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Cis Resume Training Serious

  1. 1. The CIS Can be used to create an attractive, professional quality resume in a variety of formats. These resumes are ready for the employer’s desk right out of the printer. This brief presentation will walk you through the basics of creating a resume within the CIS
  2. 2. To begin...’ll need to Log In and access your Portfolio within the CIS. If not logged in, you may do so by clicking on this button: Log In
  3. 3. You will be taken to your Portfolio, where previously saved information is stored. There is also a menu of files for storing content. To develop content for your resume, click on My Education and Work History to open this component... Developing Content for Your Resume
  4. 4. Developing Content for Your Resume The “ Education and Training ” section will appear. From here, you will input your relevant academic information. Simply click on Add a School.
  5. 5. Complete the applicable fields, then click Save Information.
  6. 6. Developing Content for Your Resume Continue by completing all relevant sections in the same manner. REMEMBER to SAVE each entry after completion. To make additional entries in a section, simply click the Add feature as shown in the examples on the next few slides...
  7. 7. Licenses and Certificates... Here is where you will list all professional licenses and certificates.
  8. 8. Workshops and Training...
  9. 9. Work History... This includes all relevant PAID and UNPAID work.
  10. 10. Not all of the information below will appear on your resume, such as employers’ street address, wages and hours per week. This will be saved in your portfolio for your convenience if you ever need to use it. Some job applications require this information, such as the State of Oregon PD 100.
  11. 11. Other information, such as Highlights/Accomplishments , may or may not appear, depending on the style of resume you choose. You are encouraged to experiment with the styles available to see the differences among them.
  12. 12. Achievements... This is where RECOGNITION, AWARDS, and SCHOLARLY WORKS Are Listed...
  13. 13. Personal Information... This is the information you completed when creating your Career Planning Portfolio in the CIS. You may edit that information at any time by clicking on the “Edit” icon shown in the bottom frame...
  14. 14. References... Clicking on “References” will allow you to create a page of work and personal references. You may add as many references as you want by clicking “Add References” as shown below...
  15. 15. Finally... You’re ALMOST ready to print. But first, you have to choose the final format. Click on Create Resume on the Green tab, as indicated below. Then, click on Format and Create to go to the selection page, shown on the next slide...
  16. 16. The Final Creation... You have several style choices, as shown to the left. Each style has a sample you can view to help with your selection. Click Here to see a sample: You may also choose how your references will or will not be used. Go to the next slide to see additional options... HERE
  17. 17. <ul><li>Here, you can: </li></ul><ul><li>Select what to include or not include on your resume; </li></ul><ul><li>change the order in which each section appears on your resume; </li></ul><ul><li>If you have more than one entry in a category, you can change that order, as well. </li></ul>(1) (3) (2) You can enter your objective in this space. (1) (2) <ul><li>Give your resume a title ... </li></ul><ul><li>(2) Choose your document format </li></ul>
  18. 18. Changes and Selections Made... Push the Button!
  19. 19. Hey...Not so fast! Click “Open” to view and edit your resume...
  20. 20. The Final Product... When finished, your resume will look something like the example on the left. Since it is a WORD document, it can be easily edited to suit the client’s specific needs.
  21. 21. Now that you have completed this training, you should be able to successfully navigate through the “Create Resume” section of the CIS. You should also be able to demonstrate how to create a basic resume using the various system templates. For additional help choosing a resume style within CIS, click the link below: Resume Help