An Introduction to the Value of LinkedIn

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FInding the Value of LinkedIn for the Job Seeker to create BrandU!

FInding the Value of LinkedIn for the Job Seeker to create BrandU!

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  • 1.  
  • 2. Now that I Am On LinkedIn; What Do I Do?
  • 3.
    • Why LinkedIn
    • Benefits of LinkedIn
    • How to Set Up Your LinkedIn Account
    • Finding and Connecting with People You Know
    • 10 Ingredients for an Effective LinkedIn Profile
    • How to Promote Your LinkedIn Profile
    • Search for Companies Where You Have Contacts
    • Questions and Answers
  • 4.
    • The number one Professional or Business Network
    • Over 45 million business users
    • 15 million used LinkedIn in Sep/09
    • Web 2.0* Application
        • * Web 2.0 applications are interactive
  • 5.
    • Connect with friends and former coworkers on a business level
    • Keep up to date on what these people are doing and acknowledge their successes and career moves
    • When reaching out – use current information to start connection (no need to use “this is a blast from the past”)
  • 6.
    • When traveling fill in time holes with meeting contacts from LinkedIn
    • Learn about companies with whom you want to do business
    • Promote your personal brand and/or your company
  • 7.
    • Log in to
      • Enter name and email (use home or personal email – easier if/when you change jobs) and password
      • Enter your current employment status
      • Company (you can build your company profile, if one does not exist
      • Job title
      • Country/Zip Code
      • Confirm in email to activate
  • 8.
    • Linked in Connection Statistics
      • 1 connection: 2,930,000
      • 2 connections: 1,020,000
      • 3 connections: 600,000
      • 4 connections: 383,000
      • 5 connections: 274,000
      • 500+ connections: 5,570. (0.3%)
        • Source Shally Steckerl –
  • 9.
    • Don’t Cut and Paste Your Resume
    • Borrow from the Best Marketers
    • Write a Personal Tagline
    • Put Your Elevator Pitch to Work
    • Point Out Your Skills
    • Explain Your Experience
    • Distinguish Yourself from the Crowd
    • Ask and Answer Questions
    • Improve Your Google Page Rank
    • Build Your Connections
        • Source LinkedIn FAQs
  • 10.
    • Make sure your public profile preferences are properly set to display the sections of your LinkedIn profile you want non-LinkedIn users to see.
    • Customize your Public Profile's URL. You can also include this personal URL in an email signature to direct contacts to your profile.
    • LinkedIn provides View My Profile buttons containing LinkedIn graphics that you can post in email signatures or on your blog, message board or website.
        • Source LinkedIn FAQs
  • 11.
    • By COMPANY
    • By SIZE
  • 12.
    • LinkedIn allows you to
      • Connect to friends and coworkers
      • Build your brand
      • Learn about companies that you might work for or sell to
      • Find people to talk to when you need to fill your travel schedule