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DLP #3
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DLP #3


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Personal Reflection on Standard 3: Cultural Leadership Tawanda C. Smallwood NELA Cohort III DLP #3 Assignment 3.3
  • 2. Standard 3: Cultural Leadership
  • 3. a. Focus on collaborative work environment • The principal understands and acts on the understanding of the positive role that a collaborative work environment can play in the school’s culture. In order to improve the culture of the school as a principal, I understand the importance of creating a safe place for teachers to work together. I need to set up an atmosphere where collaboration is routine. I also understand that this collaboration has to improve student achievement. As the principal I need to monitor what is going on in the building to ensure teachers are communicating and collaborating for the betterment of the students. I also need to pay attention the data from the Teacher Working Conditions Survey to get a picture of what teachers feel.
  • 4. b. School Culture and Identity • The principal develops and uses shared vision, values and goals to define the identity and culture of the school. As the leader in the school, I need to make sure everything that we do, every decision that is made is driven by the shared vision, values, beliefs and goals of the school. Whenever teachers or administration think what to do for students, it need to be related to the ultimate vision of the school and the direction the school is going in. As a leader, I understand that the people working with me are just as important and that I need to know that they are on the same page as the school and where we are going.
  • 5. Shared Vision…
  • 6. c. Acknowledges Failures: Celebrates Accomplishments and Rewards • The principal acknowledges failures and celebrates accomplishments of the school in order to define the identity, culture and performance of the school. As a leader I understand the importance of celebrating accomplishment. But I also realize it has to be utilized in a way to promote the accomplishments of the school. I also understand that if something is not working in the school or producing the desired results that it is a great opportunity to learn from failure. All failure is not bad, it’s just what you do with the results. Using the results to revisit, revamp, or remove all together as a way to improve.
  • 7. d. Efficacy and Empowerment • The principal develops a sense of efficacy and empowerment among staff which influences the school’s identity, culture and performance. As a leader I know that in order for the school to succeed and accomplish its goals that I need to build a sense of efficacy and empower all teachers and staff. I also know that key players such as parents, teachers and students need to have a collective sense of well-being in order to improve student achievement.