Business Process Simulation in jBPM

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Business Process Simulation in jBPM

Business Process Simulation in jBPM

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  • 1. Business Process Simulation● Sample scenario:– Banking company purchased your product.– You go on-site to help implement their credit approvalprocess.– For example you come up with:
  • 2. Business Process Simulation (2)● Sample scenario (cont.):– Business process model is done, next step inBPM Life-Cycle is Execution...BUT WAIT!– Customer questions:● How many credit approvals can we handle during a giventimeframe?● How much will running this process cost us per month?● How many new resources would we need to double ourthroughput?● Are we ready for winter season (loans triple)?● What could be done to optimize this process?– Answer: Lets use simulation to try to answer these questionsfor you :)
  • 3. Business Process Simulation (3)● Goals:– Statistical Analysis of process models over time– Pre-execution and post-execution optimization– Reducing risk of change– Predict business process performance– Continuous improvement● Performance● Quality● Resource utilization● Challenges:– Increase process complexity– Result presentation / interpretation– Standard / Interoperability
  • 4. ● +– Each element of the process can be parameterized to addsimulation information● Time● Resource● Cost● Priority● etcBPS in jBPM - Notation
  • 5. BPS in jBPM - Runtime● Extension to the jBPM runtime engine● Relies on process paths rather than process data● Built on-top of the Drools simulation and test framework.● Generates individual events for every simulated activity.● Events can be stored in simulation repository● CEP and Rules applied to provide meaningful simulationresults.
  • 6. BPS in jBPM - Tooling● JBPM Designer● Simulate “as you go”● In-line process simulation● Visualize process paths
  • 7. BPS in jBPM – Tooling (2)● Per-node simulation properties
  • 8. BPS in jBPM – Tooling (3)● Execution parameters:
  • 9. BPS in jBPM – Tooling (4)● Simulation Results:
  • 10. BPS in jBPM – Tooling (5)● Chart Types:– Process:● Execution times● Activity Instances● Total cost– Human Tasks● Execution times● Resource Utilization● Resource Cost– All other Task types● Execution times– Process Paths● Path Execution
  • 11. BPS in jBPM – Tooling (6)● Simulation Timeline:– Navigate through each step of the simulation– Chart View – Execution times
  • 12. BPS in jBPM – Tooling (7)● Simulation Timeline:– Model View – Execution times
  • 13. BPS in jBPM – Tooling (8)● Path Execution: