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Intro to Convofy for Consultancies and Agencies
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Intro to Convofy for Consultancies and Agencies


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Convofy is a private social network app that goes farther that the rest, adding true on-the-page collaboration, even markup of web pages, as well as instant messaging.

Convofy is a private social network app that goes farther that the rest, adding true on-the-page collaboration, even markup of web pages, as well as instant messaging.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. The  Most  Powerful    Private  Social  Network    for  People  Who  Collaborate    on  Digital  Content   Introduction to Convofy “The Future of Work” – Robert Scoble
  • 2. Convofy  brings    collabora>on  to    social  networks   CONFIDENTIAL   2
  • 3. Convofy is . . . “Much more collaborative if you are really trying to do work and not just chit chat about work.” - Robert Scoble 3
  • 4. The  First  True  Integra>on  of  Social  and  Collabora>on   Social   People   •  Engagement  connected  and   •  Responsiveness   no;fied  about   •  Relevance   ac;vity,   updates  and   content  in   their  network   •  Efficiency   •  Produc.vity   •  Quality   Collabora>ve   People  working  together  in  real-­‐;me  on  shared  work  products   CONFIDENTIAL   4
  • 5. The  Essence  of  Our  Value:  True  Collabora>on  n  Micro-­‐blogging  apps  like  Yammer  enable  micro-­‐collabora.on:   q  Updates  are  the  filler  that  supports  real  work   q  Communica;on,  coordina;on  are  not  the  same  as  collabora;on   q  The  actual  collabora;ve  experience  happens  elsewhere  n  Convofy  enables  True  Collabora>on:   q  Real-­‐;me  communica;on  (chat)  and  updates   q  On-­‐the-­‐page  markup,  annota;on  and  no;fica;on   q  Across  a  wide  range  of  digital  formats   q  Integrated  with  the  ac;vity  stream   CONFIDENTIAL   5
  • 6. Where  do  we  fit  in  the  world  of  social  collabora>on?   Engagement,   Convofy  offers  real-­‐.me  chat,  in-­‐context   Responsiveness,  and  annota.ons  on  a  wide   range  of  content  types,  all  integrated  with   Relevance   the  user’s  ac.vity  stream.   No  other  app  offers  this   combina.on  of  social  +  Social   Convofy   collabora.on  People   Yammer  connected  and  no;fied  about   Jive   Basecamp  ac;vity,   SharePoint  updates  and  content  in  their  network   Google  Apps   Efficiency,  Produc.vity,  Quality   Collabora>ve   People  working  together  in  real-­‐;me  on  shared  work  products  
  • 7. How is Convofy different?   Micro-Blogging & Micro-Sharing Online File Sharing and Viewing True, on-the-page Collaboration Collaboration Notification in Stream Discussion Threads Real-time Presence, Collaboration, Chat Web Research & Sharing Task Lists & Milestones Private & Secure Cloud based Mobile Access 7
  • 8. Convofy  Premium  Edi>on  For  organiza;ons  looking  for  more  administra;ve  control  of  their  social  collabora;on  network,  Convofy  offers  a  premium  edi;on.   n  Manage  Administrators   n  Admin  Control   q  Suspend  Former  Employees   q  Block  Users   q  Manage  Content   n  Security  Controls   q  Restrict  IP  Ranges   q  Restrict  Guest  Domains   n  Network  Wide  Keyword  Search   n  Implementa;on  assistance,  training     n  Priority  Support  Pricing  begins  at  $5  per  user  per  month  The  larger  the  organiza;on,  the  lower  the  per-­‐user  price   CONFIDENTIAL   8
  • 9. Convofy  for  Consul>ng  Organiza>ons   CONFIDENTIAL   9
  • 10. A  Natural  Fit  For  Organiza>ons  That  Work  On  Digital  Content  Convofy  is  the  best  collabora;on  plaZorm  available  for  consultancies  that  have  the  following  characteris;cs   n  Knowledge-­‐based  organiza;on,  in  an  environment  where  knowledge  is   dynamic  and  evolving   n  Workforce  distributed  across  loca;ons  and  ;me  zones   n  Collabora;ve  efforts  o[en  oriented  around  digital  content   n  Need  for  connec;vity:  personal  connec;ons  that  add  value  Why?   n  Social  networks  have  been  shown  to  improve  produc;vity,  innova;on   and  job  sa;sfac;on   n  Convofy  is  the  only  social  network  that  integrates  communica;on  and   collabora;on   n  The  integrated  environment  improves  focus  and  clarity  in  collabora;ve   enterprises   CONFIDENTIAL   10
  • 11. Consul>ng  Project  Benefits  of  Social  SoMware  n  Transparent  project  management  in  real  ;me  n  Communica;on  is  clearly  documented  in  one  place  n  No-­‐one  is  forgo^en  from  communica;ons  n  Everyone  is  up  to  speed  on  current  status  n  Developments  are  clear  and  easily  understood  n  Partners  and  customers  can  interact  with  early   failures   “Glue and sticking together” Capgemini   CONFIDENTIAL   11
  • 12. Consul>ng  Company  Use  of  Social  PlaOorm  *   Public events Work-related news 4% 6% Private matters 8% 27% Collaborative problem solving Technology 14% 16% 25% Professional practices Aligning of activities * University of Sydney Business  Informa;on  Systems  Working  Paper  Series   Exploring  The  Nature  Of  Microblogging  At  Capgemini   CONFIDENTIAL   12
  • 13. Actual  Results  of  Implemented  Social  SoMware  *   Increase  in  employee  connectedness   39% Increase  in  project  collabora;on  produc;vity   37% Decrease  in  ;me  to  find  informa;on,  experts   34% Increase  in  ideas  generated  within  company   32% Increase  in  employee  sa;sfac;on   30% Reduc;on  in  email  sent   27% Decrease  in  duplicated  tasks   27% Decrease  in  ;me  needed  for  mee;ngs   26% Decrease  in  need  for  travel   24% * From a Dec. 2010 independent survey of over 500 Jive users in over 350 companies
  • 14. Convofy  Implementa>on  Planning  High-­‐level  view  of  our  recommended  implementa;on  approach   Iden;fy  and  recruit  Network  Champions   Iden;fy  steering  commi^ee  par;cipants   Train  the  Trainers  (Convofy)   Develop  end-­‐user  training  materials   Develop  ini;al  group  structure   Define  community  iden;ty/brand   Develop  messaging  /  promo;on  plan   Make  available  to  early  adopters,  Champions   Begin  pos;ng  seed  content   Public  launch  event   Public  announcement  by  Sr.  Exec   Ini;a;ve  to  create  personal  profiles   Run  training  sessions     CONFIDENTIAL   14
  • 15. Implementa>on  and  Support  Details  n  Levels  of  Support   n  Recommended  Resources   q  Standard  (All  customers):   q  Implementa;on  /  Ongoing  Support   n  Online  documenta;on,  quick  start   n  Communica;ons  /  community   video  tutorials   manager:  100%   n  Monitored  community  help  and   n  Technical  /  training  resource:  25%   feature  requests  in  an  online  support   ini;ally   forum   n  HR  Representa;ve:  25%  ini;ally     q  Premium  (for  commitments  of  greater   q  Network  Champions   than  2,000  seats):     n  1%  of  organiza;on,  distributed   n  Partner  Onboarding  Specialist:   geographically,  at  any  level  of   Dedicated  support  person  for  one   organiza;on   month   n  Encourage  usage,  evangelize  the   n  Response  within  12  hours  for  cri;cal   system,  provide  on  demand  training   issues,  2  days  for  normal  concerns   and  support   n  Design  partner  program:  Your   q  Administra;ve  Oversight   designated  representa;ve  will  be  your   n  Global  steering  commi^ee,  made  up  of   conduit  to  the  product  team  for  cri;cal   representa;ves  from  administra;on,   feature  requests  and  updates.   HR,  IT  and  lines  of  business   q  Custom  (arranged  by  request)   n  Onsite  training  and  support  is  available   at  our  standard  rates  plus  expenses     CONFIDENTIAL   15
  • 16. Images  of  Unique  Convofy  Func;onality   CONFIDENTIAL   16
  • 17. The most valuable conversationsin your company are happening here 17
  • 18. Convofy your documents 18
  • 19. Convofy your files and images 19
  • 20. Convofy the whole webDrag linksfrom yourbrowser intoConvofy forsharing andcollaboration
  • 21. Discuss any web content 21
  • 22. Explore & collaborate on all your office files 22
  • 23. Create Groups for Projects, Teams, Departments etc. &control the visibility of your content within your network. 23
  • 24. Be in the loop from anywhere 24
  • 25. Accolades from Industry Insiders Moving forward, our solution is Convofy … Every time that you share something in Convofy, you have the option to do considerably more than just add some text. - Brad McCarty, The Next Web Convofy Turns Work Collaboration into a Visual Experience. - Ben Parr, Mashable It goes beyond Twitter and Yammer-style micro- blogging to offer all sorts of features for sharing documents and images, marking them up in real- time, and preserving the context between comments and the documents or images being commented on. - David F. Carr, Information Week 25
  • 26. Customer Reactions@TheMumBiA Guerrilla Biz Gurubeen on the whole day.. sooo much work done man! its adream man!EmisareRelationship Branding & Marketing Technology FirmShout out to @convofy for building such a kick ass product! Beenusing it 4 about a week now and its already irreplaceable.DukkyDirect Marketing PlatformDay 2 of using #Convofy in the office. We. Are. In. Love.Sebastian W James @ Cook County GovernmentDeputy Director of New MediaThis tool is so good it must be the s--t that killed Elvis! Check 26
  • 27. Company  Background  n  Scrybe  was  founded  in  2005,  funded  by  Adobe  Ventures  n  The  first  product  was  a  calendaring  and  personal  produc;vity   suite,  notable  as  the  first  web  app  that  worked  when  offline.  n  The  Scrybe  team  pushed  the  Adobe  plaZorm  farther  than  any   other  partner,  becoming  a  cri;cal  part  of  their  design  process.  n  A  new  recent  round  of  funding  has  validated  the  current   product  offering  and  vision.  n  24  Employees  n  Main  office:  181  Fremont  St.,  San  Francisco   q  Globally  distributed  development  and  support  team   q  Business  development  office  in  Boston   CONFIDENTIAL   27