Smura 2011 Mobile Platforms Lecture 1


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Lecture slides for the Aalto University course S-38.3042 Seminar on Networking Business, Fall 2011. Topic: Mobile platforms. Lecture 1 of 2.

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Smura 2011 Mobile Platforms Lecture 1

  1. 1. S-38.3042 Seminar on NetworkingBusiness P: “Mobile platforms”First lecture, 2011-11-03Timo Smura(final presentation schedule updated on 2011-11-22)
  2. 2. Outline• Course introduction – Course overview – Goals of the course – Presenter / opponent roles• Fall 2011 seminar: Mobile platforms – Lecture schedule and deadlines – Short introduction to topic area – Allocation of topics to presenters / opponents
  3. 3. Course introduction
  4. 4. Course overview• Seminar on current topics of networking business• Targeted to students of the Masters Programme in Communications Ecosystem, and students with major or minor in Network Economics• Requirements: – Participation in all sessions – Presentation and acting as an opponent – Final report (full paper) + opponent‟s report• 5 ECTS, grade 0-5• Responsible teacher: M.Sc. Timo Smura• Assistant: M.Sc. Juuso Karikoski• Noppa:
  5. 5. Goals of the course• Learn independent business thinking• Learn to present ideas and to defend them• Learn academic writing• Learn about the topic area by yourself and from others
  6. 6. Method• Literature review + ”desktop research” – Sources: Academic literature + freely available online resources, e.g. company annual reports, press releases, market analysts• Individual work – Learning from others work• Writing of report following standard academic template• Presenting and acting as an opponent
  7. 7. Presenter / Opponent roles• The dialectical method – Dialogue between two or more people holding different points of view about a subject, who wish to establish the truth of the matter by dialogue, with reasoned arguments (Plato, ~ 380 BC) – Different from debate, wherein the debaters are committed to their points of view, and mean to win the debate – – hod
  8. 8. Fall 2011 seminar: ”Mobile platforms”
  9. 9. Industry platforms(Tee & Gawer, 2009)• Technological building blocks that act as a foundation upon which an array of firms develop a set of interrelated products, technologies, and services (Gawer, 2009a, b).• Provide an essential, or „core‟, function to an encompassing system-of-use.• Are subject to network effects, which tend to reinforce in a cumulative manner early-gained advantages such as an installed base of users, or the existence of complementary products (Eisenmann et al., 2006).• Typically emerge in the context of modular industries (Baldwin and Clark, 2000; Baldwin and Woodard, 2009) or industry ecosystems (Iansiti and Levien, 2004).
  10. 10. Mobile news during 2011• 2011-02-11: ”Nokia and Microsoft Announce Plans for a Broad Strategic Partnership to Build a New Global Mobile Ecosystem”• 2011-06-21: “Nokia announces MeeGo-based N9 smartphone”• 2011-08-15: “Google to Acquire Motorola Mobility - Combination will Supercharge Android, Enhance Competition, and Offer Wonderful User Experiences”• 2011-08-18: “HP will discontinue operations for webOS devices. Will continue to explore options to optimize the value of webOS software going forward”• 2011-09-27: “Intel to Support Open Source Software Platform, Tizen” [together with Samsung]• 2011-09-28: ”Amazon introduces Silk, a cloud-accelerated web browser, available exclusively on Kindle Fire” [that runs Android in the background]• 2011-09-29: “Nokia Preparing New “Meltemi” OS For Low-End Phones”• 2011-10-04: “Apple Launches iPhone 4S, iOS 5 & iCloud”• 2011-10-18: “Facebook introduces HTML5 Resource Center” [for developers to build browser-based apps instead of native apps]• 2011-10-18: “RIM Unveils BlackBerry BBX - Combines the Best of BlackBerry and QNX to Provide a Next Generation Platform for BlackBerry Smartphones and Tablets”
  11. 11. Source:
  12. 12. Task• Your task is to study a given company in terms of its mobile platform strategy• The goal is to understand the role of mobile business in relation to the overall business of the company, and how does this affect the mobile platform strategy• Logical structure of the analysis: 1. Company overview 2. Company‟s mobile business 3. Mobile platform strategy 4. Future outlook and recommendations• More detailed guidelines, structure, and analysis frameworks will be discussed during the second lecture
  13. 13. Lecture schedule and deadlinesDate Time Session / Deadline2011-11-03 14:15-16:00 Lecture 1: Introduction + task allocation2011-11-10 14:15-16:00 Lecture 2: Platform literature + report structure2011-11-18 16:00 Presenter Deadline: Prepare slides for a 10-minute presentation of your current status and plans, email to opponent, Timo, and Juuso2011-11-22 12:00 Opponent Deadline: Prepare comments, questions, and critique as opponent to one presentation (oral)2011-11-22 12:00-15:00 Intermediate session (10 min presentation + 5 min opponent comments)2011-12-05 16:00 Presenter Deadline: Prepare a full paper and a final slideset for a 20-minute presentation, email to opponent, Timo, and Juuso2011-12- Before final Opponent Deadline: Prepare comments, questions, and critique as opponent to one08/09 sessions presentation (oral)2011-12-08 14:00-18:00 Final session 1: (20 min presentation + 10 min opponent comments and discussion)2011-12-09 10:00-14:00 Final session 22011-12-11 23:59 Opponent Deadline: Prepare a written document (max 1 page) with comments and critique (both positive and negative) regarding the opposed paper and presentation, email to presenter, Timo, and Juuso2011-12-31 23:59 Presenter Deadline: Prepare and send the final version of full paper to Timo and Juuso
  14. 14. Topic assignment Topic Presenter Opponent• Topic assignment Apple 1 6 – Combination of lottery and Google 2 7 Dec-8 self-organization 3 11 Microsoft 1. Pick a lottery ticket Amazon 4 9 2. Negotiate and switch Facebook 5 8 with each other, within next 5 minutes Nokia 6 10• Opponent assignment Samsung 7 1 – Based on the scheme Dec-9 Intel 8 3 defined in table RIM 9 5 HP 10 4 HTC 11 2 Mobile operator Not allocated Not allocated platforms
  15. 15. Next lecture• Overview of relevant literature – Ecosystems, value networks, platforms, ”standards wars”• Useful analysis frameworks• Structure of the paper and presentation