Digital Marketing Trends in Hospitality


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The new age traveller has created a new landscape in which digital marketing becomes all-important. This session will discuss the five essential online marketing channels, as well as trends in social media in hospitality. It will also cover the increased need for cooperation between Marketing and IT that the digital world is now driving.

*Tsweaq presentation from HTNG Middle East 2013 Conference

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  • Digital deal hunters are the most active online shoppers, as they often compare prices, look for daily deals and product salesBut they are not necessarily the most valuable customersThey are definitely not the most loyal onesFrom a brand perspective you should rather focus on building sustainable customer relationships that are value, not price drivenCobone will help you to get sales during low periods, but you as a brand should invest all your time, money and effort in building long term digital strategies
  • We don’t shop in the same mallsWe don’t shop at the same timeWe don’t shop for the same productsThe online consumers are unpredictable, they often multitask and follow the crowdsYour online brand has to be dynamic in order to capture and cater to the users at the time and location convenient for them, not you!Having a shop in MOE only is not enough, you want your shop in Mercato, Dubai Mall and others too increase your brand visibility and accessibilityThe same concept applies to the online world, you want your brand presence to be across multiple channels, browsers and platforms
  • Web pages get more complex everyday, but are always expected to be fasterIf your site is running slow, ur company is losing money fast!57% of online consumers will abandon a slow page after 3 sec
  • In fact, a one-second delay in load time would cost Amazon an estimated $1.6 billion annually
  • Designers tend to think people’s mindsets lean toward “Oh, shiny! It moves! It has action! I must love it!” but that’s simply not the is estimated that within 10 to 20 seconds, consumers have made up their mind about a particular website, and your product. Do you want 7 of these 15 seconds  to be taken up waiting on the next slide loading in your very expensive flash presentation?
  • You know why video content is such an effective marketing tool?It's because it demands attention. You can scroll down the page, but then you still hear the sound. You can turn off your speakers, but you know it's there. Think of web design in the same way. Human eyes don't necessary work in linear ways, so you need to inform people where to look. In the example below, business card printer Moo uses the positioning of their product to direct your eye towards the textIt really goes back to the fact that people don't want to work hard to spend money. Direct their eyes towards the critical, value-driven information.The focus of a website is on the product, not intricate and complex web design. With rare exceptions, people are there to scope out your company's offerings, not web design. Your site serves to enhance and showcase, not distract. Giles Revell, a London-based photographer achieves an exceptional balance of usability and simplicity, while still showcasing his work:
  • Whitespace is an underutilized element in web design. The color of your background doesn't have to be white, but it's a concept of drawing the eye towards an image or text by surrounding it with lots of space. Apple is a brand known for their minimalist aesthetic. Their use of whitespace on the company homepage is both an effective branding tool and a powerful way to showcase their latest gadget:Any good designer knows how to fill space, but a great designer knows how to let the space speak for itself.
  • The notion that ‘content is king’ will slowly diminish, being replaced with “context is king”. Your website could have the most outstanding piece of content written about pizzas; but someone who’s looking to order pizza at 1 am in the morning wouldn’t be interested in your awesome content. Therefore, brands and publishers will need to focus their efforts on gaining a greater understanding of ‘context’ to guide them with their content creation.
  • Everyday we are buried with wordsWe don’t have enough time to read all of the content we want to consumeVisual content is the solution to the problemContent is evolving and marketers need to expand their content marketing strategy to include visual elements into their overall mix.Visual content can be created in a variety of formatsUse images that display your product or service. Any type of graphics that display your work will likely make a bigger and better impression than a wall of text.On the other end of the spectrum, be careful not to use a picture just because it came cheap on your favorite stock photo website. Your prospects are smart enough to identify images that are stiff, posed or don't inspire trust. Believe us, don’t fall into the trap of using photo after photo of a person leaning over another person, with a pen in their hand, pointing at something on a graph, to represent business professionals. That’s not really what a typical work day at your company looks like!
  • Leisure: 64% always/frequently comparison shopAffluent: 77%Business: 57%
  • 76% of companies have no tangible video presence on Google.Video content will account for approximately 90% of global consumer traffic by 2015.Optimised video increases the likelihood of a front-page Google search result by 53 times.Visitors spend on average 48 seconds on a specific website. With video this average time jumps to 5 minutes and 50 seconds.Conversion rate for shoppers viewing video on product pages increases by up to 400%.According to Forrester 60sec of video has the same impact like 1.8mln words
  • Digital Marketing Trends in Hospitality

    1. 1. Are you catering to the digital traveller?
    2. 2. We don’t shop in the same malls..
    3. 3. The Foundation
    4. 4. 57% Source: Strangeloop Slow = Less Money!
    5. 5. 1 second delay $ 1.6B annually Source: Strangeloop How much money?
    6. 6. Registration Frustration May leave when asked to create an account Have >5 unique passwords Dislike the idea of creating a new password Use „Forgot Password‟ at least once a month Have lied on the form Prefer social login
    7. 7. Forget Flash.. Within 10-20 sec consumers have made up their mind about a particular website Do you want 7-15 sec to be used waiting for your expensive flash to load? Oh, shiny! It moves! It has action! I must love it!
    8. 8. Focus on the product
    9. 9. Whitespace
    10. 10. Content is KING Content
    11. 11. The Future is Visual
    12. 12. The Digital Traveller
    13. 13. Source: Google Travel Study, May 2012, Ipsos MediaCT Nearly 2/3 reserve hotels online
    14. 14. The main source to plan a trip? Source: The Traveler’s Road to Decision, Google and Ipsos MediCT July 2012
    15. 15. Comparison Shopping Source: Google Travel Study, May 2012, Ipsos MediaCT
    16. 16. Video in Travel Source: Google Travel Study, April-May 2012, Ipsos MediaCT
    17. 17. Video in Travel Planning Source: The Traveler’s Road to Decision, Google and Ipsos MediaCT. July 2012
    18. 18. Video Optimisation 60 sec = 1.8mln 76% = X presence 90% of traffic by 2015 x 53 better rankings 0:48 site vs. 5:50 video 400% ↑ conversions
    19. 19. 4 billion 3.5 billion Mobile First
    20. 20. Source: Google Travel Study, May 2012, Ipsos MediaCT The Mobile Business Traveller
    21. 21. 95% of smartphone users conduct restaurant searches | 90% convert within 1 day 64% convert within 1hr | „Restaurants‟ is the best converting category in local mobile search F&B Trends
    22. 22. Mobile Site vs. Mobile App Source: Google Travel Study, May 2012, Ipsos MediaCT
    23. 23. Loyal Customers Source: The Traveler’s Road to Decision, Google and Ipsos MediaCT. July 2012.
    24. 24. IT & Digital Marketing
    25. 25. Digital Media Landscape Website Database CRM Sponsored Events Corporate Social Media Mobile Apps Content SEO Display Advertising PPC Affiliates Social Ads Interactive TV Video Digital Radio Digital Posters News Reviews Online PR Social Media Video Blogs Mobile
    26. 26. Where does IT sit in DM? MARK ERIT
    27. 27. The Digital Mix
    28. 28. 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% Corporate transparency Regulatory considerations Global outsourcing Privacy considerations Customer collaboration ROI accountability Growth market opportunities Decreasing brand loyalty Financial constraints Shifting consumer demographics Channel and device choices Social media Data explosion Marketing challenges reported by CMOs Key Challenges
    29. 29. Social Media in MENA Source: Discover Digital Arabica
    30. 30. Social Media in MENA Source: Discover Digital Arabica
    31. 31. Source: Discover Digital Arabica What‟s the right Digital Marketing “Mix” for your business and for your target audience? Which channels to choose?
    32. 32. Start with your customers and work backwards Follow your customer..
    33. 33. Remember.. Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days. Zig Ziglar “ “
    34. 34. Thank you | +971 50 90 27 900 | Skype: Tsweaq
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