Thomas International (Singapore & Hong Kong)


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Thomas International (Singapore & Hong Kong)

  1. 1. We provide people assessments which empower businesses to transform and improve the performance of their employeesOur assessments will provide insight on your people potential, whatmotivates them, their core strengths and limitations.Add a high level of certainty to all of your people decisions.
  2. 2. 30 60 56YEARS COUNTRIES LANGUAGESAt the forefront of Presence in Assessments availableassessment innovation 60 countries in 56 languagesfor 30 years
  3. 3. 50CONSULTANTS 80 97STAFF PERCENT50 regionally based 80 staff in the AAP region: 97% of clientsconsultants in the AAP consultants, trainers, say they would occupational psychologists, recommend us support staff
  4. 4. 250000 32000USERS COMPANIES250,000 trained Thomas users We work with 32,000 companiesworldwide worldwide 1.5 MILLION ASSESSMENTS Over 1.5 million assessments completed every year
  5. 5. What sets us apart...You’ll get immediate impact You don’t need to be an expertbecause our assessments are Accurate Our client service teams will train you, advise you and provide you with Straightforward to understand the best support Quick to use We have more locally based consultants than any other provider With rapid results
  6. 6. Our Approach We’ll help you to... Our assessments will empower you to transform the performance of your teams and your individuals – and deliver an immediate impact on your organisation. Spanning the entire employee lifecycle, from recruiting and retaining staff, to developing and managing performance, our assessments will give you a high level of certainty in all of your people decisions.
  7. 7. Recruit The right hiring decision can have a huge impact on the performance of your team, function or line of business. Get it wrong and you’re looking at a cost of up to 2.5 times the individual’s salary. And the disruption to your business and your teams can be considerable.
  8. 8. RecruitOur assessments willhelp you: Identify the candidates with an ideal fit Speed up your recruitment process Make your selection decisions clearer Hire people who will stay with your company
  9. 9. Retain With one in four employees stating they intend to leave their employer in the next 12 months*, retaining staff is critical to delivering success in any organisation. Get it right and you’re delivering consistently on your business targets with a happy, loyal workforce. Get it wrong and you’re investing cash in new recruits, and dealing with disruption to the business.*Source: PWC, Managing people in a changing world, key trends in human capital – a global perspective 2010
  10. 10. Retain Our assessments will help you: Motivate your people Ensure morale is high Create engagement Optimise performance Reduce attrition
  11. 11. Develop Employers say they need to focus on leadership and front-line people management in order to meet their business objectives over the next two years.* But with training budgets under more pressure than ever, how do you make sure your learning and development investment counts?*Source: CIPD Learning and Talent Development, annual survey report 2010
  12. 12. DevelopOur assessmentswill help you: Identify each individual’s exact areas for development Give your training more impact Be a more effective people manager Transform the performance of your teams and individuals
  13. 13. ManageOn average, 80% ofmanagement time is spenton poor performers*. Butwith so little attentiondirected at top and goodperformers, how do youensure you’re investing theright amount of effort toget maximum results? *Source: Tracey Jones, Head of Training, Thomas International
  14. 14. Manage Our assessments will help you: Very quickly get an in-depth understanding of your people Pinpoint why your people do – and don’t – perform well Manage your people performance effectively Free you up to focus your time on adding real value to the business
  15. 15. We all spend far too much timetrying to remedy ourweaknesses, rather than buildingon our strengths. Thereforeknowing one’s weaknesses =StrengthProfessor Howard Gardner Harvard University
  16. 16. To find out more, Visit our website at www.thomasinternational.netOr follow us on ourLinkedIn Page: Page: