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HTML+CSS: how to get started


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A presentation about pretty basic stuff of HTML & CSS.

A presentation about pretty basic stuff of HTML & CSS.

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  • 1. < html > + css how can I craft webpages
  • 2. Who am I Dimitris Tsironis Founder at Geembo Javascript Developer at Bugsense Ingredients: 50% code / 50% design
  • 3. First, a storyfrom good old days
  • 4. What is HTML Hyper Text Markup Language It’s just text with superpowers! It’s what your browser is made for.
  • 5. Basic elements HTML consists of elements Heading, paragraphs, articles, anchor links Images, video, audio Metadata, scripts and stylesheets
  • 6. How it works HTML needs this to work a text-based file doctype, html, head & body tags some actual content and you’re good to go...
  • 7. HTML elements Heading 1 - <h1>This is a title</h1> Paragraph - <p>This is a paragraph</p> Anchor link - <a href=”#”>This is a link</a> div - <div>This is a general element</div> img - <img src=”/path/to/logo.png” /> input - <input type=”text” name=”name” />
  • 8. Classes & IDs HTML has classes and IDs to make elements easier to distinguish Classes are more generic, like a box, button etc. IDs are very specific and must be used with caution
  • 9. Basic example HTML is as simple as ABC
  • 10. Basic example …which actually is
  • 11. Box model HTML elements always behave like boxes the most important thing about HTML it will help you get to the next level required to make a solid structure required to debug HTML
  • 12. Box model Here’s the previous example. See the boxes?
  • 13. Box model Here’s the previous example. See the boxes?
  • 14. disappointed.this page looks bad.
  • 15. What is CSS Cascading Style Seets It’s what makes your HTML beautiful.
  • 16. Basic CSS rules CSS consists of rules, like this one h1 {color: black; text-align:center;} selector declaration #1 declaration #2
  • 17. Basic CSS rules Some details about CSS rules selector defines what HTML element to target declaration have a property and a value declarations in a block, defined by brackets{...}
  • 18. CSS selectors CSS selectors are used to target specific HTML elements with rules h1 {...} <h1>This is a title</h1> p {...} <p>This is a paragraph</p> .active{...} <div class=”active”></div> .active{...} <img class=”active”></img> #signup{...} <button id=”signup”></button>
  • 19. IT’S ATRAP!
  • 20. Never, ever, ever, ever use IDs in your CSS!Seriously, don’t do this. It’s messy.You’ll end with super strong selectors thatyou can’t override.
  • 21. Tools you’ll need A crappy computer Nothing fancy, you probably already have one A competent text-editor Sublime Text 2 - highly recommended text-editor Developer’s tools Firebug is recommended, for Firefox & Chrome
  • 22. Tools you’ll need Google search Remember, Google has the answer to your problem Wamp Server Very basic web server for your PC
  • 23. Resources to read Mozilla Developer Network The best web library out there CSS Tricks Your CSS buddy - you can find anything here
  • 24. Resources to read Github The biggest source code hosting site Codecademy You can learn code by doing
  • 25. Thank you! @tsironakos