • 12 oz treats 20 gallons of fuel Retail cost: 104 Octane Booster • 16 oz. treats 25 gallons of fuel Retail cost: Total • 96 fluid ounces to treat approx. 20 gallons of fuel - Retail cost: $59.92 $6.99 $7.99 $19.99 $5.99 $5.99 $2.99 $1.99 $7.99
  20. 20. Cost Per Gallon of Treating Fuel • Ranges from .05 - .23 cents per gallon depending on order size
  21. 21. The Math • • One long haul truck 12,000 miles a month 5 miles per gallon baseline After using XFT mileage increases to 5.8 miles per gallon Without XFT 2400 gallons of fuel x (current price) = monthly fuel cost • • • With XFT 2069 gallons of fuel x (current price) = monthly fuel cost Gross savings 331 gallons of fuel x (current price) Less cost of XFT is approximately $280 Net monthly savings on fuel alone. This does not factor in reduced maintenance cost, reduced emissions, or any other benefits
  22. 22. Results • Reduces emissions on diesel engines and gasoline engines • Increases horsepower and torque up to 10% or more • Increases fuel economy • Increased engine life
  23. 23. Possible Product Result Patterns & Why Delayed Results Fuel Efficiency Almost Immediate Results Time ECM, Sensors, Decarbonization Fuel Efficiency declines before improves
  24. 24. All fuels are not created equal • There are many boutique fuels in the marketplace • Varying venders market fuels with differing energy levels • Purchase fuel from same vender
  25. 25. User Feedback • “Farmers Plant Food ran tests with XFT fuel treatment on our Cummis 6.0 diesel generator. This generator uses 5.06 gallons of diesel an hour. On the first test we added an 1/2 oz. of XFT with 20 gallons of fuel. The generator used 4.4 gallons an hour on this first test. The second test we ran the same ratio of XFT and had the same results. The generator used 4.4 gallons an hour, again. The third test we used 1/4 oz. of XFT per 20 gallons and the results improved. The generator used 4.2 gallons per hour. The diesel consumption seems to improve with time. We believe the testing that we ran is very accurate as there are no variables involved. The generator runs at the same rpm’s at all times, same electrical draw, no wind factors to be considered, no traveling up and down hills. Everything stays consistent when running this generator.” Thomas Zweep Converter Operator Farmers Plant Food, Inc.
  26. 26. User Feedback • “I am writing this letter to you to inform you of the great response from our employees about the usage of Xtreme Fuel Treatment. We started using the fuel treatment in the winter and have had great luck in our equipment starting as well as our fuel savings. We have started to notice that our run time on our equipment is longer. Instead of fueling every 6 hours on our Dozers and Scrapers, we are refueling every 8 to 10 hours. Our exhaust stacks are running cleaner and the smoke coming from the equipment is turning into a greyish almost white smoke. We decided to do a test on savings on our fuel consumption between the trucking side and construction side of our company. The test results were shocking, doing the same amount of work load if not more, we purchased 15% less fuel than the previous months. Our trucks were topping the “THREE SISTERS” hills on I-80 with 2 more gears then before and the trucks went from 5.6 miles per gallon to 7.2 miles per gallon after just one month We hope we can buy this product in bigger volumes then 16 oz. bottles because we plan on treating our storage tanks which are 10,000 gallon every time we fuel up. Thanks for taking the time for your testing of XFT and we look forward to a long term relationship between both our companies.” Bill – Service Technician
  27. 27. User Feedback • “In 2008 I was introduced to Xtreme Fuel Treatment. After meeting with the owners of the company I realized that if what they were telling me about the product was true, this would be the biggest business opportunity of my life. Not willing to just trust their testing, I had to do my own. For the next five weeks I conducted thousands of miles of testing over the same 75.9 miles between Bountiful, UT and Logan, UT. Without the product, driving this stretch of freeway my fuel economy was 26.215 mpg in my 2004 Mercury Sable. With the product my fuel efficiency average was 30.59 mpg or 16.7% improvement. I’m in!” John Chadwick – Logan, UT
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